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lowers lipoprotein a & b and kills cholesterol
by anonymous

This product HAS a purpose. It sweeps cholesterol out of your system. Look it up.

L-Lysine works
by skye

Hi. I had coldsores all through my teenage years:( and was prescribed L-Lysine, which didn't seem to work (later I realised that I didn't stay on it for long enough, nor take it consistently). I continued to get coldsores ever after, but less seriously. Then more recently (20 yrs after I first started getting them) they reappeared continuously... I was desperate and tried L-Lysine again, although I didn't think it would work, and once again it didn't seem to work so I stopped taking it (probably at the end of a bottle or 2). Then a year later after the persuasion of a fellow sufferer, I tried one more time and stayed on it for 3 months (the longest I had ever consistently taken it). Aged 39 this has changed my life! I do still get coldsores, but very occasionally and they make a very slight appearance and then disappear or stay for a few days but are so tiny even I can hardly see them. I now believe this stuff works:) but I think you need to commit for at least 3 months before you will see the improvement. (I have been taking it once a day for a year and a half now and I increase the dose to 2 or 3 if I am feeling run down or feel the slightest tingle).

Cold sore remedy
by Bob

This is for you cold sore sufferers out there. After years of searching I found toothpaste that contains sodium lauryl sulfate is the cause for the suffering.

As you eat sharp foods, it cuts the inside of your mouth. The sls eats at your cuts causing the cold sores. Hope this helps many as it did for me.

not recommended
by caleb

This product did not work for my purpose. I get cold sores as well when my immune system changes and my doctor told me to take L-Lysine. I noticed no effect and $8 is to much for me to spare. I gave it 6 weeks and noticed that it gave the same change as when I don't take it.

not for me
by Eileen Saavedra

Overall, this product did not do my cold sores any justice. It was merely more ineffective material in my system. I would definitely not recommend this product to anyone being that it does not fulfill any purpose whatsoever.

Did not work for my purpose
by maggie a.

This product did not work for my purpose. I have cold sores that pop up every time my immune system drops a little and I was told by my dentist to start taking L-Lysine. I bought this product thinking it would save all my problems. It didn't. I took this product for about 4 weeks and it did not improve my situation.

Cold sore remedy
by Jill

I first tried L-Lysine after a friend recommended it to me. Although OTC remedies work once you have a cold sore, L-Lysine helps to prevent cold sores and speed up the recovery time. While it isn't 100% effective, it is certainly worth trying if you frequently battle cold sores.

Cold Sore Help
by Melissa C

I have battled with severe cold sores my entire life, and have tried just about every remedy out there. I tried GNC's L-Lysine tablets, and was happy to discover that they cut down on the healing time for my cold sores, even when I took them after a cold sore had already developed! I would recommend these to anyone who suffers from cold sores. The only drawback is that the pills are large and chalky, and a bit hard to swallow, so you're better off breaking the tablets in half.

Love it!
by Jeremy Rose

I began taking this nearly 6 years ago. I take two tablets a day along with my breakfast. I started this product when my wife said that Lysine would help fight off cold sores and the duration of a cold sore. Wow. I was shocked! This stuff works great and it is very affordable.

Great for help with cold sores
by Kristie G

L-Lysine is great to help with (mouth) cold sores. My family (mom and sister mostly) gets them all the time, I get them occasionally, when I am stressed or get sick. I have found that taking L-Lysine right when I feel the tingle in my lip helps reduce the time and intensity of the cold sore. Now, it's not as quick and effective as those cold sore remedies directly marketed for such, but if you want to try something else (if nothing else is working for you), then try this.

Learned in school.
by Shreyas Patel

I learned about lysine in school a few weeks before I started taking these tablets. I was told my skeletal muscles were weak, and my doctor told me to find certain amino acid supplements. I started using this and realized how much my bones actually felt better.

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