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Monavie Pulse Acai Juice

Watching your cholesterol? MonaVie Pulse was created with your heart in mind. Formulated with 19 fruits, including the superfruit açai, this delicious, heart healthy blend delivers powerful antioxidants to nutritionally support your cardiovascular system.


• Boasts heart healthy levels of plant sterols* to help maintain existing healthy cholesterol levels.

• Features resveratrol, which supports your cardiovascular system by helping protect healthy blood vessels.

• Delivers powerful antioxidant polyphenols to promote a healthy cardiovascular system.

• Features a wide array of essential nutrients for optimal health.

• Offers potent antioxidant protection against free radicals.

• Delivers the antioxidant capacity of approximately 13 servings of fruits and vegetables in just four ounces.

Key Ingredient

The açai berry is the crown jewel of the MonaVie blend. When properly freeze-dried, açai boasts an ORAC score higher than that of any other fruit or vegetable tested to date, based on available USDA data. It’s no wonder that for ages the indigenous cultures of the Amazon have revered açai as a source of health and vitality.

Recently, modern science has validated the remarkable health benefits of this fruit, and studies have shown açai to contain the following beneficial nutrients:

• Antioxidants
• Phytonutrients
• Essential fatty acids (Omega 3)
• Amino acids
• Vitamins and minerals
• Complex carbohydrates
• Dietary fiber
• Trace minerals

Studies have also shown that freeze-dried açai powder boasts antioxidant capacity more than 15 times higher than blueberries and more than 20 times higher than raspberries. The final MonaVie blend incorporates the flavors and benefits of the açai berry and other healthful and delicious fruits.
Product: Monavie Pulse Acai Juice
Brand: Monavie (More Products)
Size: 25 oz.
Dosage: 1-2 oz. daily
Retail: $45.00
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4 Customer Reviews

Health is more important that money!
by Laura Lipnicki

My family and I have been using Monavie Active and we are so grateful we were introduced to Monavie. My son solved his 5 year old back problem, my mother in law who is 86 years old solved her 46 year old back problem and I sleep like a baby every night and I got rid of my every other day migranes because of lack of sleep. In addition to that my tennis elbow pain is gone and I think Monavie was the magician. We don't care if get money back, we are just happy to be healthy and happy to share our experience with everybody. People are buying the product like crazy just by seeing us so healthy. Cheers!!

stay away
by jim

Mona vie is a product based pyramid scheme in which 98%+ of distributors have historically lost money according to their IDS and Newsweek. The juice is below average in nutrition. An apple has more antioxidants than 8 oz of Mona vie. The founder was involved in another MLM scheme, Royal Tonga Limu, which was shut down by the Feds, product destroyed and firm fined millions. Mona Vie is cult like and uses religion to defraud. Please reseach, educate yourself, and think critically when pitched this opportunity, even if it is introduced to you by someone you love and trust.

by krista

I am a scientist, so obviously i was skepitcal. I have been drinking the acitve and the pulse for about a month and a half. I started with a baseline cholesterol level of 202, and then reduced it to 158! I have been off and on cholesterol meds since I was 20. No more! I have also noticed that I have more energy, and sllep through the night more. Both of which are hugh when you have 10 month old twins! I love the monavie products!

Monavie pulse
by Shannon

Monavie Pulse is a product that i have been drinking for a couple months now. I see a big difference in my breathing, i would like to add that im a smoker and for some strange reason i have been smoking less since i have been drinking the product and this is my personal experience.

1 Customer Opinions

stay at home mom. wanting to sign on for husbands benifits,and money
by Vaessa Jordan

I have a great friend that has had cancer on her thyroid, now they are testing her to see if its coming back, she has started to drink Monavie, based on a trusted friend of hers that she has seen almost immediate results, he could hardly walk, due to injuries in sports, he no longer hobbles, he has tons of energy, and has started to run again, which he hasn't been able to do! She has just started drinking it herself, my husband has serious heart problems, I cannot wait for us both to be able to try it ! Vanessa Jordan