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HP8 Herbal Prostate Support Formula

The good news about Avé™
A marvel of nature, a triumph of science.
Ave (Patented) Fermented Wheat Germ Extracts Standardized To Methoxy-Substitutes Benzoquinones (Avemar Pulvis) Introducing Avé, the dietary supplement with Avemar®, a uniquely beneficial natural compound that has been the subject of more than 20 peer-reviewed publications describing in vitro, in vivo and human clinical trials. Its development was initiated by Dr. Albert Szent- Györgyi, recipient of the Nobel Prize for the discovery of vitamin C. He theorized that supplemental quantities of the naturally occurring compound, Methoxy-Substituted Benzoquinones (DMBQ), would help regulate the processes of cellular metabolism and support mechanisms of immune system regulation. Avemar is made from wheat germ fermented by baker’s yeast through a patented process (US patent# 6,355,474), standardized for DMBQ. Studies conducted in the US, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Austria and Russia with Avemar prove Dr. Szent-Györgyi theories correct, with such dramatic results, its hard to believe its all-natural. Avemar's development was inspired by the work of Hungarian scientist Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi, awarded the 1937 Nobel Prize in Medicine for describing the essential role of vitamin C in the life-sustaining processes of cellular metabolism. Dr. Szent-Györgyi recognized that methoxy-substituted benzoquinones play essential roles in regulating and fine tuning metabolism at the cellular level and theorized that supplemental levels of methoxy-substituted benzoquinones could help the body respond to internal and external stresses. In recent years, a new generation of Hungarian scientists has continued Dr. Szent-Györgyi's work by developing a method of manufacturing an all-natural and standardized source of methoxy-substituted benzoquinones by fermenting wheat germ with baker's yeast through a patented process. (U.S. Patent #6,355,474). This product is now available as a dietary supplement in a once-a-day, pleasant tasting instant drink mix, and is being studied in hospitals and recommended by doctors around the world. It is available in the U.S. under the brand name Avé, and as Avemar outside the U.S.
Product: HP8 Herbal Prostate Support Formula
Brand: American BioSciences Inc (More Products)
Size: 70 Vegetarian Capsules
Dosage: For Maximum Benefit take two capusules in the morning and two capsules at night with a large glass of water at least one hour before or after food, or other supplements or medication.
Retail: $49.95
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1 Customer Reviews

Great for all men over 40
by C Meek

Men over 40 should take this to decrease their risk of prostrate cancer.