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by Jen S

I love this stuff. Everyone in my office is sick and I'm getting ready to leave for vacation...and I REFUSE to be sick on my first vacation in over three years! I bought some of the Zesty Orange flavored Airborne and was amazed at how quickly I started to feel better.

While the flavor isn't spectacular by any means, it is pallatible enough to get down, especially if you use closer to 4oz. of water rather than 6! I would highly recommend this product and am getting my whole family started on it so we are all healthy for the trip!

by Atticus

This product has always helped me to avoid colds. It even helps with acid reflux. I can't believe Airborne was sued in a class action for false advertising.

it helps :)
by Bekah

Being at college you are exposed to so many different things, taking airborne when i feel even the slightest bit of sickness, really helps. A good boost of vitamins that help your body get better, faster.

Sr Staff/ Manager
by Michele Rea RN

Airborne has been used in our clinic for quite a few years already. It is PROVEN EFFECTIVE, AND patients like this product.

Michele Rea RN Sr Staff

by Holly

Overrated sugar tablets with nontherapeutic amount of herbs and vitamins--not worth the inflated price. You are paying for the marketing hype.

Holly Aglia
Certified Aromatherapist

I love this as well
by amanda carstairs

I buy this as an alternative for airborne sometimes and it works just as great!

by Amanda

I stock up on Airborne. I absolutely love this. I drink it every three hours and have not been sick in years. Im not exaggerating at all

by JONES50

We've been using Airborne (just have tried the Effervescent Health type) and look forward to trying the other configurations they have. We mix one tablet and use this with a packet of orange Emergen-C then heat it in the microwave for 45 seconds or just use hot water out of the tap. We use this to combat allergies and also when we start to feel like we're coming down with a cold - the taste is fine - especially when you know you're getting the health benefits to ward off colds and just to give yourself a boost.

by Holly

It's a tasty way to hydrate, but the amount of vitamins and amino acids provided is far from anything resembling a therapeutic dose.

Holly Aglia
Certified Aromatherapist

Must have for travelers
by Keith G

This is a must have if you are going somewhere new, and going to be exposed to new germs and conditions. It gives you that extra immunity boost you need.

by lindy turner

This helps keep you from getting sick - it works really well by keeping your immune system strong and works well after you are sick by getting your immune system back up!

by stacie willuhn

As a former teacher, now stay at home mom, this kept me out of the doctor's office and in the classroom. Also the fact that it is all natural makes it more appealing. It is important not to nod off in the classroom!

Keeps the Cold away!
by Natasha

I use this product whenever flu season comes around, or the seasons are changing. It really does help keep the "cold" away. And it tastes alright too, not great, but not bad either. I am also sure to take a bottle with me whenever I travel, to give my immune system a boost.

by Kimberly Carroll

I heard about this product in magazines and people I met day to day at work that swore by it. I was hesitant....
Until I tried it.. The price is reasonable and I use it every time I feel the sniffles coming on. It helps boost your immune so that even if you get a cold it breaks it down to half the time or less. Very effective.. A+++ product

varied results
by ravenm

Unlike many drinkable supplements, this doesn't taste bad, which is a point in its favor since you're less likely to use something if it tastes nasty, no matter how much good it might do you. I don't have the greatest immune system, and I noticed little benefit with this product. However, it does seem to have worked for both my parents, who take it before every trip (they fly a lot) and have not once gotten sick from fellow travelers since they started taking this.

Works ok
by Kat

I've used this a few times and found that if you start taking it as soon as you strat to feel sick it will cut down on the length of the sickness. But if you are feeling well and are around others who are sick, start taking this and you have a better chance of not getting sick.

OK Product
by Leigh Taylor

I first heard of this product a couple of years ago. I was working meeting the public and worried about getting sick. My Daughter gave me some to try. She said it was developed by a school teacher. I tried it right away. I'm really not sure if or how it works, but I did get sick any way. My Daughter and others swear by it.

Great Product
by Nichole Alderfer

I first tried this as a free sample awhile back and liked it very much. I have found with products that send out free samples that they are worth looking into. Works well, doesn't have a strong after taste, easy to take.

Great Product
by Pamela

First tried as a free sample and loved the taste. I have health problems that leave me vulnerable to everything.At the first sign of something going around I start using these and I've only been sick once this winter. My grandson loves to watch them dissolve,lol, and thinks they taste good too. Even my teen daughter loves the flavor and uses them too.

cold fighter
by michael

now every time i get any signs of getting sick i start taking airbone. my god it helps me make it threw the day. i work as a waiter and i use this product at least three times a year. it works and glad that the lady that invented it is great. thanks

super mom
by Amy

I love this product to help give a boost to your immunities! The first time I tried it was a free sample the company sent me and I've been using it ever since. Whenever I feel a scratchy throat or achy all over, I start right on Airborne! This past winter, I was hardly sick at all.

by Pam

We use this each time we fly to help give our immune system a boost! It has worked for us!

by Maddy Bailey

My huband uses it every time he flys overseas and he always feels good. One sugestion, make sure you put it a big glass of water, the first time he took Airbore it was with very littel water and he started foaming in his mouth.

by Laurie Jentes

At the first sign of a sniffle or scratchy throat, my husband and I reach for the Airborne. It's become almost a conest to see if we can beat a full blown cold with this trusty defense, and often we do! All of the flavors taste good too. Fighting off a cold has never been easier than drinking this vitamin-packed punch to the immune system.

by mirrors

I recieved this as sample some time back, but just recently tried it I was really impressed . Way to go.

by susana

I've used this whenever I was at work or around sick people. It really helped me out in flu season.

Nasty Taste
by Tammy

I tried this stuff in hopes that it would help me from catching a cold. It didn't help that I noticed and the stuff tastes nasty.

good stuff
by robin

this stuff is great!

by rdually

Folks u need to read the ingredients. Nothing but an asortment of vitimins. They lost a lawsuit by the feds. This stuff does nothing. Smarten up.

by A

My body just isn't responding and it seems like this Airborne product is making me sick. Upset stomach, and generally sick.

Save your money
by lovinthegame

I would not recommend this product. I was taking this product for a immunity boost because I deal with the public at work. I have gotten far more colds and flus using this than when using DanActive yougurt shots. I would recommend DanActive not airborn.

No worth the money
by Jason

I was buying this product until I found Germ Defense. Germ Defense tastes better and its less money. No Flu for me since I started taking the Germ Defense Effervescent formula from Improvita Health Products. I would recommend it to anyone trying to save some $

My Number One choice
by Erica Jane

I took this product because I felt myself getting a cold after all of my children had been sick. So I went and bought Airborne the same day I felt the cold coming on.

The next day I woke up with no symptoms at all!
Every time I feel a cold coming on I take airborne.

I do highly recommend this product to everyone. Especially if you have a lot of little ones that always catch colds.

It can also prevent you from getting their cold when you're around sick people

I will buy Airborne again in the future.

by Chris

I can't say enough good things about Airborne. Every time that I or someone in my family is around someone who is sick we take the product and seem to avoid getting sick. I was around a child who I did not know was sick and got awful symptoms. I was sick for well over a month. My husband and children took it and never got sick the entire month. We have used this product for the past two years and it has worked every time. I would prefer if the product came in more flavors but I will still continue to use it every time I feel there is a chance of getting sick.

Get rid of the cold!
by Stella

This product helped get rid of many of my colds. I take it when I start to feel like I might be coming down with something or if I'm exposed in an area that may have more airborne germs than most. A car ride with sick friend...
It works, but the taste isn't the best. You just have to chug the drink, but it's better than getting a awful cold. Overall, it is a wonderful product that works!!!!!! So if you feel a cold coming on... get this !

by Violet

I absolutely detest being sick. So, when I found this miracle product, I was thrilled! It has a blend of wonderful antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that truly work. It actually does what it says and it prevents you from becoming sick. Working in an office environment where associates are always seemingly sick, this is a gift. It is loaded with healthy and effective minerals that really nourish your body and keep it performing at it's peak despite the onslaughts of sickness you might have around you. I use this everyday, it's easy to take, and it's been a staple in my home for a long time. The ingredients are effective and healthy. You are doing such a good, natural and important thing for your health every day by taking this. Try it!

No more being sick!
by Annie

Airborne has been all the craze at my college this year. Everyone has been trying to avoid getting sick in order to adequately study for midterms and finals and what not. So naturally I began to use it. I can get sick pretty easily if someone who I am in daily contact with is sick so I take airborne to fight off any chance of getting sick. I started taking airborne 4 months ago and I'm happy to say that I haven't been sick since. I got through the cold/flu season without getting sick at all despite my boyfriend being sick! The only thing i didn't like was that taking the airborne in an effervescent formula reminded me of taking Alika seltzer which I hate. The taste wasn't bad but when the tablet dissolved it water it did have a club soda carbonated taste to it. So all in all I've been using airborne for months and i refuse to stop!

very good product
by sumathi

I used to become ill due to extreme colds. Most of the time I used to suffer from the fever but once I read about this wonderful product in a local magazine I was slightly impressed. I thought of giving it a try. It is very rare that I become ill due to cold and sneezes. This product fights against the germs of our body so I think it is totally safe to use without any problem. I feel lucky to have this kind of product with me.

Really works!!!!
by Kelly

I have been using Airborne for the last couple of years and I can tell you it WORKS! My boss introduced me to this when all of my co-workers were getting sick. To my surprise it worked! Out of the 10 people in my office, I was the only one that didn't get sick! I take it all the time and have not used a sick day in 2 years!

Helps Immensely!
by Lisa

I feel that the Airborne is definitely worth the cost. When I was working as a substitute teacher in elementary school, I would frequently get colds from being around so many different germs. When I learned about this product, I was a little skeptical. I took it at the first sign of a sniffle and after only two or three doses, my symptoms would disappear completely! I highly recommend it to anyone who is around young children or in a healthcare setting. It works great! I like the fact that it is in an effervescent carrier too, because it hits your system faster.

It helps
by gayle stevenson

My daughter-in-law was telling me about Airborne and how she took it every time someone at her job would get a cold or start sneezing around her. She said it really has kept her from catching what others have.

A good defense against germs
by Ian

Airborne was introduced to me about a year ago by a coworker. At that time, many employees at our location were getting sick. Oddly, my co-worker barely got sick when others did. When I asked him what his secret was, he told me it wasn't a secret and showed me the product. He told me to try it and that it was helpful in fighting off germs.. After assuring me it was safe, I gave it a try. I instantly decided to buy my own package. Needless to say, when 75% of the workplace had colds I was one of the lucky ones not to catch one. I'm pretty sure this product had something to do with it.

Not sure on this one
by Aubre Rice

I am a big fan of another product, so I gave this a try after not being able to find my favorite product in the store. I didn't find the flavors pleasing, and actually had trouble getting the drink down that I dissolved the tablet in. I prefer a product that is easy to take, either by swallowing whole, or something that actually tastes good that you can suck on. I would admit that the product comes in a handy package for travel needs, and is small enough to pop in your pocket.

Amazing Product!
by Melissa

I only take this when I go on airplanes and am very close to people. I think it works because every time I fly, I always sit next to someone who is sick. Since I started taking this every time I fly, I have never gotten anyone's cold. It's awesome. No one wants to be sick, but it is a hassle to take the pill all the time.

very good
by wendy c

This is a great product if you're around kids a lot or tend to get sick. I didn't get sick all of last year though there was a flu shot shortage and I did not get one for the first time in years. I thank this product from Airborne for saving me from illness. It is easy to take these during times when everyone around you seems to be getting sick- and that is the most effective use of this supplement.

No more Colds!
by Lana

I love this product, it really does work! We've used this product repeatedly when the first sign of a cold developed and it completely stopped more onset of symptoms! I wouldn't say the taste is delicious, but it's drinkable... my kids don't enjoy the flavor, but are willing to squint their eyes and tighten their lips and gulp. On the other hand, I'd rather know that I have a secret weapon for myself to use then I'm feeling a cold come on because we all know, Mom's can't get sick. We keep a tube at home in the medicine chest and another tube in our travel bag. We travel a lot and stay in hotels, so knowing how many germs remain after the cleaning lady tidies your room from the last guest and then spritzes her spray bottle of "room freshener" to help give you a false sense of CLEAN, we'll count on souping up with Airborne if the noses start running. With all natural ingredients and an antioxidant boost, it's a no brainer to have this product on hand at all times! I highly recommend this product. It's safe, inexpensive, conveniently packaged, and IT WORKS!

Great Product
by Rebecca

I was skeptical of the effectiveness of this product when I saw the commercials on TV, but boy does it work! I work with children all day long so I am constantly bombarded by germs and colds. This product has helped prevent me from getting sick and having to miss work.

Surprisingly good
by Ben

I was initially wary of how much good an immune-enhancement product could do when signs or threats of a cold surfaced. Surprisingly, Airborne, which had been recommended by several friends, actually lived up to the hype. Seven dollars is definitely worth avoiding a time-consuming and uncomfortable cold.

Don't get sick
by Melissa

This product worked wonders over the last few cold and flu seasons for me. You just drop the tablet in a drink and down the hatch it goes. I have had no colds in at least 2 years now. This is a wonderful product.

Super Booster
by Trisha Allard

This is for sure a wonder product, I use it, my 8 yr old uses it and my husband uses it. We always have it in the house and never are without it. It works wonderfully, and can stop a cold in a matter of days. My husband uses it at work when a co-worker comes in sick so he doesn't bring it home to the rest of us. My son uses it when he starts getting the sniffles. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone for sure.

Amazing new product!
by Jody

This is the first remedy that I reach for now when I feel a cold coming on. Aside from the time-consuming preparation (would be great if they made a pill form), it has helped me to conquer 3-4 colds over the last year. What I love best about this product is that it doesn't have the sleepy/hyperactive side effects that so many other cold products do.

by Lori Baranski

This really works! My mother forced me to use this during flu season. While my friend all were sneezing and coughing, I was still going about my daily business. It doesn't taste too great, but well worth pinching your nose for a few seconds while you gulp it down. My mother uses it when she gets sick, and typically her symptoms are gone in 24 hours.

It's Amazing!
by TMCole

I heard about this from a friend and let me tell you, I have been sold ever since. Not only does it work, but my 4 year old started getting sick and I used the Airborne for children. It stopped his sickness dead in its tracks. He started feeling better the next day. Usually, it takes him a good week to get over a cold. It took 1 day. I was so amazed that my husband and I started taking it just to keep the germs away. Since my children go to a Mommy's Day Out program, I make sure to give it to them regularly. They are never sick, but the other kids are always sniffling and sneezing and some do not come in. My kids are always feeling tip top. I love this stuff and recommend it to ANYONE who IS sick or is getting sick or wants to keep from getting sick. SUPER!

Huge fan of this stuff
by herm

My mom started using Airborne about a year ago after suffering through cold after cold after cold. She took Airborne as soon as she felt symptoms of a cold coming on and amazingly never got the "full blown cold"! She thought maybe she was just lucky, so the next time she felt a cold coming on...she started right up with the Airbourne and again, never got a "real Cold". She has not had a bad cold since she

We like it!
by S. Murphy

My husband and children take airborne when someone in the house is sick to prevent the cold from spreading, or after we've been around sick people. It's easy to use, tastes pretty good and not too expensive. We'd like a bigger bottle of it.

great immunity booster!
by Steve

I use this a lot during cold/flu season and it really does work. It's very easy to use, just drop the tablets in a glass of water and drink. It really does boost my immune system and has kept me healthy during the past few cold and flu seasons.

Great prevention!
by Mary C.

Airborne has prevented many teachers from missing days of work due to the cold germs that the children bring in. My niece works with handicapped children and she swears by this product. As soon as she feels the slightest symptoms, she starts, and it wards off the cold.

Great product
by Gerry

I work in a very busy family practice, so I am exposed to lots of people with colds and flu. I use this product faithfully and I have not been sick for two years. I kind of like the fizziness too.

Such a Brilliant Idea!
by Valerie

Airborne, such a great product. The creator, Victoria Knight-McDowell can be summed up in one word, genius. This product has helped me in numerous ways. One simple pill contains seven different herbs that release immediately. You can take the pill and be rest assured that you will not be catching any of the germs that are lingering around your children, or any children for that matter. Airborne has helped me stay away from the nasty flu bugs that have been hovering!

IT really WORK!!
by DAv92683

I have been using this for a while. I first noticed it while waiting in a Stater Bros check out stand. I thought it was silly and brought one to tease my little sister telling her it would help her get rid of her cold. Ha ha, a week later she come up to me asking for more and said it really worked. I was shocked and of course got her and myself some the very next day.

by Albert

I bumped into this product not too long ago and it has really helped me. My roomates in my house were all getting sick. I didn't want to take any chances so I took a couple of these and drank a couple glasses of water. Out of the 5 people in the house I was the only one to not get sick. Coincidence? I think I have had previous occasions where this has saved me. It is a little bit pricey but worth it not getting sick. Take care of yourself now!

Works Great!
by Ellisha

I have been using this product for a while now and it really seems to work. I work in an assisted living facility, so someone is always sick and I'm always looking for a way to keep from getting sick. This product is very effective and I like the fact that it dissolves easily!

by Patricia

My husband has copd so staying healthy during flu season is very important to me. I received a coupon for this and thought I'd give it a try. It is wonderful.

It works!
by heather

This is the first thing my family starts to take every time we head out on a trip or vacation. I also take it when coworkers are starting to come down with the flus/colds. It has saved our family many a visit to the doctor and countless sick days. I'm convinced!

Doesn't win taste test- but works!
by Elizabeth

I started taking this because I'm always the first to get colds when they come around. I've tried taking homeopathic remedies before that really didn't do the trick, but I hesitatingly took this due to a friend's recommendation. And I have seen great results - I've dodged numerous viruses that have come around here, and actually - I rarely get sick at all anymore! It doesn't taste great, but you get used to it after awhile. Convenient, dissolves in your drink. I'd highly recommend.

I'm sold
by NTReviewer

My friends have been telling me to use Airborne for so long. I finally broke down and decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did. I took airborne before boarding a flight and was very pleased to find that I did not get sick like I usually do after a long flight. No sniffles, no cough, nothing. It was wonderful. The tablets dissolve quickly and I have enjoyed the various flavors. I have now become one of my friends, in that I keep urging others to try this product.

Great Product
by jaime

I have been using this for a very long time. It works wonderfully. I am around people all day long with my job, and I have 2 kids. It's a great product and for a great price. It has really helped me stay well since I have used it.

Great product!
by Kristina Richardson

With three children and two of them being school aged they tend to be around a lot of viruses. For these boys to bring these viruses home each day to us would be horrible to deal with. Thank goodness for a product like Airborne to decrease the sickness my family has to endure!

Worked for me...
by Mindy

With both of my kids getting sick, and it being that time of the year, I wanted to try and find something to help me avoid getting sick myself. I saw this product at our local drugstore and gave it a try. The product worked great for me. I managed to stay healthy without getting sick. The taste wasn't GREAT, but it did the job.

One of the easiest
by Dee

I always get sick. Always. It never fails that I get sick right around Christmas with all the shopping and cooking to do on top of the family stuff. So this year I tried to nip it in the bud so to speak. I took airborne to try to prevent the cold and it worked! Great all they need is different flavors and you would have the greatest thing since sliced bread!

airborne rulezz
by Krisztian

Very good product. We use this all the time whenever there is a potential flu virus around us. Also my girlfriend works as au-pair and is always around sick or semi-sick children and their parents. So all of them took the airborne at once and the flu virus will disappear shortly from their system. Hence, if your symptoms are flu like - I mean if you fell weaker day after day - go and buy this wonderful immune booster.

excellent product
by sandy

This is the best thing since sliced bread. Being among the public all day long with so many sick people, this product keeps me from getting sick.

I don't know if it's 1 or 2 or all of the ingredients that work so well but this product works, guaranteed.

It tastes good too. It fizzes and has a sweetness to it that reminds me of soda. mmmm good

by Tara

What a God send these are! The woman who invented these is a genuis! I work in a preschool and we all know how that goes! At the first sign of a cold, I pop one of these suckers into a glass of water and PRESTO, I'm cured!

Airborne is the best!
by Z

Anytime I start to feel the slightest bit ill, I drop a tablet of Airborne into a glass of water and wait for it to dissolve. Some people do not like the taste, but I find it to be palatable. Everytime I take Airborne, I feel as though all the germs that have started to attack my immune system disapear!! I highly recommend Airborne to anyone.

Great stuff!
by Jennifer

I have tried this several times. It is NOT the best tasting stuff on the market, but what cold/cough medication tastes great? It seems to really work. It definitely packs a punch against colds/viruses! It has all kinds of natural herbs and vitamins and minerals that we all need an extra boost of when faced with an illness!

by Kathy

All I can say is where has this product been all my life? I received a sample of Airborne in the mail and have been using it every since. I like that you can just pop it in your drink as I have trouble swallowing pills.

WOW, great
by Jeff

I have been using this for a long time now, and it really does work great. The tablets dissolve pretty quickly and this will help prevent you from getting sick. Highly recommended.

by Amanda

I am a student teacher working in a middle school everyday being infested with germs all around me. I started using Airborne after I got sick the first week in the classroom. This stuff works great. I drop one tablet into a glass of water once a week and don't worry about ever getting sick! Airborne makes me feel like there is a bubble around me that germs cannot get through and I love it!

air borne
by lala5

I really like their tablets. You just stick them in your drink and you are good to go. No need to swallow big pills to get the same effect. They are relatively inexpensive as well.

by Christie

Although I can't say whether or not it is the best tasting product on the market, I can say that it helped me stay clear of a few viruses going around my office. I have to hold my breath while I drink it, but the taste is the only drawback. Kids probably won't like it, but it's a nice supplement to add to your arsenal for flu season.

Works great
by Kim

I have been taking this for a little over a year now whenever I go to places that I could get sick. And it I haven't gotten sick (at least not as bad as I had in the past) since then.

Must Have
by Jason G

This is an absolute must if you use any form of public transportation, especially if you are going on a plane. I love to travel, but get sick quite easily (lucky me). Two days before I get on the plane, I start taking Airborne. I have yet to get sick after a flight since I have started taking it.

Works well....but
by allismom

My husband and I agree that Airborne DOES help, but it is hard to get past the Alk-Seltzer taste/feeling. We both work in education so something like this product is made for us. If it came in a capsule or tablet form, I think we would use it more often. Instead, you need to dissolve it in water and drink it. We seem to reach for other products in our cabinet before this one. The price is reasonable compared to other products.

Those 'corny' commercials
by mar100

Airborne had to have the corniest commercials I've seen in along time. But, I guess Alka-Seltzer had 'plop-plop-fizz-fizz', which was pretty corny too.

This is another product I tried this yr. (I think the warm weather in NYC this yr made a lot sicker than usual because it bred the germs). Anywho, it tasted better than I thought, but I think there are other remedies I would choose over this in the future.

The one thing about Airborne is because of it's fizz, I *felt* like it was working, and therefore I felt I was being proactive in getting rid of my cold.

Must Have in Flu Season!
by Stephen E.

I have always been skeptical about products that boast such a fast relief to cold symptoms, but this product really does work. I tried this product while visiting a friend, who gave it to me because I was sick with congestion and a bad cough. Within 1 day I was feeling much better and after two full days had passed, all of my symptoms were nearly gone. This product also works great if you take it when you think you are getting sick. I take it whenever I feel a cold coming on and it wipes out my symptoms after a dose or two and prevents the cold from hitting me full-on.

Airborne is MUST in the Med Cabinet
by Christy Ward

I was always a big supporter of Alka-Seltzer Cold, after catching a summer cold last year a friend recommended Airborne. Though it was a little pricey, I bought it. I definitely recommend it! It got rid of my congestion and cough in 3 days! Not the usual week it normally takes. Airborne is now a staple in my medicine cabinet, a must have! I take it at the first sign of any common cold symptoms and it whips it before it is able to hit me full force. I definitely recommend it. The after taste isn't the greatest in the world and it is a little pricey but it is well worth it!

Great product
by Melissa Miller

I took a trip last winter to the Bahamas for my younger brother's wedding. I was very concerned about getting sick on the airplane and not being able to enjoy his beautiful wedding. I took an Airborne before I got on the plane and took another one after I got off the plane!! Good news is I didn't get sick and enjoyed the lovely weather!

by Henley

This product is great. I caught the cold last year and was sick for quite a while. My sister came to visit and told me to get this product and I was skeptical because I didn't know what it was. I went to buy it and tried it and it was a great relief! I felt much better in a couple days. WOW!

No More Colds
by stacy

I was skeptical at first about trying this product, but thought I would give it a try, and to my surprise, it worked great! I have yet to have a cold this winter and I work in an office where germs are everywhere. I am so confident with this product that I recommend it to everyone. Nobody likes a cold, so why not stop it before it starts!

Cold is a goner
by may

Let me tell you that everyone was getting sick in my office. There is like 20 of us and we were all going to be stuck together for the whole day and possibly the whole night, as we were doing something very important. Well a co-worker went to the pharmacy and got this. I am telling you this is great. None of us got sick. I call it the miracle pill. If I feel I am about to get sick then I take it and the next morning I am fine. I love this product.

Awesome symptom fighter
by Robin Cole

This is the most awesome product out on the market. We visited my sister-in-law and her family during Thanksgiving and my husband starting getting nasally. His sister had this product and gave it to him. The next day 99% of his symptoms were gone. I could not believe it worked so quickly and efficiently. I now keep this product on hand at all times.

Great product!!!
by Amanda

I love Airborne! If I feel like I am getting sick, I pop a tablet in water and drink it. The next day, I'm fine. If I'm already sick, I take this 2 times a day and in 2 days I'm back on my feet, healthy as ever. This is an amazing product and I suggest that everyone try it. Honestly, it doesn't taste THAT great to me. I kind of have to choke it down, but it works, so the bad taste for a minute is worth it!!

My husband swears by this
by Amanda Rhoads

I don't particularly care for this product but my husband uses it religously. He's really nutty about getting sick and since we have kids it's usually unavoidable. He's used this everyday for about two months now and hasn't gotten sick yet.

Mother and Teacher
by marcelle ciampi

I had a pain in my throat and the onset of a cold; all my children were sick. I took AIRBORNE before bed and by the next morning my symptons were gone. My husband and I use AIRBORNE often and are pleased with the effects.

Slam dunk!
by Tiffany

My friend runs a daycare and watches my son for me as well. She was always getting sick so I picked this up for her. I noticed that when she started using it, she felt better and when all the kids are going through their colds and stuff, she wasn't getting sick. She thanks me for it all the time.

Wave your cold goodbye
by Syb

I tried this from a sample I requested and I figured why not? I have to say this is one of the best samples I could have ever wished for. Now, when I or members of my family even slightly feel something coming on, the first thing we grab is Airborne. It really works.

Really works
by Emilia

I am a teacher aide, and work at a school. There are many children sick with the cold. I purchase this product because I was tired of catching the cold 4 times a year, and missing work. This product has kept me from catching a strong cold before entering a classroom. When I feel, I am going to catch the cold, and drink it, and the next day I am okay.

Wow! It really works
by Carrie Russell

My mom turned me on to this product, and I have to say that mom was right, once again. I am an Esthetician, and I work in a small enclosed room with one client after another.....and when someone comes in for a facial when they are sick, I used to fear catching it. But now, I just pop a fizzy tablet into some water, and sip throughout my facial, and I know that I will stay healthy!

"Absolutely Essential" for anyone who works in close proximity to other people all day!

Works for me
by Rachel

Airborne has worked for us, and helped our family get over colds a lot faster. However, we all hate the taste - we wish it came in a pill form rather than a liquid. Ick! But the folks in our family who were willing to swallow it got better faster than the ones who refused to take it!

2 Customer Opinions

Not certified
by Elizabeth

This stuff didn't work for me, but I did the dissolving drink mix kind and only took it once. I thought it tasted nasty.

by heather

This actually worked for me, I felt much better within 2 days of using this and it didn't taste to bad either. Recommend.