f Quantum Super Lysine Plus Liquid Reviews and Information

Super Lysine Plus Liquid

This powerful system strength booster with lysine, echinacea extract and the powerful cell-restoring nutrient LEM, goes to work instantly! Along with potent doses of licorice extract, goldenseal root and vitamin C, our herbal formula also contains the powerful cell-restoring nutrient LEM: a concentrated shiitake meMycelium extract rich in polysaccharides. For those who don"t like taking pills, Super Lysine Plus + Liquid is the perfect choice. Use as a tea or aid to the diet.
Product: Super Lysine Plus Liquid
Brand: Quantum (More Products)
Size: 2 oz
Dosage: Use 30 drops in hot or cold water 3-6 times a day
Retail: $12.99
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5 Customer Reviews

canker sore aid
by Carolyn Sloan

I know most of these reviews relate to cold sores but I was a canker sore sufferer for years until I started taking a lysine supplement. I haven't had one in years. When my son got his braces on he complained of mouth sores but he didn't like the lysine caplets so I tried the liquid suspension. Works great! I highly recommend this for anyone who suffers from any kind of oral tissue issues.

Super lysine
by Silvereyes

Super lysine is a wonderful product that was a great help to herpes sufferers. Outbreaks are shorter and less frequent. It's a most have!

Great for Nasty Cold Sore Breakouts!
by A. Bowles

This is a great product that we use ALOT! When my husband gets stressed or begins getting sick he has awful coldsore breakouts. He has a very hard time swallowing pills, so the fact that Super Lysine Plus comes in a liquid form is really appealing to him. It really helps aid the quick healing of those nasty coldsores, and almost cuts the time in half! Super Lysine Plus is Highly Recommended!

The best L-Lysine oral suspension!
by T. Danger

I love this-- it boosts my immune system as well as helping to oust unfriendly cold-sore outbreaks. I tend to get outbreaks when my immune system is already compromised. I get strep throat a lot and this liquid is a lot easier to swallow than traditional tablets or capsules. Also easier to get young ones to take it!

Simply the best
by Carrie Russell

Super Lysine Plus products are the best for Herpes sufferers. It doesn't matter if you have Genital Herpes or if you simply get cold sores on your lips, you NEED to have Super Lysine Plus products in your medicine cabinet.