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Combine With Gotu Kola
by A G

Ginkgo Biloba work very well with gotu kola for mental boosts. Ginkgo Biloba is one of the most reputable and documented herbs in the world. Combined with Gotu Kola you can maximize the cardiovascular and cognitive functioning benefits of the herb are immeasurable. I recommend this to anyone seeking mental acuity.

Just a marketing ploy
by Ryan

Just a bunch of nonsense marketing jargon. I tried this product for 1 whole semester. I cannot say that it improved my memory but at the same time, I can't say that it hurt either. I am a MBA student and memorizing is crucial. I thought I would give it a try but unfortunately it didn't improve performance. I still got A's that semester but it still took the same amount of hard work.
I would not waste money on this product.

No effect
by jen

I heard from friends that ginkgo was supposed to help with memory and as my memory sucks I went to a local vitamin store one day and just died to buy this brand because it was on sale. I took if for about a month and I noticed no effects. My memory was still as bad as ever. At least there were no bad side effects or anything though but I would not buy this product again. I feel it was a waste of money.

Didn't notice a difference
by Rachel

I used this to help with mental clarity as suggested by my doctor and I used it for 3 months and never noticed any difference in my mood, energy, or brain functions. I am doubtful I would ever use it again.

Better Memory and Concentration!
by Kate

I love this product! Lately I have been feeling very groggy around the middle of the day and have a terrible time concentrating while at work. After taking this product, that groggy feeling has almost disappeared. I truly believe that Ginkgo has made a difference in my work product.

Great product!!
by C Reardon

My husband and I have both used this product. We both have noticed a difference in our short term memory while using this. It seems that we are quite as forgeful as we were prior to using the product. There are no adverse side effects that we have noticed and we sleep better as well. We are able to "shut off" rather than have random stuff keeping us awake.

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