f Wakunaga Company of America Kyolic Reserve Aged Garlic Extract 600 mg Reviews and Information

Kyolic Reserve Aged Garlic Extract 600 mg

Supports Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Odorless Kyolic begins with time tested organic farming techniques. Organic cultivation is essential to grow naturally balanced garlic bulbs. The cloves then undergo a unique aging process to allow harsh and odoriferous compounds such as allicin to mellow into the stable and odor free compounds you take garlic for. Kyolic contains various antioxidant properties and is standardized with SAC (S-allyl cysteine), a water-soluble compound characteristic of Aged Garlic Extract. Kyolic Reserve is specially formulated for you to provide the highest level of Aged Garlic Extract available.
Product: Kyolic Reserve Aged Garlic Extract 600 mg
Brand: Wakunaga Company of America (More Products)
Size: 60 capsules
Dosage: 1+ capsules twice daily
Retail: $14.25
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10 Customer Reviews

Who needs a Dr.? - Not me.
by Kathleen

I have taken Kyolic for 30 years. First recommended by a nurse friend of mine for arthritis in my knee. I had great pain in the knee and then no more. I am 62 years old healthy as a horse, and haven't been to a Dr. in maybe 20 years. Never sick. I recommend it to all friends and family, and all of the ladies in my fitness center. I would like to find the Tablets more often when I buy it, but to often I have to settle for Capsules.That's my only complaint.I plan to take it till I'm 150 yrs. old, and suggest you do the same...

Great stuff
by Lorri

My husband and I have been taking Kyolic Garlic for years. It helps with his high blood pressure and has actually kept his readings at the normal range with his only having to take a water pill. I use it to keep my immune system at peak levels and our doctor has told me that my cholesterol had actually dropped 15 points since my last reading. The good cholesterol levels have risen 12 points and I believe it's from the benefits of using this product. I use lots of garlic in my cooking also but with Kyolic Reserve Aged Garlic Extract you don't have to ever worry about garlic breath or smelling awful when you sweat. This is a quality product and well worth the price.

good supplement
by tracey

This is a very high quality product. There was no aftertaste and it did not irritate my stomach. I did take it with food though. This is a great boost to the immune system, and has really cut down on illnesses in my family. I would take it again!

Multiple benefits
by Patty Pequeno

I started using this product recently. It was given to me by my mother who told me it would help with my high blood pressure, which I recently started experiencing. Although I don't recommend this for someone with serious hypertension, it's been helpful for me whether it's psychological or not. The taste isn't too strong. I take it with a cinnamon breakfast bread and juice in the mornings.

Good Garlic Supplement
by Anna Hazard

Garlic supplements is something that my family and I carry around with us to aid in digestion and to help fend off any germs/bacteria we might accidentally ingest with a meal. (My mother finally became a garlic convert after becoming ill during a flight to California. She held out for 1-2 days then finally gave in and bought this garlic supplement when the other over-the-counter medicines weren't working, and was feeling almost 100% better within hours.)

This particular brand can be a bit pricey and has actually caused a bit on indigestion once or twice when not taken with a sufficient amount of food/drinks. It's about middling easy to swallow (for anyone out there who has problems swallowing pills whole) and I always found it interesting how you can actually see the ground up garlic within the clear capsules.

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