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L-Carnitine 500 mg

L-carnitine’s actions appear to be particularly important in the heart. It transports fatty acids into mitochondria, the powerhouses of cells.
Product: L-Carnitine 500 mg
Brand: Vitamin Shoppe (More Products)
Size: 150 Tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet daily
Retail: $45.25
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2 Customer Reviews

Helps you lose fat, not muscle
by Noah H.

I began taking L-Carnitine after seeing in advertised on a poster at the gym. There were informational brochures you could pick up and take home on a table display and an offering for at least six different brands. I took home the pamphlet and read the information included that told about L-Carnitine's uses as an amino acid that is beneficial to many body cells. It explained it's ability to help the body to use up it's stores of excess fat, turn them into energy, and yet build lean body muscle mass. Most diets cause you to lose precious muscle weight and not just fat. Particularly good was the supplement's ability to get rid of stored fat which accumulates on the mid body from sedentary lifestyles, over indulgence in fatty foods or simply natural changes in metabolism that comes when you reach 30-40. As a weight trainer, I wanted to shed ten to fifteen pounds, but wanted to increase muscle weight but lose the fat stores that kept me from looking and performing my best. I chose the Vitamin Shoppe Brand as my brother was taking a supplement he thought highly of from this well known maker and I felt it's quality was dependable and that since this was a mid range dosage for 500 mg. It is neither too low to be effective nor too high either, and is available as a single tablet once per day. After taking the L-Carnitine for six weeks, I lost a total of eight pounds, and did see a big difference in my midsection area being less soft. This seemed to be where most of the weight was being shed. My total body fat likewise decreased and my endurance and stamina seemed even more improved for both weight lifting, biking, and running. Many weight loss or body building supplements now contain this powerful amino acid, which shows it's reputation for being valuable as a total body "fitness" supplement is deserved.

I Love it!!!
by man

L-Carnitine is great! I recommend it to anyone wanting to shed a few pounds, or someone who just wants good health. It has helped me shed 15 pounds and 8 1/2 inches!! This product works all by itself, you won't need anything else. Before finding L-Carnitine, I did some investigating and found that L-Carnitine was in almost every diet aid on the market, you can just buy the L-Carnitine and get the same results, if not better, because it's an all natural amino acid used by your body to speed up your metabolism. There is no harmful chemicals that alter your body in anyway. But don't take my word for it, try it for yourself and join me as a L-Carnitine !