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Wonderful and Powerful Stuff
by Jeremy P

I have to say that this stuff is my second best choice. It's actually an excellent stand in for my favorite brand. My wife suggested I try this stuff during the spring of 2006 because of the extra mg. count and I was happy with the results. I liked the extra boost of energy it gave me when I should have clearly been tired from my work-out the day before. I do advise all those who have never taken a supplement like this to check with your doctor first just to be on the safe side. If you don't wish to bother your doctor for consent, I suggest you at least drink lots of water through the day. The only slightly negatives it has as far as I'm concerned is that it can REALLY have you going back and forth to the bathroom and possibly up until the next day. Besides that, I love the price and the strength when I'm in that sort of mood. Since it was first introduced to me last year I have actually bought my own as back-up.

1000mg is the way to go
by Steve

I started taking this 3 months ago and it took some time to show real results. About 3 weeks in I noticed a boost of a considerable amount of energy which helps me in my hectic life. I love what GTE has done for me and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Fade those hunger pangs
by Michelle

I initially bought these tablets to help give me a boost of energy before my workouts, but I will admit that they did not really work for that. This may be due to me already having a high caffeine lifestyle, so I am pretty insensitive to caffeine products. However, what I did find was that I was never hungry. In fact, there were times when I forgot to eat!!!
Trust me - this never happens :) So now I use these tablets when I am trying to drop a couple of pounds, to keep hunger at bay and help me to maintain a low calorie lifestyle without always having a rumbling stomach.

Love It
by zingerhil

My sister-in-law swears by this product so I decided to give it a try a few months ago. It's perfect for a boost in energy when you're always on the go. It's reasonably priced, and I have recommended it to several of my friends.

Great Product/Good Value
by SierraK

My friend who turned me on to herbs and food-based supplement several year ago (I was already into nutrition and vitamins) uses this product and loves it.
He wanted the antioxidant protection of green tea but simply could not drink enough of it to provide benefit. He doesn't care much to drink green tea, preferring black tea for drinking. The Country Life brand had the highest potency he could find so he could still get the benefits of green tea while enjoying his cups of black tea.
He says it's important when buying a green tea supplement to get one that's labeled as extract. There are cheaper green tea supplements but many are nothing more than ground tea leaves put into two-part gel capsules. Those don't provide nearly the potency of extract. At 1000 mg. of extract this product is a good value for the price.

Green Tea is GREAT
by Jennifer Stewart

Can anyone say anything bad about green tea? But by far, this product is wonderful for the price. You get 1000, yes 1000 mg in one pill. That is fabulous. I love green tea to drink, but when I am on the go and can't drink it, this pill is awesome.

Green tea extract 1000mg
by satyen

I take this daily with my breakfast & along with my regular Lipton tea..I take this daily along with my usual multivitamins...Green tea extract has lots of antioxidant & it provides lot of energy throughout the day of all the wear & tears body takes....I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to try Green Tea.

Green Tea Extract 1000 mg
by Josh

My mother started using this about a year ago when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctor recommended it for her, saying it could give her more energy, and so she used this to get through her long days. I would recommended this for anyone who likes green tea or could use a little more energy.

Very Effective
by Nicole A

I started taking these a few months ago and they work amazingly, I feel more energetic and just more healthy all around. This product offers a high potentcy of the extract and is great for me especially because I am always on the go and don't have too much time to drink the actual tea. My mom also takes this and is always raving about how much more energized she feels.

Excellent source
by Dave

I have taken this Green Tea Extract supplement for some time now and believe that it is a very effective way to get antioxidants. At $15-$20/bottle (which will last you 3+ months) it is also pretty cheap.
It has been documented that Green Tea helps detoxify your body and may prevent the onset of illness. I don't particularly like drinking green tea, so this supplement works well for me. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone, and I would recommend the 1000 mg tablets.

Worth a try
by CG

I bought this as an alternative a week ago because I ran out of the "real" tea. (According to my doctor, I have to drink tea a lot to prevent my flatulence) It works really well at suppressing appetite and increasing energy with absolutely no caffeine, ephedra, or any stimulants that I know of. It does make me wonder if I'm vitamin deficient or if it is the antioxidants in the decaffeinated green tea extract that makes this work. I recommend if you want tea but don't like caffeine or just don't like the taste.

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