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by Lashundra

Garlic is good for lots of things and this is a way to eat garlic without the garlic breath and aftertasted recommend.

by Julie

Everyone knows the benefits of having garlic in your diet but who wants garlic breathe? THis is an easy, fresh-breathe way of getting what the body needs without all the hassle. Great product. Noticeable difference

by David

My doctor suggested I take a garlic pill daily, to keep my cholesterol at acceptable levels. I have been taking this garlic pill every day for about 8 months, and I believe it helps keeps my cholesterol down. Also there is no odor and no after taste. This is the best garlic pill out there!

Great Price, Doesn't Leave You Reeking
by Todd

I love garlic, and I used to eat a lot during cold season. Coworkers have made fun of me for stinking so bad, but they get sick much more than I do. I work in a corporate office so I really can't be reeking of garlic doing day-to-day business. So, I shopped around and found Nature Made's odorless garlic to be the best value (price vs how many pills in the container). Sure enough, now I can take garlic regularly and nobody makes fun of me anymore for reeking. This is definitely the way to go to get your garlic fix.

Great Product
by Dustin

My Mom used to always get the flu almost every year. She hasn't had it in four years since she began taking these Garlic supplements. Nature Made is a high quality brand for all supplements, and she always has these on hand. Highly recommend.

Just Couldn't Swallow It...
by Anna Hazard

Garlic has become a dietary staple within our household, but not everyone could stand to eat the raw (or even cooked) stuff. We've tried many different variations of garlic supplements, looking for the best bang for the buck, or just taking what was available at the time. While I've tried and enjoyed other Nature Made products, I had a bit of trouble swallowing their garlic tablets and ended up preferring the garlic capsules available in other brands. (However, my father had a bit of indigestion after taking some capsules, but never had any problem with the tablets.)

Best I've tried
by Carrie

Doesn't have the aftertaste nor the lingering smell that some of the others have. I'm please to find one that I'm not afraid to take, considering the health benefits of garlic. I also trust the Nature Made brand, and have been pleased with many of their products.

The power of Garlic
by PT

My coworker kept raving to me about the power of garlic and antioxidants, so I gave it a try. I found that the product has good benefits and have been using it for 6 months now. I haven't gotten sick as much as before using it. Don't know if there is a direct correlation but I am sticking with what works.

by Annie

Garlic contains mostly sulfur in it and therefore has been said to have more "medicinal value" than anything. It has also been said that it can ward off the common cold which it has worked wonders for me. Since I've been using this I haven't had a cold in months! The tablets don't have the smell of the real garlic stuff so that's probably the best part!

Good for the heart
by Marlon

Due to my increasing cholesterol levels, my doctor recommended I take garlic pill supplements. I tried Nature Made Garlic Supplement for several weeks. The pill has no taste or odor (perfect for those who do not enjoy garlic) and does not have any effects on the stomach. Results of the following test showed that my levels of cholesterol had decreased slightly, which I can only attribute to this garlic supplement.

by Jill

After trying a brand of garlic that was not "odorless", my husband switched to this brand. Not only did it give him the nutritional benefits, but it didn't upset his wife. Great Product!

Very nice...
by herm

This is for people who don't like the taste of garlic, the best way to get all the benefits of garlic without actually having to eat it. Plus, you don't have to worry about garlic breath or smelling garlicky. I take these every day and feel like I'm doing something good for my body!

This Garlic is great!
by momof2

My doctor suggested I take a Garlic pill daily, to keep my cholesterol at acceptable levels. I started taking this Garlic pill, every day, for about 8 months and I believe it helps keeps my cholesterol down. Also there is no odor and no after taste. This is the best garlic pill out there!

Garlic Pills
by Stacy

Nature Made Odorless Garlic Concentrated 500 mg is a great garlic pill. I really felt better after a few months on this pill. It is very gentle on the stomach and has no side effects.

Garlic does great for the body!
by ambreen

There are two things that I feel garlic has really helped me with: my skin and cholesterol. I would actually really prefer to take fresh garlic, but the strong smell and taste of fresh garlic is hard to swallow. But these tablets solve that problem for me! I just take a couple a day and they pretty much have the same effect as garlic - without the strong smell and the bad breath!
I would really recommend these garlic tablets to anybody who wants some extra help with their health!

Rock on, Nature Made
by christiana

Nature made has been my number 1 brand when it comes to drugs. I saw this product at my local drug store and did not hesitate to try it because chewing raw garlic makes me sick. I bought this Nature Made Garlic and have never regretted it even for a second. It is odorless just as the name says, and it has helped me boost my immune system. You can take it 2x everyday without any side effect. Finallym I love it and it does not make my tummy feel funny after using it.

Odorless Garlic Concentrated 500 mg
by Jeff

Garlic has long been said to give people many health benefits, but I hate the taste of garlic. This product gives me all the health benefits of garlic in a tablet form that does not smell or really taste like garlic. The tablets go down easily and are very inexpensive for all the health benefits you receive.

Great Garlic Pill
by Jill S.

I have been using Nature Made garlic for years now. I have a family history of heart disease, and know the benefits that garlic has for the body. I feel confident that this will help keep my cholesterol level where it needs to be. It really is odorless. I tried other garlic pills in the past that claimed to be odorless but really were not. This is a great garlic pill.

by JJ

I have taken alot of supplements produced by Nature Made. They are a great company! Personally, I like garlic, and fresh is always better and sometimes cheaper. I would recommend trying fresh garlic when you are cooking, but this product is just like the real thing. I just prefer the real thing!

by sherry

I trust this brand with all my heart. I have used many of their other products and have always been satisfied with both quality and results. For garlic pills, I tried one other brand and it had horrible after taste and gave me a tummy ache. This brand, however, NO STOMACH PROBLEMS and they are odorless and I don't have a yucky after taste. Nature Made is number one in my book.

Great For Cholesterol
by Matt Bentley

This product is great. There are three reasons I love this:
1 - It is from a trusted brand, so I know I am getting quality product. Not something that could harm my body.
2 - It is odorless. It is pretty hard to get rid of garlic smells. Even if you brush and chew gum, the odor comes out in your sweat and perspiration
3 - Great for cholesterol. This product lowers cholesterol as much as normal cholesterol supplements like Lipitor, etc., when combined with exercise and a diet low in saturated fat.

Nice product
by Blueberry

This product is just great! I hate Garlic and hated when I was advised to eat a few raw garlic everyday. I started taking these tablets and they have worked wonders for me. I don't smell of garlic anymore and it also gives me all the benefits of Garlic. It's great!

Beats the alternative....
by Z

One time when I was getting sick, my girlfriend looked up in a home remedies book about the benefits of garlic in relation to your immune system. She thought it was a good idea to chop cloves of garlic and make me eat them raw. I'm here to tell you, these odorless garlic pills are a much better way to enjoy the healing powers of garlic! No bad aftertaste and you don't walk around smelling garlicy!

Good for Health
by hari

This is an excellent product by Nature Made. My Dad has been using this for a long time and he gives the credit to Garlic for his good health, along with exercise. I never smell any bad breath and I think it might be a good idea for me to start too.

by Caitlin

Another Great Nature made product! This garlic pill never leaves a taste. I have tried it many times and continue to use it. It is the best!

Garlic- Natures Magic
by Christy R.

My Aunt takes garlic tablets to lower her cholesterol as she has particularly high cholesterol. Diet alone wasn't solving the problem and she didn't want to go on a prescription medicine so the doctor suggested she try a garlic supplement. She tried a couple and didn't like the pills. However, this one has worked out very well. First of all the pill is small and easy to swallow, and it is odorless. It contains the doctor recommended amount of garlic. Over the past year, this pill combined with diet has really worked to lower her cholesterol and we couldn't be happier. I'd recommend it to anyone with cholesterol issues or a suspicion that they may some day have cholesterol issues.

Very good
by may

This is the best supplement out there. My father also takes this every morning without missing one. The funniest thing is that he loves garlic. He is always telling me and my brothers that garlic is good for this and for that, but no one could stand his breath. So I went out and got him odorless garlic concentrated pills. Oh man, he loves them and we all love it at the house. These are great. When I get older I am also going to buy these.

Mom's favorite
by Syb

Coming from a garlic lover's family, I can't count how many times my mother has told me you can never eat or take to much garlic. She takes these daily, and she loves them. I took them from time to time, but could really tell when I did or didn't, so as of the new year I've decided to take them daily as well.

My Father Swears By It
by Denise Grier

My father will be 70 in May and he takes a Nature's Made garlic supplement pill every morning without fail. He will be the first to tell you that taking his garlic is the secret to his great health and his stamina. He plays golf three times a week, and that's on his days off from working the farm!

by Charlie Herrin

This is one of many vitamins that I make sure is in my daily regimen. I want to make sure that I am heart healthy.

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