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Odorless Garlic Concentrated 500 mg

Garlic has been consumed both as food and medicine since the time of the early Egyptians and earliest Chinese dynasties and has been used by nearly every culture in the world for general health and longevity. Most of garlic’s health benefits are derived from the more than 100 sulfur compounds it contains, which includes the most well-known garlic sulfur compound Allicin. In past 20 years, garlic has been the focus numerous clinical studies supporting cholesterol and heart health. A four-year study published in the journal Atherosclerosis, studied 152 subjects and showed beneficial effects of garlic.
Product: Odorless Garlic Concentrated 500 mg
Brand: Nature Made (More Products)
Size: 200 Tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet two times daily.
Retail: $15.79
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30 Customer Reviews

by Lashundra

Garlic is good for lots of things and this is a way to eat garlic without the garlic breath and aftertasted recommend.

by Julie

Everyone knows the benefits of having garlic in your diet but who wants garlic breathe? THis is an easy, fresh-breathe way of getting what the body needs without all the hassle. Great product. Noticeable difference

by David

My doctor suggested I take a garlic pill daily, to keep my cholesterol at acceptable levels. I have been taking this garlic pill every day for about 8 months, and I believe it helps keeps my cholesterol down. Also there is no odor and no after taste. This is the best garlic pill out there!

Great Price, Doesn't Leave You Reeking
by Todd

I love garlic, and I used to eat a lot during cold season. Coworkers have made fun of me for stinking so bad, but they get sick much more than I do. I work in a corporate office so I really can't be reeking of garlic doing day-to-day business. So, I shopped around and found Nature Made's odorless garlic to be the best value (price vs how many pills in the container). Sure enough, now I can take garlic regularly and nobody makes fun of me anymore for reeking. This is definitely the way to go to get your garlic fix.

Great Product
by Dustin

My Mom used to always get the flu almost every year. She hasn't had it in four years since she began taking these Garlic supplements. Nature Made is a high quality brand for all supplements, and she always has these on hand. Highly recommend.

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