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Cheap and effective
by HZhu

This is one of the cheapest brands of Green tea extract that I use that still have the effects of green tea. The EGCG in the green tea helps to increase metabolism and support energy, conducive to fat loss. I am using this along with essential fatty acids to help my weight loss. This product along with EFAs has helped me lose close to 20lbs. This product is all natural and is safe to use.

My Experience
by Stephen Dordan

I was given Green Tea Extract by my mom in August of last year. Originally I was interested in the energy it would help me with during the day. Certainly I did have good energy during the day however I was really thrilled of the excess fat loss. I am 40 now and love handles are a real problem and for the first time since my 20's. I have looked fit in the mid section thanks to Green Tea Extract.

Great Replacement
by Joseph

This is a wonderful replacement for drinking the actual tea. The results are the same! Great product that matches the energy. I would recommend this product to anyone that is having a difficult time trying to find their stamina.

Nice fat burner
by Cady

I never knew green tea could be such a great weight loss product! Using this supplement has helped me lose an additional pound a month, which really adds up. This delivers great results and the price isn't bad either!

Helps Metabolism
by Phil Young

I have a slow metabolism, but with the green tea pills I don't have to drink green tea, which I hate. I get the affects of it, so I can loose weight and stay healthy.

by cooldan

These have improved my metabolism greatly and have made me lose weight fairly fast! It works great and is priced great.

Really Healthy
by Eli

The Green Tea supplements provide me with energy and helps maintain my metabolism. Very good for people worried about their weight.

I would recommend it
by Kristina

My mom loves green tea products because they have so many health benefits to them. I started using them I must say that they are pretty effective. It is great for those who are concerned with their weight. I think that they are also reasonably priced.

good product
by EF

Green tea can be a great addition to the diet of those hoping to lose weight. This is a reasonably priced product and works well.

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