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Fruta Vida
by Sue

This stuff is very good, but is too expensive here and in Brazil is very cheap, I know that because I am from Brazil.

To expensive
by CB

This product is too expensive. $39.95 then shipping.

Around $48 dollars for a 30oz bottle.


by Brent Carroll

Way too expensive for fruit juice. Get the Vitabase Super Fruit Formula instead. No fancy bottles but an inexpensive product with exactly the same effect.

Worth the price!
by Mikal

Forget these other reviewers that say Fruta Vida is too expensive. Its well, well worth it! It gives me that extra jolt of vitamins in the morning and keeps me healthy throughout the day.

Tasty, But Expensive
by zingerhil

I was hesitant to try Fruta Vida Acai because of the steep price, but I finally went out one day and bought it. The taste is fabulous and it allows me to feel really good about what I'm drinking. It is absolutely refreshing! I have continued to drink it, but it's a special treat due to the cost.

Great, but costly!
by Roxanne Ranelli

I have to say that if I am rating this product on it's taste, I would give it an A plus. The effects of this product are also very noticeable and quick. The downside of this product is that it is very expensive in comparison to other products. If I had more money, I would have more of this Acai product, however, I cannot afford to keep up the habit!

Great taste
by Cady

My friend swears by this drink. It is a little hard to find and it is a bit pricey, but when I tried some, I was hooked. Who would have thought that something so good could be so good for you!

Great Drink!
by Louis

I tried this drink out, heeding the advice from one of my friends. I immediately fell in love with this drink as it tasted amazing and delicious. It's definitely healthy as I supplement myself with this drink and other vitamins. The only downside is that it is pretty expensive, but it is very healthy and tastes great. I definitely recommend everyone to try out this drink!

by Gblack

This is the only kind of Acai that I have ever had. That is because the first time I had it I loved it. The only problem with it is the price.

Drank Acai in high school
by NG

I went to high school in Brazil, so I was really excited to hear the buzz over here and wanted to get my hands on some. Me and my friends used to hang out at a juice bar near our school, we had no idea it was so good for us. I liked this drink, it tasted good. Now that I know what's in it, I can enjoy it even more. Price tag a little steep, though.

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