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Taurine Powder

Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid produced from cysteine by the body and found abundantly in the body, particularly throughout the excitable tissues of the central nervous system, where it is thought to have a regulating influence. However, taurine is deficient in many diets and may not be sufficiently produced by the body in certain disease states.
Product: Taurine Powder
Brand: Life Extension Foundation (More Products)
Size: 300 grams
Dosage: 1 teaspoon daily
Retail: $20.00
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4 Customer Reviews

Essential for Cats on Natural Diets
by SierraK

Taurine is an essential amino acid for feline diets. Cats will get very ill without it. If you read the ingredients or nutritional analysis of any cat food you will always find taurine.

So how does this apply to cat owners? Today many enlightened pet owners put their pets on natural food diets or raw diets. A good idea but please check with your vet before doing this, as essential nutrients are often missing from homemade pet diets.

One of my cats is on a natural diet due to allergies to common ingredients found in commercial cat foods. The vet recommended adding Life Extension's Taurine Powder to prevent taurine deficiency illnesses, which all cats will get if their diet does not contain sufficient amounts of this amino acid.

This powder is quite simple to add to food and it's completely tasteless so even picky kitties won't notice the addition. If you have a cat that must be on a special diet please ask your vet about this supplement, and ask for specific dosages as they will vary according to the individual cat's size and weight.

by Chris Christopherson

This has decreased my anxiety significantly over the past few weeks. I just started a new job and this was just the ticket to get my anxiety in check before I had a breakdown. I'd recommend it to anyone for less stress in your busy life.

by James Zitzmann

I have used this taurine powder, and it is effective for energy and stability. It is also not very expensive, so it is a good alternative for an energy supplement.

great for anxiety
by Jessica

I have used this daily for the past 3 months and although it hasn't cured it, my anxiety is greatly decreased. I also find I sleep better with it, especially if I take magnesium along with it right before bedtime.