f Puritan's Pride Gar-Tabs Garlic 100 mg Reviews and Information

Gar-Tabs Garlic 100 mg

Get the complete benefits of garlic without the offensive odor or taste with Gar-Tabs®. Garlic promotes heart and cardiovascular health and helps maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range. When raw garlic is crushed, an enzyme acts on an amino acid to produce the reactive compound allicin. Each of our 100 mg coated garlic tablets contains all the natural goodness, including virtually all the allicin, of 300 mg of fresh raw garlic.

Product: Gar-Tabs Garlic 100 mg
Brand: Puritan's Pride (More Products)
Size: 100 Coated Tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet 3-6x daily
Retail: $9.95
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5 Customer Reviews

Garlic is good for you
by George

Garlic can help boost your immune system and prepare it to get through any cold/flu season. I take Gar-Tabs every day in the winter to help me fight all those nasty germs. So far, I've been able to ward off infections even though I've been surrounded by others with colds. Plus the price is right...

Worth trying
by Paul

I just started taking this product recently. Since most multivitamins don't have the ingredient found in garlic, this seemed like a good supplement to the supplement :) The pills smell a bit like garlic and have a taste to them but they are very little pills. If you have a glass of water then the taste isn't noticeable. It's when I put the pill on my tongue and try to swallow without water that I can taste it. I'd buy this again, I don't think the deodorized is necessary.

by suzanne M

I LOVE the effect garlic can have on the body, but my sweety drives me nuts with the smell from his garlic. He dumps it on all his food, so I love the fact that I can take this and not stink from it ! I also like the fact that garlic fights many colds and other ailments.

by Shane

I prefer to take garlic over antibiotics. Whenever I notice that I am starting to come down with something I instantly start taking 1-2 tablets a day. Rarely am I ever sick. I swear by garlic and this product works as well if not better than many others on the market.

these really work well!
by trisha

I take garlic tabs as a way to help control blood pressure and cholesterol levels. At first my friends laughed at me when I said I took garlic supplements because I want to use natural products to help get my cholesterol and blood pressure lower. After 3 months I was tested and saw a noticeable improvement. My doctor asked if I was taking the cholesterol prescription he gave me and I said "no, I'm taking garlic supplements and from the readings you see it's really working for me". It also raised the "good cholesterol" levels for me.