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Sports Ultimate L-Glutamine Muscle Surge 1000

Glutamine, the most common amino acid found in muscles, helps the body preserve tissue. Athletes have a special interest in glutamine, which has been found to be one of the most important sports related and health-improving nutrients researched. Glutamine should be a staple supplement for all athletes, and it's been established that intense physical exercise drains the body of its glutamine stores.

Glutamine has been shown in studies to be highly anti-catabolic during a wide range of muscle wasting states. It's essential for the immune system, improves glycogen storage in muscles, plays a role in keeping muscles hydrated, increases growth hormone (GH) output and may help prevent over training. It's essential for the function of many organs, especially the stomach. Protein powders contain relatively small amounts of glutamine compared to its higher ratio found in muscle; and few diets contain the necessary glutamine levels that maximize muscle growth, release growth hormone, and prevent over training. These facts make L-Glutamine Muscle Surge 1000 a must for maximizing training benefits.
Product: Sports Ultimate L-Glutamine Muscle Surge 1000
Brand: Biochem (More Products)
Size: 90 tablets
Dosage: Take 1-2 tablets daily
Retail: $16.00
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1 Customer Reviews

Great for recovery
by Michelle

I am often asked how I manage to train as hard as I do without getting tired and sore, and this is my reason. I train on average 5 hours a day in MMA, which includes striking, grappling as well as weight training. I used to get sore muscles the next day, but I never had time to recover when I was training for an event. Now I take L-Glutamine from muscle surge once a day and I feel great every morning when I wake up. If I know I have trained especially hard one night, I will take 2 tablets a day, and I have not suffered from soreness or fatigue since. I can't live without it! The tablets are not small, but they are not horse pill size either. They are very easy to swallow, unlike some of the other pills I have tried.