f Wakunaga Company of America Aged Garlic Extract Kyolic Hi-Pro Formula 100 300 mg Reviews and Information

Aged Garlic Extract Kyolic Hi-Pro Formula 100 300 mg

Kyolic Hi-Po Kyolic begins with organically grown garlic bulbs well balanced in nutrients. The garlic cloves undergo a unique aging process to mellow harsh and odoriferous crude compounds into stable and beneficial Aged Garlic Extract which is Guaranteed Odorless.

Kyolic contains antioxidant properties and is standardized with S-allyl cysteine (SAC), a water soluble compound characteristic of Aged Garlic Extract.
Product: Aged Garlic Extract Kyolic Hi-Pro Formula 100 300 mg
Brand: Wakunaga Company of America (More Products)
Size: 300 Capsules
Dosage: 2 capsules twice daily
Retail: $29.45
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2 Customer Reviews

Orderless & no aftertaste. Even cures earaches!
by TJ

This product is absolutely wonderful! I really hate the smell and taste of garlic but I need to intake since my family has high blood pressure issues. I have used this Aged Garlic Extract Cyolic Hi-Pro product for about 2 years and was very satisfied with it. My blood pressure stabilized greatly (want to believe taking this helped) and this product is completely odorless and has no aftertaste whatsoever. I only took 1 capsule a day but I could still feel the effect.

I even treated my daughter with her ear infection once and it helped cure it much quicker than we had seen her recover in the past! The only trouble was that the local pharmacy I got this from stopped carrying it. All in all a very good value for your money!

For a healthy heart
by Valerie M.

Kyolic garlic products are the best that I have found. I've been taking garlic for 4 years, since I was 21, because I know that blood pressure problems run in my family. I feel that this product also helps with keeping the immune system strong so getting sick isn't so easy! The best part is, no funky garlic breath :)