f Melaleuca ProVex-Plus Reviews and Information


Strengthen blood vessels, maintain mental sharpness, and enhance night vision with ProVex-Plus.
Product: ProVex-Plus
Brand: Melaleuca (More Products)
Size: 60 capsules
Dosage: Take 1 capsule daily
Retail: $29.00
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4 Customer Reviews

by Velda De Cosentine

At 84 years old, my mother had fallen quite ill, lost a lot of hair, and spent a month in the hospital and 5 months later another month in the hospital. Following that, she underwent a total knee joint replacement and lost 13 inches of her colon. I put her on ProVex-Plus and Vitality Vitamins and Minerals. She recovered from all of her medical issues, regained her health, and never had so much as a cold or flu. She lived until age 97 when she died in her sleep following a normal, active day. I have no proof, but I am confident that her supplements contributed a great deal to her longevity and health.

by Julie

ProVex-Plus is a wonderful product! I found after a few months, that my energy was up and my mind worked faster and I remembered things much better! I found the price to be pretty fair, considering the benefits I received!

by christiana

My mother-in-law took the Provex version of this drug for four months without any improvement on her heart condition. One day I went into a drug store to buy her antioxidant and I saw this Provex-Plus and I bought it. Just after one week of taking it, we noticed a lot of improvement. Her cholesterol level dropped and her heart condition improved. I recommend that if you want to buy Provex, buy the Plus instead.

ty it
by SB

I saw a real difference while taking this product, especially with the elasticity of my skin! Within two months, I was sold on it. My circulation seemed to be improved as well…that’s what the manufacture claims it does. I say it worked! That was just an added bonus to me because the main reason I was taking it was to get my antioxidants. The price is competitive as well, especially if you can get the member pricing. It is about .60 a day! Worth it to me!