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Wellness Coach
by David R

Great product! Have been using Advanced Ambrotose and Ambrotose Bulk Classic for several years. I believe this product has improved my overall health and strengthened my immune system. Positive results.

by Garry

Ambrotose, in my opinion, is one of the greatest discoveries in history. Don't take my word for it - do your own homework (Google 'glycobiology') and you will find vast amounts of scientific validation that suggest that Mannatech's patented blend of Glyconutrients, (Ambrotose) is probably the most important supplement you can take - it provides vital glyconutrients largely missing from the modern diet, vital because they are key components in the correct functioning of our immune system. (see Harpers Biochemistry Textbook Chap 26)

Please note: this is an honest opinion - I am NOT the Mannatech merchant on this site!

Everybody should take this
by Suzi

As a healthy person wanting to stay that way, I've been adding this tastless powder into my juice. I am confident that these glyconutrients are busy doing their stuff inside my body. Just like I brush my teeth everyday for prevention, so I take my Ambrotose.

Ambrotose magic
by J.B.Hansen

I was doing all the right things . Eating organic foods , exercising every day , not drinking to excess , but I felt my energy levels dropping and was plagued by back pain.
After only 3-4 weeks Ihad losts of energy and hav never looked back. Now after 5 years back pain is a thing of the past and I have more energy than i know what to do with .
Oh , by the way , I'm now 56 years old.

cell to cell communication
by m sayers

Great to get the immune system working, healthy skin and hair, great vitality, abundant energy and feeling great!

by Melanie H

I have been taking Advanced Ambrotose for 4 weeks. I have changed nothing else about my lifestyle or diet, and I have lost 3 inches off my waist, 3" off my abs, 2" off my hips, and 1" off my thighs. My energy levels have increased. I have greater mental clarity and focus. Even my nails are showing signs of becoming smoother and stronger. I have noticed that my appetite is changing--I'm satisfied with less food--so, I'm expecting to add weight loss to the benefits, too. I will definitely keep using this product.

Advanced ambrotose is awesome
by jennifer

Advanced Ambrotose is awesome at maintaining good health. I have used this product for 6 months, and have seen extremely great changes in my health. I recommend this to anyone.

Great Product, but a Little Pricey
by Todd

I usually don't take supplements like this, but my wife's grandmother swears by this stuff. She gave us one of these containers. The first thing I noticed when I started taking it was increased mental clarity, almost like the buzz when you drink fresh carrot juice. The next thing that I noticed is that I would sleep really deep the night after taking it. Normally I wake up in the middle of the night, but I would sleep all through the night and dream a lot from this stuff. I don't know why it does that, but I thought it was pretty cool. I know that more time in the deeper sleep cycles allows your body to heal itself quicker. My wife noticed the same thing. After using the container, we inquired about the price to buy more. We were both a little shocked about the price. Since we normally don't buy supplements, we're not used to how pricey they are and we have a hard time spending money on them. So, we didn't end up buying more. Other than that, though, I really liked Ambrotose.

Advanced ambrotose
by Brenda B

This is a great Manatech product, sure fights off the doctor. I haven't been to visit a doctor in over a year, and I sure say it is because I use ambrotose daily. It has saved me money by not being sick and having to go to the doctor for treatment. It requires a little spending, but well worth the price.

advanced ambrotose
by Tricia

Product works! It keeps you feeling great and healthy. I have taken this for 2 years and I have not been to the doctor since! It helps you fight off viruses. The price may be high, but they work!

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