f Enzymatic Therapy Green Tea Elite with EGCG Reviews and Information

Green Tea Elite with EGCG

Unlike most green tea extract products, decaffeinated Green Tea Elite uses a special, patented Phytosome™ process that promotes targeted delivery to cells. The result is increased antioxidant power and 2Xthe absorbability from every UltraCap™!† Why settle for less?
Product: Green Tea Elite with EGCG
Brand: Enzymatic Therapy (More Products)
Size: 60 Ultra Caps
Dosage: 1 UltraCap™ twice daily
Retail: $9.07
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5 Customer Reviews

Okay Product, Not Worth The Cash
by Jessica Elmore

The benefits of green tea have been observed for quite a while now, recently more than ever. In a search for the perfect way to get my EGCG and antioxidant boost without having to drink eight or more cups of tea a day, I decided to shell out the money for Green Tea Elite with EGCG. The title was indeed impressive, as were its claims of super absorbency. After a month of taking these capsules, I decided that I simply cannot afford something that does not have thoroughly accepted scientific evidence of working. In passing, I asked my doctor about green tea tablets, and he said that the best approach is simply to take the maximum amount of milligrams for the minimum price. Any way you look at it, the green tea is going through your system; whether through drink, low priced capsules, or "elite" capsules using a "Phytosome" process. I switched to a more generic brand for a lower price which produces the same effects. In short, I would not recommend this specific brand. I would, however, recommend taking some sort of green tea supplement.

Green Tea
by Sandra

I found this product to be no more effective than other Green Tea products on the market. I do not think it lived up to its advertised claim of being twice as absorbent. I did however like the fact that it was caffeine free which most green tea products are not. I do not like to drink tea so a supplement is the way I always go. Quite pricey compared to other green tea supplements so I would save your money and go to another green tea supplement.

by Silvio Chiba

This item is the same as the other Green Tea supplements out there, but the only difference is the price tag of this item. I have tried this supplement and the other ones, and I can say that there is no substantial difference between this and the others. Bottom line is to just buy a cheaper Green Tea product (there are enough out there).

Pleasant Dreams
by collegegirl

This can be a little pricey for what it is, but there are a few benefits to this product that applies to caffeine-sensitive people. There are nights when people might want to pull all-nighters and there are nights when people want to sleep. For those who want green tea in their system without staying up all night, this is the product for you. Therefore this is probably better for older individuals who can't handle the caffeine, like my parents or my grandparents, but because I can and green tea doesn't affect me as it does to them because I more able to handle caffeine this isn't the product for me.

Not effective
by Kristina

This product is more talk than anything else. There is no difference between this product and many of the others. I do not find it having twice the absorbancy power as it claims. I also find that the price they have listed as their retail price is way below the sale price in the places I have been. Any way you, a fifteen day supply would set you back nine dollars and it is no more effective than the other green tea products.