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by libby

I bought this at a mall a few years ago and loved it. I really liked the pink and the fruit punch flavors the best... not a huge fan of the creams. The price is insane, which is why I had not purchased any until recently... this time I bought the beauty one, have not gotten it yet, but am excited to try it out! 5 stars on flavor, but 3 stars on price.

Honest Truth
by Edith

I told myself i would give it a chance for a month and if it worked i would sell it cause i know that alot of ppl need this sooo it worked!! and now im selling it i right off the bat noticed it with my energy although i've only lost 5 lbs so far but have lost lots of inches my clothes are loose and i have plenty of energy without being hungry and needing at least 1 nap during the day especially now that i have 2 boys i can finally do all the chores around the house and still play with my babies... i like it but like everyone else i do wish it was cheaper but hey if it works it works. you can look at the product more a :)

Seen it work first hand!
by Canon

Okay, so people complain the product is expensive. I have to disagree completely. Being that the product is concentrated 50x times more than a regular cup of green tea explains the price. Even then, you people go out and spend money on coffee, soda and tea. Four dollars here...Five dollars there. Sometimes more than once a day. With 60 pixies, this product runs at $1.33 a day. Plus you're are paying help yourself. Not kill yourself. This is aspartame and sugar free making this diabetic friendly. Your body needs 25 cups of regular green tea to get the benefits from it. This, (in one serving) is offering 50. Therefor, you get a complete override in your body's function on a daily basis! This is not a supplement. This is simply a SUBSITUTE. Flushing out all of your toxins with the first couple of drinks, first, and simultaneously filling in the wholes with all of the daily nutrition your body needs to function properly. With how concentrated GreenTeaHp is, including all of the antioxidants, trace minerals, and
poly-phenols (without the junk) get a bodily function increase of 35%. Tell me your 5-10 dollars on coffee is doing that for you today.

by sandra

So far so good. I have been using the product for 1 week now and like the taste. It seems to help with the in between cravings. But the Cost...I think it would help everyone if they would lower the price.

by Brandi M.

Being a green tea drinker, I went ahead and stopped when the guy in the mall had asked if I wanted a sample. I did buy 2 boxes, and was able to mix flavors plus received 16 additional pixies as a bonus for purchasing the 2 boxes (which wasn't really a bonus when I was told the total cost). I would give this 5 stars, but because it is ridiculously priced, I don't have it in me to do so. I love the fact I can carry around with me when not able to brew my daily kettle. My mom is supposed to drink green tea because of having MS, but doesn't like the taste of it. I had given her a pink to try and she can now stomach the taste :)

I agree
by JC

I agree with MN comments on Green Tea HP customer service staff being unprofessional. I dealt with a vendor in San Diego last summer and wanted to get a refund of my credit card billing that was billed after I discontinued service with them and I got the run around from the distributor in
San Diego and also their 800 number.

by Diane Turner

This product helps me lose the "squishiness" from drinking diet soda. It also helps me drink the required amount of water each day. I am not fond of the lingering after taste or the exorbitant price or the fact that they make you buy an entire box and won't let you mix flavors between boxes.

So far so good!
by Sara Bahermez

I have started drinking 2 pixies daily for the last 2-3 weeks and and then I started 4 daily since two days ago. It feels amazingly good to carry green tea around when your friends have soda with them!
My appetite is alot less and I do noticed extra space in my jeans! I haven't had sweets or chocolate in 3 weeks and this product definitly helps the cravings!

Great product
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by MN

WARNING! Product caused an allergic reaction. Customer Service is terrible! They charged my credit card after I cancelled my order, and have refused to issue a refund. Their Customer Service Manager is unprofessional, and refuses to respond to any of my email requests (seems they are trying to scam their way out of refunding my card for thier own fraud/mistake). Never again will I order from them!

by sharon

i was given a few pixies to try from a friend and really loved the product. she warned me they were expensive and boy was she right! i haven't had enough extra bucks to purchase a box for myself, i'd like to find some free samples so i can try for at least a week straight. if you can afford $75 bucks definite should buy the produce!

Always impressed
by Green Tea Girly

I work at green tea hp have for a long time, I honestly love the product. I even used it before my job there and have seen awesome results in health AND weight loss. It is a little steep, but if you actually break down the price by drink it's 1.25 per pixie. About the same as a 16oz soda, and it's so much better for you, especially considering you are paying for a drink equivalent to 50 cups of green tea. If you buy sobe green tea or lipton, not only is it close to the same price, but green tea hp comes in powder form. That means you get full antioxidant benefits, water can kill the egcg if left in for too long.

Some people lose a lot of weight, some don't as fast. Isn't that how all weight loss products are?

Quality product
by Warren

I have been using this off and on for about 2 years. I would use it more consistently if it was a little cheaper. Other than the price, I think it is great. I get less food cravings and am more mentally clear. I am not sure why some people say it is "loaded" with caffeine. I believe each pixie only has about 50 mg of caffeine compared to 150 mg in a cup of coffee.

Sold it in the mall
by Miranda

I could only work there for a month and half. They lie to sell the product. I could not bring myself to lie like that. You get the 'energy' from the loaded caffeine, which is terrible for your health. Many complained of not being able to sleep at night, and heart palpitations. NOBODY lost weight, unless they were working out as well... in which case you would obviously lose the weight. We would have to sell to little kids saying it was good for health. I could had to quit. I can't believe its still in the market!

Great Product!!!
by Amanda

My mom has cirrhosis and has been drinking two packs a day for over a year. This tea has caused her body cramps to go away, gives her energy and feels great on it. I have lost weight and I feel so much better. I don't feel groggy or tired at all anymore. Whether you want to lose weight or just feel better I would recommend this.

Soooo good so far.
by Kandice

I'ts been 2 weeks since I started taking it and I love it so far. I have struggled with the WORST sugar cravings forever and this has decreased them immensely. I also feel a nice energy increase. Too soon to really tell about weight loss, but I feel encouraged. Oh, and I like the tastes also.

by JLS

I love this product. When I run out, I notice an immediate difference. What it does for me is reduce my cravings of sugar. I drink 2 pixies a day. I mix each with at least 1 liter of water - anything less and it is too sweet/concentrated for me. I love the taste and it gets me to drink a lot more water per day. My favorite flavors are Pineapple Strawberry and Cherry Cream.

Only downside is the price...I wish it were more affordable!

So Far So Good
by Mrs. Curious

Just started about a week ago. I have a very tasking full time job. Before using this product and heading back to work after lunch break, I was physically and mentally checked out. I wanted my bed! This last week has completely changed my perspective of my job and this product. WOW. Clear head, tons of energy, no crash, less cravings = awesomeness. BIG two thumbs up!

by marsha

I was in hopes this product would help with weight loss and increased energy levels. I feel it has increased my energy level, however that good feeling is out weighed by the bloating and gas in my stomach.
Anyway to return the left over product?

by Annemarie Henderson

I LOVE first it sounded too good to be true and sure enough i lost the gut and feel great and taste great too

by Shahd

I love it. I'm addicted to the mocha flavor. It reduced my cravings and gave me energy. It's worth every penny. I tried the cherry mango which I liked, but the pineapple strawberry one was bitter.
I'm wondering about the taste of the peach cream new flavor? Anyone?

Great Product
by DoubleB

I've heard this product makes some people nauseated, but I really think it depends on the person and if you've eaten or not. I really like it. The flavor isn't the best, but if you buy the fruity ones then you can take the packets into their setup at the mall and trade them for flavors you like better. I honestly can't just sit and drink it, and usually mix it really well with less water and then down the whole thing. I've been really successful with it when I remember to take it consistently. Taking it twice a day I notice differences immediately. I feel more energized which I'm guessing is mostly from caffeine since it is green tea. After the first week, I do notice a difference in my weight. Maybe only a pound or two, but my body looks different. I don't know that everyone would have those results because my body does react really quickly to exercise and changes in diet, but my friends are happy with it as well.

Not for me
by Alyssa

I only used this for two days then I had to end it. I don't like the taste, and it makes me nauseated. After the second serving on the second day, I couldn't eat anything the rest of the day, and it made me WAY dizzy. I couldn't even stand up without falling over. So yeah, I guess it it took away unhealthy cravings, but that's because I didn't want to puke them back up!

by Brian Henderson

Green Tea HP is terrible and does not work! It does not suppress my appetite. It is expensive, and I have not lost 1lb. In fact, I have gained weight using Green Tea HP. My diet and exercise have stayed the same. I do not recommend this stuff to anyone.
by Dr. Nutra

Hi, I have been taking two servings of GreenTeaHP and have lost 20 pounds over 5 months. I really enjoy the GreenTeaHP 13 calorie Mocha flavor over drinking my 500 calorie latte in the morning. No brainer.

Grean Tea Hp
by Roxy

I started taking the Grean tea Hp at about, 2 weeks now. It takes away all of my unhealthy cravings and that is why I continue drinking it.I Love Green tea Hp! I have lost about 5 pounds in two weeks! I feel lighter, Happy, content, energentic . Love IT!! I know my nice and other people who have used it daily 2 times a day and they have had dramatic results. It works :)

Green Tea HP
by Tara

I drink Green Tea HP twice a day. I can't say that I've lost any weight because of it, but I definitely haven't gained any. My husband drank it for a month and lost 20 lbs! He likes how it makes him feel so he still drinks it daily and has kept off the weight.

What I like about this product is that it takes away my food cravings. In addition, I used to drink at least two cups of coffee a day and at least one soda, now I drink the tea when I am craving some caffeine or sugar and it does the trick. It gives me energy, wakes me up, and gets me going again.

I feel good when I drink this product and beleive it or not, I think it helped me quit smoking! It takes away all of my unhealthy cravings and that is why I continue drinking it. When i was kicking the habit I would drink the tea and it would help me get over my nicotine cravings. I'm not sure if it would work for others, but it's definitely worth a shot!

It works
by Dani

I started drinking the GreenTeaHP a couple of years ago, just one packet/day for the benefits. I recently gained a lot of weight and have added it to my workout routine. I noticed that before I re-started the regime, I was fluctuating between 140 and 138 pounds depending on the day. Since I started taking two packets a day, my weight loss is more noticeable and my weight stopped fluctuating.

by SEM

I starting drink GreenteaHP in the last week of September 2008 with one of my girlfriends. I was only drinking one a day for that last week and the whole month of October and I had lost 8 POUNDS, i was so happy with the results that I started drinking the two a-day like recommended and it was like 6 pounds every two weeks for the next 6 weeks and I ended up loosing 27 pounds. I have never been more happy. I had tried everything before GreenteaHP even slim fast and that stuff only upset my stomach. I now had energy to work out and my body is looking great. I only drink one a day again for the energy which is AMAZING as well and to maintain the heath benefits.. Thank you GreenteaHP you guys are great!!

Green Tea HP
by Shell

The sales person I talked with said you need to drink two/day for weight loss benefits which can get pretty pricey. I'm just using one/day to boost my energy levels but haven't noticed too much difference after just 4 days. I'm hoping more long term use will make a difference.

I've tried most of the flavors and have like them all--they are on the sweet side so be prepared for that.

by Nance

I like the regular green tea flavor. The lemon isn't bad, but the others are OK. I returned it to the kiosk I got it at for more of the original flavor pixies, and the guy didn't have a problem with switching it out for me at all. He told me when I got it I could do it, so I took him up on it.

As for weight loss, when I was drinking it more religiously, I lost about 5 pounds in 2 weeks, which is basically the water weight.... I'm about 175 lbs and 5'4", so I'm definitely overweight, and was feeling more sluggish and not exercising much. This product has helped me to feel a little more "awake" and have more energy, and I can get through my day easier without feeling like I'm dragging. I have the energy to walk around. Also, the extra pixie, making it two a day like they recommend, fills you up more and you feel less like eating so much. I munch on a granola bar now with it though, or grab a peanut butter sandwich for some protein - but this drinks down easily and has overall provided something for me, better than drinking loads of coffee. Whenever I drink more than one cup of coffee, my hypothyroid acts up and my chest hurts. When I drink more than one GreenteaHP, this does not happen, and I feel more energetic, but I feel like I'm running to the bathroom all the time.

I went off the stuff for awhile to see if there's a difference. I gained back my weight, started to feel sluggish again, and started drinking coffee. so, I'm starting to drink one pixie a day, offsetting the other pixie for more water, which is also good anyhow, and it still provides energy, and tastes decent, and I feel better than when I drink coffee.
NOTE: I did drink a pixie one time about 7PM with my dinner. Probably not the best thing to do unless you're working swing or grave shift. This stuff keeps you awake at night.... I felt like I was wide awake til about 2AM.... before I dropped hard like a rock. Felt good in AM though, but realized this is not an evening drink. Never drank it after 3 PM since then. drink in AM is best. Still will feel pretty fresh until evening. Can think better too... feels like it keeps my head clearer - and sometimes I feel like I have light cases of dementia. Not so when I'm drinking GreenTeaHP. It's weird, but I do feel like I can process information a lot better and keep a memory in my head longer. (ok, a little longer, but its better than without it.)

good for u
by lil

tastes good< makes me feel good

Green Tea Hp
by Saroshka

I've always wanted to drink tea regularly to consume its numerous benefits, but couldn't due to its bitter taste...however, now I can easily drink it with Green Tea Hp because of the different flavors that taste like juice. I also have the choice of drinking it cold rather than hot, which I prefer.

Greentea HP
by Meg

I have not been too consistant with this product each time I lose around 3 pounds I end up forgetting about it and stop using it for a while. But I know 3 other people who have used it daily 2-3 times a day and they have had dramatic results, I think it works better with people more overweight but if you are smaller just looking to lose that extra couple of pounds or that extra flab it will take a bit longer to get the results you want..
I do enjoy taking it because it is good for you and it tastes a lot better than real green tea . When I take it I feel more energetic and I actually want to go and work out! So even though I still havn't gotten to my preffered results with weight loss I still love it for my motivation and it's good for you at the same time!

I would recomend it for anyone!! My fav. flavour is the Lemon!! tastes like lemonade haha

i have not yet lost any weight
by sheree

I purchased the GreenTeaHP in the mall two weeks ago. Since then I have had one packet with water daily. My metabolism appears to be better, but I have not lost any weight in two weeks. I hope this will change soon! :-)

Good Stuff
by Stephanie

I have only been using the product for a week and a half, and I already lost 6 pounds. Well worth the cost!

5 Customer Opinions

by Jennifer Sligar

I really can't stand this product once i tried it , it tasted bad and i really don't like any other green tea products you can drink because they taste awful to me.

by michelle

Like it

Love it
by Amanda

I have been taking this twice a day for a long time instead of drinking coffee. I love that it doesn't make me crash and i save myself all the extra cal's from not drinking the creamer i love in my coffee. My new fave flavors are the pink and orange cream.

by Joan

I like the mocha flavor. The green tea original is too bitter, and the fruit punch is too sweet. I have been taking it now for almost a week, and I noticed a reduced craving for carbs and sweets.

by realist

I usually take 2 serving x a day - sometimes one - Definitely more energy (which makes my workouts better) that have lead to weight loss. Cravings for bad carbs, sweets are gone. It is expensive for a month's supply but I'd end up spending the $ elsewhere anyway!