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re Psychosomatic or really works?
by al

@Randi: It contains guarana which, i believe, is on par caffeine in terms of being a stimulant.

I guess drink in place of coffee and see if its satisfies. ;) it is a only a mild effect. You can also buy pure guarana, its a brown powder.

One bottle has 20g of sugar - the same amount of orange juice has 24 (I believe)

The question is really, does it taste good? I like it.

Refreshing, but not energizing.
by Wendy B.

I recently tasted a sample of this at a local market. I thought it tasted pretty good, so I bought a few bottles. I thought it had a refreshing taste, different than any other "smoothie" drink. But, the claim of it giving you energy, didn't work for me. For a different and tasty treat, it's fine, but for energy lifting, don't plan on it.

by Mike Huang

I work out every single day, and before I do, I usually make a 100% fruit smoothie and throw in some of this Zola Acai supplement. I noticed that after using this supplement, I gain more energy. I work out about 30 minutes more each day before I get tired.

Psychosomatic or really works?
by Randi

I actually tried this for the first time at a local smoothie retailer (won't say the name for privacy.) They put it in the smoothie as a fruit supplement. While it was very tasty, which is uncommon with some supplements, I didn't feel any different after drinking it. I think they make you believe it gives you energy, and the more you believe it to be true, it will be. But I don't know if the acai is the best remedy for energy boosts. I would try ginseng or gingko biloba.

Delicious but does it work?
by Marlon

I thought this tasted delicious (much like those exotic fruit juices found at gourmet grocery stores) but I did not feel any changes in my energy level. I would prefer eating power bars instead.

Great product
by Di

I'm often skeptical of products that claim they have a new miracle fruit that will help you, but this product was a pleasant surprise! The flavor was great, and I felt energized and young again. I did a little research on acai plants, and they really do have antioxidants and calcium that are excellent for you!

by zheng

I just wanted to share what an excellent product. I just started taking them last week, and I already feel happier and have as much energy as when I was a teenager. It's an awesome product--I would recommend it to anyone.

Top Ratings for Zola Acai
by Sue

There are a lot of great products on the market that help boost your energy levels. I wanted to explore some of the newer, more exotic energy drinks and luckily discovered Zola Acai. Although the cost of the product is a little high, the concentration of antioxidants and calcium far outweighs this concern. I love the taste and the way I feel when I use this!

See It Around
by Kenna McHugh

I see a lot of people drinking this stuff around my circle of health conscious people. It really helps the body go in this fast-paced world of craziness. The cost is a little hard to swallow, but compare it to other energy-type drinks, Zola Acai is not a bad choice.

Great Energy booster!
by S

I was very impressed with Zola Acai; it' s a sweet berry drink that comes in an easy-to-carry box. I take mine to work for an after lunch boost, and it's refreshing and energizing. The natural ingredients also replenish electrolytes which are vital for energy and overall health. The calcium and iron additions are perfect for on-the-go women. This natural drink is a good choice for busy people who want a healthy way to boost their energy levels.

Great Taste.
by Sherry Ward

This product gave me energy and the taste is great. Worth the money.

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