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No sugar, just energy
by Paul

If you look at the label of most energy drinks, they contain taurine. They also contain a ton of sugar to give you a sugar high (followed by a sugar crash) and caffeine. This is a great alternative to those drinks. I take it a few times a week and I've noticed extra energy during basketball games and when I go cycling. This is a good product for boosting energy for sports.

Great for endurance
by Michelle

If I have a long intense workout ahead of me, I will take one of these taurine tablets 30 minutes before the session. I find that it not only increases my stamina, but I am also less sore in my muscles the next day. I now take it with caffeine for an extra boost, but be warned, the first time I did this I was jittery and shaky for about 2 hours. I have learned to lower the amount I take for less side effects. At 1000 mg these are a high dose, so be careful.

Good alternative to caffeine!
by Megan

I have to admit, this stuff is pretty awesome. I have a weird reaction to caffeine (it makes me woozy) so I had been trying to find an alternative energy booster. Then a friend recommended energy drinks and much to my surprise, they worked. When I read the ingredients label I noticed taurine and decided to see if there was a concentrated version. Sure enough, I got these and I have had fantastic energy ever since. They haven't made me jittery or affected my sleep either, however they do sometimes make me a little nauseous (which is fine by me because I'm trying to lose weight). They also curb my appetite. I highly recommend them both as a weight loss product and just as an all-around energy booster. Two thumbs up!

Great Choice for Runners!
by Lisa

As an avid runner (I usually run 3-4 miles, 4-5 times per week), I look for ways to improve on my endurance and stamina. A friend told me to try this product and I have been hooked ever since! After I began using the taurine pills, I had noticeably more strength and speed and felt great at the end of my workout. It is an overall energy booster, but a surefire way to pump up your workout!

Energy Rocks!
by Ariel

This stuff is the greatest! I’ll admit it, I’m an energy junkie! I have found myself spending all disposable income on expensive coffee drinks and energy drinks. Those energy drinks all contain Taurine AND a LOT of SUGAR! Now I take the Taurine and not so much sugar!

Tuarine for extra energy
by Phil Young

The taurine gives me the extra energy I need throughout the day and it tastes great. It also helps me feel great and gives me good nutrients. This product is much better than Red Bull.

I heart this stuff!
by Tammy Soulliere

I am an avid label reader, and while reading my "energy drink labels I noticed that one of the key components is Taurine! So I gave it a go, and I was like "wow this stuff really helps me feel so much better."

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