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by Jeri Hays

Working in the field of neurological research I can not stress enough the importance of antioxidents. The product is a great starting point. Some Ginkgo products are almost too large to swallow and can have a strange smell, but not these. They are a great size and are actually no problem to take. They help me feel more alert and seem to clear my mind. I strongly recommend them to anyone interested in improving their health.

by Cheryl Thomas

This was given to my mother (age 87) over a 6-8 month period. I did not notice any improvement in her. She has gotten worse but I think that was to be expected. She is on so much medication that I could not tell if anything that was going on was actually a side affect from Ginkgo. I have taken it myself but only took it for a month so I don't know if I was on it long enough but saw no improvements on me either.

brain booster
by ed

This supplement is perfect for those of us getting close to that middle age mark, when the memory starts to slip. I started taking it and I noticed a slight increase in my memory, and I was able to recall information a little quicker. Anything that makes the mind a little sharper is worth taking.

Can be good, but is also bad for some.
by Nichole K

Ginko has a great amount of benefits, and I'm sure you're all aware of them. It increases blood flow to your brain and extremities, increases metabolism, helps with so much more.
But did you know that it can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and headaches?
You shouldn't take it if you are taking anti-depressants (MAOI's) as it can cause an interaction.
It may increase the risk of bleeding and shouldn't be taken if you have a bleeding disorder.
Shouldn't be taken if you are pregnant, and can cause restlessness, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.
The reason I mention all the bad effects of Ginko is because I suffered a few of them. I take MAOIs, and didn't know it could cause an interaction until my Dr. told me so. I also learned about a few of the other side effects. I had some of these and when I stopped the Ginko, I stopped the side effects.
I am not sure I even acquired any of the positive effects, as I was too busy suffering the ill effects.
I would recommend this to people who would like to try it and don't have any of the problems listed in the negative list, but I wouldn't recommend it to people that do. I also wouldn't say that it works as I'm not sure if it works for everyone.

Ginkgo Biloba
by M. DeGilio

This supplement works wonders!! I did not have any side-affects. This product does the job. I noticed a difference of my mental and physcial energy right away. I was able to perform more tasks throughout the day and sleep better at night while taking this product.

Ginkgo really works!
by Jill S.

I was in the process of getting my real estate license, up late and deep in "the books". Ginkgo from Nature's Way helped me to focus more on the much needed information I was learning. My memory was sharp when it came time to take my test. It improved my concentration and helped me ace my test!

by Annie

I started taking this product two weeks before I started my finals and found that it helped me concentrate more, but it did not necessarily improve my memory. Gingko Biloba is necessary for blood flow to the brain which is what you want when you are memorizing things! This is a very good product.

Ginkgo got me on Synco
by Gabriel

I am an avid supplement user and found "Ginkgo Standardized” to be a vital part of everyday nutrition which helps to keep you alert and sharp! This supplement allows for a standard dose of ginkgo needed to have you up and about to take care of all your everyday activities!

Get your memory back.
by JH

I don't know if it was the ginkgo biloba or just a coincidence, but after taking it I remembered my girlfriend's birthday!! I really noticed a difference in my work performance, especially during really busy periods where multiple tasks are placed in front of me. My mind is much clearer while under pressure. This is a must for the professional.

Works Wonderful!
by Ellisha

I started taking this about 6 months ago when I went back to college. It really helps with memory and concentration. It helps me pay attention in class and makes me feel more alert!

by Bobbiesue

I highly recommend this. Since using this for about two months now, I have noticed (as well as others around me) that I don't forget as much as I used to. I don't like to take prescriptions much, so this helps out a whole bunch. I concentrate a lot better.

Ginkgo Standardized 60 mg
by Joan Jones

My husband and I take this product daily to keep us mentally alert and to help retain our memories. As we are both in our 50's now, we know it's better to start taking Ginkgo sooner than later. We've both noticed an increase in our ability to concentrate and our mental alertness. I like that it's standardized so you know you're getting the doseage it says is in the capsule.

Cleared Fog after Migraine
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

These were one of the first brands of Gingko Biloba I tried for myself. I don't suffer from memory issues, but I have suffered from severe, chronic migraines since age 7. My mother and I both noticed that during and right after we suffer a migraine, we get just a little "stupid". We lose our train of thought in the middle of a sentence, mispronounce words occasionally that we know well, sometimes slur one or two, get forgetful. This fog clears shortly afterwards, but it is scary and annoying. Of course we keep our doctors updated on such incidents, but migraines are different than most headaches in that they are a vascular disorder affecting the veins, arteries etc., in the head, and I believe disrupting some of the blood and oxygen flow to the brain causes some of these symtoms.

That is why I tried this gingko. I would take two, and it seemed to help me have MUCH lessened brain fog symptoms and duration if any at ALL! That is what I was hoping for. So I am pleased with it.

I have since switched to a brand I like even better, but I am happy with this one too and give it 4 stars.

by Charlie Herrin

I missed this a few times in my daily regimen of vitamins and I noticed a huge loss in my ability to concentrate. I am ADD and need all the help I can get. I don't want to take the drugs for it so I use natural products to help in that area.

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