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Standardized Extracts are Important
by Bob Pearson

What I love about this product is that the herbal extracts are standardized. I know from experience that some companies put the cheapest ingredients that they can find into their products. This simply is not the case with Vitabase. This is a very effective combination that I recommend during the winter season.

People talk about the expense of this product, but I can tell you that the pricing listed on this site is wrong. You can buy it much cheaper at

Improves resistance
by sv

Echinacea is a good source to improve body resistance towards infections and other seasonal allergies. I use Echinacea-Golden Seal to treat seasonal flu, cold and cough. It works very well for me and it also helped me in improving the immune system. I would like to continue using this. Definitely is good for every one.

Pretty good
by Zheng

This is a great combination of allergy and immune system defense. I have used it for about a month to get rid of my cold and it did work pretty well. I would buy this product again.

by Lorri

I really wanted to try Echinacea-Golden Seal as I had heard it helps prevent colds. I admit I was skeptical and thought it was pricey but gave it a try. After taking it for 6 weeks, I came down with a cold. And while it didn't seem to last as long as usual, it still came with all the regular cold symptoms. In my opinion, it didn't work like I hoped it would, so that is the last time I will use it.

Not Just for Colds
by Anna Hazard

The Echinacea/Goldenseal herbal blend has recently become a staple in our medicine/vitamin cupboard and not only for colds and flu (which has afflicted our household a lot less lately than over the previous years.)

I've found that Goldenseal is also helpful in dealing with cases of food poisoning. I had a particularly bad bout after one summer barbecue that seemed to refuse to go away until I started taking the goldenseal tablets in desperation. (Along with its anti-inflammatory properties, goldenseal can be a pretty good antibiotic.)

That said, the Vitabase brand is rather more expensive than other available brands (such as Nature's Way) and I haven't noticed any discernable difference in potency between the brands.

Use at onset of cold symptoms
by Karen Wagner

I take Echinacea and Golden Seal when ever I get the very first symptoms of a cold coming on. Although I take it in combination with other preventative products I believe that Echinacea and Golden Seal play an important role in common cold prevention. I have had beginning symptoms of a cold coming and I immediately take Echinacea and Golden Seal in combination with Vitamin C, Zinc, Zinc lozenges and ZiCam and continue taking them for 2 days after the initial symptoms go away. I have not had a cold in 5 years. Before I used this combination I would get several severe colds a year. I work in a hospital around many sick people still remain cold free. I would definately recommend Echinacea and Golden Seal for anyone wanting to stop the common cold in its tracks.

Use It regularly
by TK

I have been taking this every day for the last month. It is working well, so far I haven't had a cold. Even when the rest of my family came down with colds, I didn't. I will keep taking it and hopefully it will continue to protect me from all those germs that are going around.

Did nothing for me.
by Dee

I took Echinacea and Golden Seal for at least a year before giving up. I really gave this more than a fair chance.
I have always been very susceptible to colds and flu, and usually, when I caught an illness that kept the average person down for a week, I could count on being ill for 3 weeks. Not just for a longer time period, but also more severely ill.
Echinacea and Golden Seal were my first try at a fix for my very weak immune system, but I noticed absolutely no improvement.
I did notice my urine becoming a lot clearer, and that seems like a positive thing, but I cannot say for sure that it was caused by these herbs.
I can say, without a doubt, that I experienced a lot of unpleasant aftertaste and some heartburn if I did not take these herbs with a full meal.
I hope others have better results!

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