f Enzymatic Therapy Garlinase 4000 320 mg Reviews and Information

Garlinase 4000 320 mg

Reap the rewards of fresh garlic...
Delivers 5,000 mcg of allicin, fresh garlic's most beneficial compound.
Unique, Patented Swiss Process ensures maximum absorption and freshness.
Enteric-coated tablets reach the small intestine, so you get garlic where you need it and avoid garlic breath.
Clinically proven to support heart health in 15 independent studies.
Contains the amount of garlic recommended by the German Commission E, with just 1 tablet daily!
Product: Garlinase 4000 320 mg
Brand: Enzymatic Therapy (More Products)
Size: 100 Tablets
Dosage: One tablet daily.
Retail: $33.50
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3 Customer Reviews

too expensive
by michelle

Garlinase is too expensive for what you get. I bought it once, but found a better brand that doesn't have that garlic smell. This does work, but I think other brands work too, so there is no need to waste your money.

Garlic: good for you
by Terra

OK, I purchased this awhile ago because of the proven wonderful health benefits of garlic... etc, etc. All that is true, but - why not just EAT garlic? It's a lot less expensive, and a lot better tasting. This product says you cannot taste or smell the garlic, but seriously - you will have garlic burps. And it's not pleasant. I would recommend the product if you 1) can stand the smell/taste 2) hate eating REAL garlic 3) lead a very busy lifestyle and don't get around to eating it. Otherwise, just go with fresh garlic! And grow it in your own garden!

Great Value
by Charisse

This is a great value. Though it may seem like $33.00 is a lot to pay, your bottle comes with so many tablets (100), that your garlic tablets will last for over three months. I found this product to be easy to swallow too.