f GNC Natural Brand Green Tea Extract 315 mg Reviews and Information

Natural Brand Green Tea Extract 315 mg

Green Tea Extract provides antioxidant support and may help protect cellular membranes against the injurious effects of excessive free radicals.
Green Tea extract also supplies 14% 44 mg Polyphenol catechins
Product: Natural Brand Green Tea Extract 315 mg
Brand: GNC (More Products)
Size: 90 Capsules
Dosage: 1 capsule daily
Retail: $8.99
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21 Customer Reviews

green tea extract
by unknown

I like this Dhiss product. I Used this product And Have Lost 9 pounds though I drink it after a meal and almost before I fall asleep at night.

A Good Buy
by Kyle

This product is green tea in a capsule! I've been taking this product for over a year now; I've never experienced nausea after taking it. I'm not too sure about the weight loss part but I have lost 15 pounds since last summer so maybe there's something to it . . . all I know is if I'm taking a vitamin, why not take one with a little extra to help out?

Good Price / Good Product
by Dustin

I'm a big believer in drinking Green Tea. It is loaded with cancer fighting agents along with promoting a healthy heart. I picked this supplement up from GNC a month ago and use it occasionally when I don’t have any tea available. Great replacement for the actual tea and it sells at a good price. If you haven’t been taking green tea then you should definitely give this product a try.

Great product, great price
by Ashley

I started drinking green tea about five years ago when I met my fiancé. However, about three months ago I started drinking only water. I've been using this product as my replacement, and it's wonderful. It's sold right around the corner of my house at a local GNC, so there is never a problem in finding this product. It works absolutely wonderful. The only advice I have to give is to take it after a meal because the milligrams per serving is very high. I was use to drinking green tea all throughout the day without getting sick, and the first day I took this pill I felt very nauseous. Great product! Great price! Great benefits from taking it!

Great for portion control
by James

Green tea can act as a natural appetite suppressant, which is what I have used this supplement for in the past. I usually drink green tea daily, but this is great for on-the-go. Try taking this 30 minutes before meals to naturally help with portion control. This is much safer than a lot of the mainstream diet products.

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1 Customer Opinions

GNC Green tea extract
by Gemma

I have been using this extract for 3months and don't know if i can live without it anymore. My appetite is under the best control when taking it and i have considerably lost weight and inches!!
I have tried other products with a stronger mg content but get headaches and nausea and irritability. So im forever sticking with this one!!

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