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Garlique is the BEST!
by Roxie J

I have read all the 32 reviews here and I don't know what a lot of these people are talking about. They say it tastes bad? It has no taste whatsoever! You're not supposed to chew the pill! You swallow it. It's an easy to swallow caplet that is coated so it goes down real easy. You cannot taste anything. I just started Garlique and before I purchased them I did my research on what the best garlic is and the importance in the amount of Allicin in garlic. So I knew that I wanted garlic that absorbed in the small intestine and not the stomach, because that is the way your body absorbs the Allicin. Garlique has the highest Allicin yield - not less than 5000 mcg. You should take these pills with your nightime snack before you go to bed, and any smell of garlic you people are talking about will be gone by morning. This is what I learned in my research on Garlic, and I found Garlique has everything I was looking for. Also I read if you smell like garlic, for a few hours after taking it, that means it's working! I am happy I found this product, I 'm sure I will be happy with it and will follow up after I've been taking it for a while.

by Diana Diaz

Since I have been taking Garlique with a combination of vit-c 1000mg, I have experienced hardly no cramps. There was a time that I would cramp in the inner thigh, toes, ankle, just about everywhere. This combination has reduced it entirely.

by DEE


by DEE


by Tammy Harrison

Works for me so far! Cholesterol is going down!

consumer reviewer
by Lynn

My boyfriend's doctor actually recommended garlic for his irregular heat beat and high cholesteral. I bought the Garlique for him and he has been taking it every day. His cholesteral was a few points lower last time he was his doc.

by joe.d

This is the best product out there for garlic supplement. It lowers cholesterol and ldl's and raises hdl's.

Social Worker
by Daisy

I have taken this product every day for the past 15 months. I have not had any serious colds or flu which was often the case for me prior to starting garlique. I work in a very stressful job which compromised my immune system and I was frequently sick. This product has worked wonders for me and I plan to continue taking it. In addition this product is better than an antibiotic for a yeast infection. None of my family members have complained that I smell of garlic.

Even if you can't smell it, others will
by Carrie

I purchased this after reading about all the benefits of garlic. I thought it left a little aftertaste, but nothing too bad. Luckily, family members told me they could smell the garlic or I wouldn't have known. If I'm going to smell like garlic anyway, I'd rather eat more of it in my food.

Some benefit
by victoria

I started my husband on this product because he had slightly high cholesterol. He used the product for a couple of months and when his cholesterol was re-tested, it went down 15 points. He did use the product in conjunction with an exercise so it is possible that also had an effect. But if you find it hard to stick to a diet, this could be a good product to try out.

by heink

Well, the one thing I like about this product is the fact that I hear such constant rave reviews about the benefits of garlic. HOWEVER, I am a fan of garlic and get it whenever I have the chance, whether it be on fries or on bread. But, if your looking for a healthier option without any taste, try out this product.

Not worth the smell
by Tom

My grandmother swears that this stuff has single-handedly made her a healthy person. Granted, my grandmother is extremely healthy, but she has one problem. She smells like garlic constantly. I dread hugs because it seems like the smell is stuck onto you.

Great minus the smell
by Ben

You have to decide if the physical health benefits of this product are worth the sometimes (not always) bad smell. The price is worth it, the benefits are worth it; but the smell from a smidgen of residue is not worth it.

by wang

I tried this product on myself. It's meant to be used warm. I think it might have felt more beneficial had I gotten it warmer than I did. The main comment I have on it is that this stuff really does smell bad. Even small residues of it are noticeably bad smelling. That being said though, I might still try it again sometime at a warmer temperature - maybe right before I plan to take a shower.

Kiss? No Thanks!
by Jill

While this product may have great health benefits, I would not recommend it because of the potent odor and taste it gives off. My husband tried this product but stopped after it made me want to stop kissing him.

Well worth It
by Alma Medina

These garlic pills were a lifesaver for me. While it is true that they don't taste that good, it is well worth this little inconvenience. I have high blood pressure and could not afford medication. I tried these pills and within a couple of weeks I was controlling my pressure. Keep up the good work.

Husband and I Say Yuck!
by Jen W.

When we found out that my husband's cholesterol was high, we looked into various natural ways to try to lower it. We bought these pills and he took them for about a week. He said that they tasted terrible and I couldn't stand the way they made his breath smell. I don't know if they would have worked on his Cholesterol, because we couldn't stand this product long enough to find out.

Bad Taste
by Stacy

Garlique 5000 mcg works about the same as other garlic pills I have tried. However, the smell and the taste is just awful! It is not worth taking this pill, look for another brand to get the health benefits of garlic.

Good, but...
by Brian R.

These Garlic pills are good for a quick intake of Garlic when you don't have time to cook something with garlic, but jeez do they have a bad flavor. It'd probably be better just to eat food with some garlic added. If that's not an option though, I guess these are an alright substitute, if you can stomach them.

I'm sure it's good for you, but...
by Katelin

This is one of a few products that my father took in an effort to lower his cholesterol. His cholesterol was very high, so he said that he would take ANYTHING if it would help him get healthier.. apparently not! The taste of garlic was so strong that he refused to continue taking it. I figured that he was just being a baby, but after giving it a try myself, I really couldn't blame him. I'm sure that the benefits outweigh the negatives here, so I wish that my father would have stuck with it. Unfortunately, he just couldn't stand it!

by Ali

I wanted to try something easier than having to use garlic in everything.
It was easier alright, but it smelled HORRIBLE and you taste it all day long. I hope they revamp this product, or this will not sell well.

Garlique 5000 mcg
by carol1560

Yuck, these make you stink. I did not know that they made me stink so bad until someone at work asked my if I was eating garlic for breakfast. I smelled someone else who was taking them and they stunk as well. I would not buy these again or tell anyone else either.

Good Product but Bad Aftertaste
by Az

I've used this product regularly for a few months now and am quite satisfied with it. I find I have more energy and am less immune to colds and such. The only downside is that there is a definite garlic aftertaste and so I generally take them in the evening, after dinner.

by sherry

My father took these and he said they worked fine and he was very pleased with this product, so I decided to try them and I just hated the after taste these left in my mouth. Granted, they are smaller pills than other brands and are easier to swallow, but the TASTE. UGH! Also, I'm not sure if anyone else experienced this, but they caused gas and made my stomach hurt. Some people like them, but for me, not my cup of tea.

Nasty aftertaste
by M Smith

This is one of the worst garlic products we have tried. Terrible taste and the smell is overwhelming when you burp. Smells worse than just sitting and eating a garlic raw. Would not recommend to anyone.

Has its benefits...
by Denise

Garlique has its benefits if you take it consistently. My parents and I have been taking this product for years. The only drawback is getting used to the garlic after taste. The best benefit I found is that Garlique has helped to reduce my high cholesterol by several points. If you can stand the garlic taste, it is worth shaving off the points on an elevated cholesterol level.

Not too pleased...
by L. T.

This product was tried by quite a few people in my family and all said they weren't too pleased. It tastes just like biting into a chunk of garlic and the smell never goes away! Everyone complained about how horrible it was and never took it long enough to see an effect on their body. Even those who love garlic hated the taste and long after taste of this pill.

Garlic to go!
by Albert

I wasn't too pleased with this product due to the taste and the smell it gave off. But you need to consider the health factors it offers and it outweighs the negatives. I recommend taking these if you're not going out. Make sure to chew gum or brush your teeth after!

Not what I'd hoped
by Amanda Rhoads

This is nasty and you can get the same benefits from natural garlic. Yes, your breath might smell but at least your not belching all day and you can always brush your teeth.

Good and bad
by Candace G.

The good thing about these are they are smaller tablets than most supplements so they are easy to swallow. The bad is the smell and taste in your mouth for the rest of the day is horrible. Garlic is good for inflamation in your body and is a necessary supplement for life. But I just couldn't take the smell or taste from this product. I have had better luck with odor free versions of garlic.

by HS

This product is OK. I didn't notice any real changes after using it. Mostly I tried this brand of garlic supplement because my grandma has been using it for years. I don't know why because it doesn't really make your breath any better and it leave a bad taste in your mouth, and if you burp it smells like garlic.

Bummed with Bad Breath
by Cyndy Dalton

I was not happy with this product. It made me belch garlic for several hours after taking it. It left a bad taste in my mouth and made my breath smell bad. I have since opted for and odorless product and I have been much happier, and so has anyone I come close to!

Not very impressed
by Nate H

I bought this product at Walmart after hearing it advertised on the radio for several weeks. I had to abandon the product after just a couple of days due to the aftertaste and burping. Two products that I have tried with very good results are the Kyolic Garlic and also Vitabase Garlic Once-Per-Day. Both of these products are pretty much undetectable on your skin or breath. At least my wife thinks so.

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