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very good pills
by jan landreth

i felt so much better when i was taking these pills.i wish i had more.

Great Pills
by Elizabeth

I feel more energized when I take these pills, and Im very proud of myself because these pills were a start to a healthier diet! They are easy to swallow and I recommend it to anyone and everyone!

by Dotty

My doctor recommend this vitamin for pain I was having in my legs due to a colestrol medication. I took it for 6 weeks without colestrol medication and then was able to go back on it. Didn't think it would work but it sure did.

awesome vitamins
by mary mcmenamy

The best ever used. Number 1 in my home.

by Kyle

This is simply part of my daily regimen of vitamins. Too many studies out there talk about this being the heart-healthy supplement for me to disbelieve. This brand is really easy to swallow too.

it works !!
by Arvinder

My mom has heart problems and I felt bad for her. Then one day at pharmacy store I saw this product and bought it for her. She tried it and now her heart ailments have decreased. She can enjoy life as much as we do otherwise she used to be depressed because of her heart problem. It really works.

Too expensive!!
by Paul

I tried two bottles of this so in other words, 2 months. I'd like to take it but Coenzyme Q10 is so expensive. Even with the sales at Walgreen's, like buy one get one free, it's still too much to pay for a difference that I couldn't definitely notice. I wouldn't buy it again unless CoQ10 takes a big price drop.

Great Product
by toddm

I have been taking this product for 8 months. I have noticed a major difference in energy and I also feel like it strengthens my immune system. You should try this product and see for yourself.

by Alma

My father came to live with me recently because he had a lot of health problems including his heart. I bought these COQ10 along with lipoic acid to see if there was some improvement because he was taking too much medication. In six months I have seen a remarkable improvement in him . He doesn't wheeze when he climbs stairs, he is not short of breath and his blood presure has been controlled. He can also walk for longer periods without becoming tired. I have also started taking them.

Doctor Recommended
by Nikkiev

My husband started taking this after his last doctor visit for heart health and energy. Or doctor uses it himself (having had his own heart attack) and loves the extra energy and great blood results that this vitamin helps provide. My husband already feels better and doesn't seem to have that afternoon lag anymore!!!

Nature Made Co Q 10 200mg
by Paula

I have found I get the best results taking Co Q 10 before lunch. I have more energy and a 'pep in my step' since I starting this supplement 7 years ago. I used to have an extreme receding gum line, but after the first 6 months I have not had that problem anymore. I have done extensive research as it has become available on this product, and I am amazed how our body functions without it. I have witnessed heart attack patients taking this and after a year, the damage was reversed. I have everyone I know on it.

Have Been Taking it as Part of a Weight Loss Program
by Lori Ann Hull

We have never had serious weight issues however, as we have gotten older both my husband and myself have experienced "middle age spread". The CoQ10 was part of a combination to more effectively burn fat and it has worked for us over the past year.

Nature Made is thumbs up with this Family!

Improved Energy Levels
by bunni

I have had great results with this product. I began taking this to improve my energy levels and boost my immune system. I've tried another product with success; however, Nature Made brand in gel cap form was far easier to take and digest. I have noticed improved energy levels and a general feeling a well being since taking it.

Regular blood pressure
by Robert

I've been taking this for approximately two months. I usually go to the local pharmacy 2-3 times a week to take my blood pressure. It now seems to be much more stable than before, and I'm certainly feeling healthy. I also appreciate the quality of the "Nature Made" products.

A must with cholesterol-lowering medication
by Michelle T

After starting on different medications for high cholesterol, both of my parents noticed their skin feeling dry, and they were more tired and prone to injury. Our naturopathic doctor told us that lots of drugs lower the body's ability to make it's own CoQ10, and to use supplements to counteract the effects. They are now both in great shape and feeling much better.

Blood Pressure Help!
by Valerie M.

My mother started having fluctuating blood pressure and chest pains, despite her very healthy lifestyle (genetics!) and she didn't like how lethargic her heavy dose of prescription medications made her. She researched and found that CoQ10 can help, and help it did! She's back to jogging three miles a day and those chest pains have gone away. She is on a very reduced dose of her blood pressure meds just in case, but CoQ10 made it possible to reduce it!

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