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by james

“I was looking for the latest updates on my favorite calcium Bone Strength Take Care, only to find out that New Chapter has switched away from the main ingredient (AlgaeCal?) and are now using some other algae. Apparently it’s kinda similar but A LOT different! Here’s where I found the news…”

by Jeanine M Hoffman

THis is the only cold sore remedy I use, by far the best and the best for the price

Works wonders
by Kim

My son has been getting cold sores and canker sores for years. Doctors have tried everything on him. Some medicines were like putting a branding iron on and in his mouth. The pain was so intense from these items. By 12 years old, he decided to stop using anything until my parents found this product. He always has this near by. And he doesn't get these sores as often anymore. It's a wonderful product. You made him believe again.

by kathryn

I just moved to NY from Los Angeles about a year ago and was getting sick once a month, I started taking host defense and it helped my immune system tremendously. After taking it I have only gotten sick once and it lasted only a few days. I would recommend it!

Host Defense is an EXCELLENT product
by Tiff

Host Defense is a great product. It has been the best I have ever used. If you suffer from cold sores through the winter, spring, or even just anytime through out the year this product is for you. The smell of the product isn't so great, but don't worry about the smell it works better than it smells. If you want to get well in a short time this product is for you. I have given it to everyone in my family and they loved it. I highly recommend it for the hard suffering cold sore people out there.

Incredible product!
by Michael Xiong

I am truly surprised that more people do not know about this product. Let me just say this: Host Defense blows all the other cold/flu products, like Airborne and Cold-eeze, out of the water. Being a college student, I don't get to sleep very much, so I used to get sick quite often. After taking Host Defense, however, I have not gotten sick once! I've been taking this product for a little over a year now, and it is absolutely amazing that I still haven't gotten sick. I would highly recommend this product to anyone!

Its Greeeaaaattt
by Sam Wagner

Dude, it works. Believe me. I have tried it for a little over 6 months now and I haven’t gotten a single cold or illness yet. I usually get the flu every year, but I haven't gotten the flu this season. If you don't want to get sick take a look at this product. I would rate this excellent also because it has easy to follow directions and the dosages are low also.

Extraordinary Product!
by Frank

Host Defense has to be the best immune booster product out there on the market. I am the type of person that gets the flu/cold at least 3-5 times a year. Host Defense has helped me to only suffer from one cold this year and it wasn't as bad of a cold as I normally get. I deal with a lot of people during the day with my job and this product helps me to minimize the contraction of the bug! I would recommend this product to the type of person that gets a lot of colds and wants to help reduce the severity of the symptoms and/or even eliminate the chance of being sick!

Great product
by Barry

If you are someone who suffers from an extreme case of cold sores through the winter or spring or just any time through the year; this product is for you! It's a very strong formula with active ingredients to help quicken the process and get you up out of bed and out into the world as quickly as possible. But, be aware of the smell of this product It can get the best of people, and it could discourage people from purchasing it. But, if you are serious about getting well in a short amount of time, then you have to try out this product. I've given it to my wife and other close friends and they all hate the smell/taste but they without a doubt got better faster than any other medications they have tried. Highly recommended for the hard suffering cold sore people out there.

Great to get you moving quick
by Cara

If you are like me I really get down and out when I have a cold or flu. I don't want to move or do anything. This product is amazing because it breaks up that congestion in your chest and opens your airways up. The only bad part of this product is it smells like a Wild Oats or other organic grocery store but if you can handle the smell you can recover quickly.

by tasha

This is such a powerful formula. As someone who suffers from really intense cold sores during times of extreme stress, I really swear by host defense to empower and strengthen my immune system. It really has helped to speed the healing process tremendously, making my last cold sore heal more than 50% in less than a day, vs. the usual 4-5 days the same rate would take without such support. the mushrooms that are combined to create this unique and dynamite product are amazing.

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