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Didn't work for me
by MC

I have generalized anxiety disorder with panic disorder and ptsd. I'm sick of all the conventional medicine pains, so I tried this. I took this for 2 months to make sure it had time to work. I didn't notice any effects at all other than feeling optomistic more than normal. It was an interesting effect, but didn't help any of my real issues.

by mb

didn't work for me. it caused worse side effects instead of any benefits...i thought at first it was serotonin syndrome..but i researched..and maybe it was just too much serotonin that wasn't processed by my body well. i've read some of us can't metabolize the tryptophan very well...anyways....i am thinking of trying the straight l-tryptophan or just stick to my antidepressant.

by Patty Pequeno

I tried this product after I had my son. I was depressed and tired all the time. I've been taking this product for well over a year. My energy has increased and my depression is no longer making me feel like I'm dragging myself throughout the day. Anxiety attacks have substantially decreased. I can actually function as a normal person should.

by Ross

I've battled mild social anxiety for several years and when I heard of an over-the-counter remedy I of course opted to try it. For the price, this would be a dream if it worked as advertised, unfortunately it did nothing for me except cause unwanted side effects. I would relate the experience to a mild stomach flu or food poisoning. It does suppress appetite (which is why I have it 2 stars) but I believe this is just because it makes you feel sick.

by cooldan

Oh my, I can't believe how good this is. This makes me so happy, I don't have bad thoughts and I'm not depressed anymore. You don't have any side effects, and this is a big plus toward your mood and life. This has been the best drug that I have taken for my depression ever, out of all the products. It's been a year now and I can really feel the change and it is very effective. I recommend it to people who are giving up on their depression.

Give it a go
by Megan

I was originally just on Zoloft for depression, but blood test results showed that my serotonin levels were a tenth of the minimum they should've been. Since Zoloft only keeps serotonin in circulation and doesn't actually force its production, my doctor recommended adding this supplement to my meds. It is always hard to gauge with these psychological issues just how much of a difference things make, but I really feel that there's been a difference since I've started on them. It's certainly worth a try!

worth a try
by CG

My mom started taking 5-htp to help her insomnia, depression, and anxiety attacks. It worked better than the anti-depressants and did not leave her with the drugged out hangover that the prescription drugs did. .

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