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College athlete
by Amir V

I believe most of the comments on here are by the NOW company, they seem very fake. I am a real person who has bought this product. The product May work mildly for you if you take it religiously. The L arginine hype has been over for years now, move on. I regret spending $22 dollars on my 1 lb container because the stuff tastes so HORRIBLE (coming from someone who only drinks straight alcohol), that i cant finish it.

Really gets the blood flowing!
by Joel

As a former body builder, I used to take this supplement religiously. I would go in to the gym excited, because I knew I would be getting a great workout, and feel excellent afterward. You can actually feel the L-arginine working. Your muscles get a better "pump" after lifting, and feel bigger/firmer.

Quality product for the fitness enthusiast
by Tony

After using expensive supplements promising mind blowing pumps and extreme vascularity, sometimes resorting to the key active ingredient from a reputable company is the best way to go. This product delivers the same key amino acids found in other commercial supplements at a great price and with quality in mind. I have been using this product as a part of my regular workout routine for seven months now and have reaped the benefits of increased muscle tone and better workouts than in the past. Definitely a must-have in one's fitness armamentarium!!!

Tastes Great!
by Michael L.

This product helped me to lose 16 lbs in 4 weeks. I took it twice a day with my meals. I also was able to lower my blood pressure by nearly 10 diastolic points with no other changes in lifestyle. Reasonably priced and worth trying.

great stuff!
by Robert

Now brand has a great value for L-Arginine. The stuff makes your veins bulge out, positive benefits for my sex life, better blood flow everywhere.

This should be taken by everyone!

Must have supplment
by John H

This is a must have supplement for bodybuilders and workout fanatics alike. NOW brand L-Arginine is a cost effective way to add a bodybuilding staple to your pre and post workout shakes.

L-Arginine for the dog
by Amy Jackson

I started giving my dog L-Argenine right after we found out he had cancer. It is very reasonably priced and easy to find.

Great, Cheap Product!
by TM

This is a cheap product that works excellent. Benefits including increased nitric oxide and creatine and lowering of high blood pressure. A great staple supplement.

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