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Great for Fever Blisters
by Chrissy

My Pharmacist recommended this to me for cold sores/ fever blisters. I had one on the inside of my lip that would not heal and prevented me from eating almost everything. I started using Lysine, it went away in just a few days. Great product!!

Friend Reccomended
by Susette

I have horrible fever blisters. One of my friends said if I would take this supplument, my breakout would be shorter and I could prevent further breakouts by taken these as soon as I feel that little tingle that comes before breakout. OMG< she was so right. It shorten that breakout and I have not had a serious breakput since. I love these!!!!

Not a miracle
by Anonymous

I play the french horn at a jr college, but from time to time I get monster cold sores like you wouldn’t believe. At one point in time I was even on 2 Rx. Just for these lil mouth demons! A few months ago my french horn professor recommended I take this. While L-Carnitine works, it’s not a miracle cure. I still get pretty bad cold sores that last about 4 or five days but it does lessen the problem. And I still take the Rx. Another trick my professor showed me is getting a vitamine E capsule and bitting the end off and using the goop inside like chap stick on the sore. Do this before you go to bed and it will keep it from drying out much better than anything a dr. will give you (and for a lil bit of nothing, too!) For me, this does work like a miracle.

Would Recommend to Everyone
by Billi Walford

L-Lysine is a wonderful product. There are so many benefits to this product. I bought my first jar on the recommencation of a friend. I have been prone to cold sores all my life and have never found a product that worked like it said. After taking the l-lysine for a few days, I only took 2 a day, one in the morning and at night the cold sore was completly gone by the third day and I have never been happier with a product. My 12 year old daughter also has this problem with cold sores too. I give her half a pill one time a day and by the third day hers is healed completely. I would recommend this product for everyone who is prone to this ugly problem. Another benefit is the cost. For a very large bottle of about 500 it was only 4.93 at our local department store. You can't beat that.

by Eileen Saavedra

Being that I just filled out the cold sore review this is Ironic. You want to know whether I think this product is good well I won't hold my tongue. Many people may not know this but when you begin to feel the tingle of a cold sore beginning pop about 2 - 3 in one shot twice a day and lower your chances tremendously of the cold sore returning. I have this in my cupboard. I have definitely tried them all.

Affordable and Effective
by Amie

If you have to endure cold sores with any frequency, this is the product for you. My doctor recommended Lysine. I don't know why it works, but if I start taking them at the first sign of a cold sore coming on, it shortens the duration and intensity of the cold sore. After the cold sore is done I stop taking Lysine. This product is affordable and effective!

Cold Sore Help
by mandalion

LYSINE is great for minimizing herpes (cold sore) outbreaks! I get cold sores pretty badly when I eat foods such as cashews or almonds. I have tried Lysine, and I was so happy with how well it worked.

How I did it: I simply began taking Lysine at the VERY first sign of an outbreak (a tingling or itching feeling in the mouth or wherever the outbreak occurs). I took 3,000 per day when I get symptoms (the product on this page is 500 mg per tablet, that's 6 pills over the course of the day). I also used topical Lysine.


Instead of the usual week long painful cold sore, the sore did not even completely erupt! It was just somewhat itchy and tender for 3 or 4 days. I am ecstatic now and carry this stuff with me everywhere in the winter.


Don't take lysine pills daily over long periods, but only when you feel cold sores coming on and for a day or two after the symptoms disappear (to be safe).

It may elevate cholesterol if taken long enough, so talk to your doctor if you have heart problems.

Healed pet's styes/mouth sores
by SierraK

I know many people use L-lysine for the same thing, but was surprised when my veterinarian highly recommended it for my cat! She is a rescued stray who was suffering from stomatitis, a painful condition that causes multiple mouth sores. It is not known what causes this condition. Theories are that it may be a variation of the virus that causes human mouth sores, or it may be an autoimmune response. She also suffered from styes on her eyelids.
The vet recommended L-lysine at a dosage of 500 mg. twice a day, crushed and mixed with canned food. I chose the Nature Made product since it's a good brand and came in exactly the dose needed. This completely eliminated her styes and helped greatly with her stomatitis. She did have to have some teeth extracted, as a few of the mouth sores persisted around infected teeth, but those would have needed to be removed even if she never got stomatitis.
Today she is a healthy little black-and-white bundle of mischief, and no longer paws at her formerly painful mouth. I continue using the Nature Made L-lysine on a maintenance dosage of 500 mg. three times a week to prevent recurrence of the styes, which started again within a few weeks of stopping the L-lysine. The mouth sores are completely gone.

Great for all Mouth Sores
by Kasandra

I started taking this when I was a teenager ten + years ago when I had braces and had sores in my mouth from the metal cutting my cheeks. It definitely helped my mouth heal faster. I have also taken it when I bit my mouth and it just heals within a few days which is amazing. I have recommended this product to friends in the past with fever blisters and they say it works wonders. I definitely would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from any of these ailments.

It's Great!
by Lisa

This was recommended to me several years ago as a way to stop fever blisters from forming. If you start taking it when you feel the "tingle" on your lip, you can halt the process of the fever blister. It works great. I would imagine that it would also work for this if you take a regular daily dose. If you suffer from fever blisters I would highly recommend.

Excellent Cod Sore Repellent
by T. Danger

A great supplement-- I take one every few hours for the first day or so I feel a cold sore coming on. I even use a mortar and pestle to grind up a tablet, then add a bit of water to make it into a paste. I put it on whenever I'm home, and I've noticed much faster "turnaround" time!

Doing its job
by Robert

This is one of my favorite supplements. It does several important things at once. I like to think of it as my "feel good" pill. I appreciate the help with calcium absorption. This is something the body does NOT produce naturally.

by Betty Shingledecker

This is the best thing for cold sores! I have found that I need to start taking it as soon as I feel that little tingle or itch where the cold sore will show up! I take 2 at a time throughout the day and I do take them often. Usually in a couple of days there is no sign of it ever coming on! But the key is to take the L-Lysine as quickly as you can at the very first feeling of a cold sore!

Works every time!
by Stephanie Malcolm

My husband and I get really bad cold sores all the time. It was recommended that we take lysine to stop the further growth of cold sores. It really works and the healing time is much faster.

Great for cold sores
by Katie

I frequently suffer from cold sores, and Nature Mad L-Lysine has been a lifesaver several times. It greatly reduces the amount of time the cold sore is present. The tablets are easily swallowed. I've been using this product for years.

Cold sores gone fast!
by katy

This is my product of choice if I have a cold sore. It works best it you take a couple right when the cold sore starts, and continue taking a few throughout the day. I take one every few hours when I feel a cold sore coming on, and the next day they'll be no sign of it.

Natural method to reduce mouth sores
by restonapt

As I am one of those people who get canker sores in my mouth all the time, my dentist recommended I take L-Lysine supplements. While it does not eliminate the canker sores completely, it does greatly reduce the amount of time they stick around.
Highly recommended.

by Debbie

I have also found this to work great on mouth sores. However, it does not work quickly if these sores are from braces. My son had problems with sores from his braces and it did not work to well.

by Jennifer Seest

This is a wonderful essential amino acid. I heard about it years ago (in the 1980s), recommended for help with healing mouth sores. I tried it for a sore throat, and it worked wonderfully! I highly recommend it...have for years *_*

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