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MonaVie Acai Juice

MonaVie is a health drink. The crown jewel in the MonaVie formula is the acai berry, found only high atop towering palm trees in the lush Amazon Rainforest of South America.

Modern science has now validated the remarkable wellness benefits of the acai fruit. As a whole food by itself, the berry would provide a remarkable source of complete protein, health fats, essential vitamins and minerals. Particularly valuable are the class of polyphenols of which the acai contains over a dozen. High on the list are the anthocyanins, which contribute the deep red, blue and purple to the plant's appearance. Anthocyanins have a host of health benefits that have been identified in several studies.

The final MonaVie formula includes acai berry, pomegranate, white grape, nashi pear, acerola, pear, aronia, purple grape, cranberry, passion fruit, banana, apricot, prune, kiwi, blueberry, bilberry, camu camu, wolfberry, and lychee. Each fruit and each portion were selected for their specific and known benefits. Their synergistic effect reaches far beyond what any single fruit could accomplish.
Product: MonaVie Acai Juice
Brand: Monavie (More Products)
Size: 25 oz.
Dosage: 1 - 2 oz. Daily
Retail: $45.00
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255 Customer Reviews

past buyer
by Anna

I tried this product for a long time. It is different for all who take it. With me,I couldn't figure out how or why my HAIR WAS FALLING OUT. It was the drink. It's a scheme!!!

by Charly

I have tried this product for 2 weeks and have a strong view.
Firstly it is a peasant taste and if anything can only do someone good..
However because of the multi-level platform of selling the product is quite ridiculously priced ..
if this were a product put simply through a standard sales format it would be a fraction of the price..
Its nice but not that nice!! As always Buyer Beware

Monavie Nice Heathly Drink
by LaoshuWkw

Monavie Nice Heathly Drink

new user
by kris

So I've been using this for about 2 1/2 weeks and have noticed zero difference in anything (health, allergies, joints--nada). I have a friend who fell for this scheme, but gave me 2 bottles for free...I promised I would try it. I'm following how many times and how much they told me to drink. Frankly it's a cranberry tasting type juice, but seriously..what are the green slivers in it that make it kinda chunky??? I have to work through some serious texture issues to drink this juice twice a day. They were so passionate about it, so I decided to give it a try. No help for me. I think it's just freakin juice and people get so caught up in the sales pitch and hype it's a placebo effect. And it's wayyyy too expensive for me.

energy drink
by sukhdeep singh

i want to know how going process n results

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33 Customer Opinions

Health/Physical Education
by Tsali

These products work from the inside out, just because you do not feel anything means nothing. think about it, You do not feel digestion, etc. Believe me, these plants, berries are a dream in proess, the benefits far and beyond the negative factors. If any negative, the price, but try and buy the incredients and make your own juice, see how much you spend.

Response Letter
by Deschamps

You know I never write to these kinds of things but I couldn’t stand by and let someone who tries to sound so smart without clearly stating his Intent go without comment.

Your comments on first glance seem very impressive like you might know what you are talking about until I read right through it and had to respond.

The flaws were quite apparent to me when I asked myself these questions
My first question was why anyone would write such a thing about a product that is clearly help thousands of people unless there was something to gain.

The tobacco companies for years had numerous expert sounding people including doctors tell us that smoking was not harmful to your health and they were found out.

Who would benefit from tying to stop a product that was helping people with there health you have to ask, A Competitor? A drug Company? Someone with a Noble Heart?

First you claimed that taking Monavie can have side effects if not taken properly as approved by the FDA When you think of all the APPROVED drugs and the side effects that are caused by them, just listen to any commercial on TV or read any pamphlet on any drug.

Even the food matters trailer you can see it on utube say that aprox 106,000 Americans die from pharmaceutical drugs each year and these are people who are taking the drugs as directed Maybe you should be noble and direct your attention to something that’s killing people instead of helping people.

Now I know you said you only have Noble reasons for saying anything about Monavie, but like you I have never found that the case, And you said that it’s only people who want to benefit from selling the product that have anything to gain.

The great things about real life testimonies is that you can’t deny them from people
The company itself can not create them only the consumer of the product can.
And that is the truest test of a product in the market place and clearly 2 billion in cumulative sales and thousands of testimonials from people clearly speak for themselves.

According to you welshs grape juice was better for you than Monavie .
I’m not sure how long Welsh’s grape juice has been around, but I challenge you to find anyone who would have a testimony about the amazing turn around in their health they have had in drinking Welsh’s Grape Juice lets say in the last 30 years.
And I have nothing against Welsh’s Grape juice just to clear that up.

As Far as your comments regarding Multi Level Marketing goes.
You clearly do not like multi level marketing and are clearly uneducated in how it works or you wouldn’t have made such remarks as only the top 8 or 9 people will make money so it must be a scam
By the way check on the internet about the Mother Teresa Scam and the thousands of Scam’s you want with the internet today anyone can right about any product calling it a scam.
It is one of the ways companies use to market there own products and is well known in the web industry as I’m sure you are aware, because everyone likes to read about a scam
It works in Politics it sells news papers and ON THE INTERNET of course they don’t even need to be accurate in their accusations.
But the SCAM Case was already won with the Amway ruling in 1979, its actually old news and you should spend as much time researching multi level marketing as you do with your product information.
Check it out and see that even the Supreme Court supports multi level marketing as a viable and fair way to market and distribute products like any other business that’s serves customers and offers an opportunity to earn income.

In every Industry bar None all the Ceo s and high level people make all the money, or haven’t you read the New papers, on the outrageous salaries and bonuses they are awarding them selves, while they cut the work force of average people who dedicated there lives to make the company successful and then put them in the streets, so they can award themselves with more bonuses. Now That’s a Scam. Clearly the corporate way of business is your version of the proper way to do business.

Well you can see that we have opposite views and opinions and at the End of it I am still trying to decide whether you are a competitor in either the drug industry or the supplement industry who would like nothing more than Monavie to go away so you can benefit from the illness’s of people so you can try to justify and make yourself sound Noble so you can feel justified to ease you conscience.


Too Expensive
by Brian F.

I had a boss who is a Monavie distributor. I have tried the product. The product is very expensive. I was told that a person would need 2 bottles a month. The price for one bottle per month is too much money. There are other products available at a more reasonable price that will ive you the same results.

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