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by Melissa

This product works for my mother in law so I will try it too.

by Lashundra

This is the stuff right here! I gives me so much energy and it great for losing weight I will totally recommend.

by Chris Carter

I drink tea every single day I can, but I'm not always able to if I'm away. I take these with me if I travel and let me tell you, I stay just as healthy as when I drink tea on a regular basis. This extract is one of the best things you can give your body. The only thing I don't like is the price tag, it's a bit expensive to take every single day and I would not recommend that. This, as real green tea does, gives you energy to make it through the day.

He Likes It!
by Antoinette

My husband swears by this product. A health food junkie, in addition to drinking the actual "Green Tea". He takes these supplements daily and is convinced that it is a big reason why he doesn't get as sick as most people.

by Julia Adams

Green Tea Extract has helped my cholesterol go down a lot, and also that of my boyfriend's mother. We took Green Tea Extract because our doctors told us we had to either drink green tea or take a green tea pill, and since I'm not a big fan on the tea, I take the Green Tea Extract and it has helped me a lot. It also makes me feel more awake.

lost weight without dieting
by Kennedee

I have heard the many benefits of drinking green tea. I am not a tea drinker and have been taking the green tea extract for a couple of months. I feel rejuvenated and have more energy. I also started taking it before dinner and have seen quite a decrease in appetite. I have lost 7 lbs since taking the green tea extract and I am not on a diet. It has been an added benefit.

Good for your health!
by Mike

I have always heard that green tea is good for you. I tried it, but didn't care for it. Nothing against green tea, I just don't like tea in generally. I'm a water drinker. I saw this product at the store and decided to try it. I found that it does do what I've always heard! I have more energy now and feel that my overall health has improved. If you don't like tea, or are too lazy to make some, I would recommend you try this!

no more funny taste
by theepa

I have always read the importance of drinking green tea but for some reason I never liked the taste. Also, I had read in some article, that green tea extract regularities your irregular periods too. Green tea extract from Nature Sunshine was the perfect choice for me for all the good reasons.

Great Alternative to Hot Tea
by Shannon

Nature’s Sunshine is a company known for producing great products, and the Green Tea Extract only backs up that reputation. I started taking these pills about 3 months ago, and they have done wonders on my immune system. I haven’t caught any colds or basic illnesses, and I have been around a ton with my kids. Also, I get a huge boost in energy, which is really nice in the afternoon. It is a great alternative to drinking the hot tea all of the time. They are definitely a useful product.

Love These!
by Katelin

I am an avid green tea drinker. Green tea makes me feel healthy, energized and is just what I need to get me through my hectic schedule. I would love to drink a few cups each day, but I find that I really only like to drink tea in the morning. It's so convenient to just be able to keep them in my purse and take them while at work. I've been taking this green tea extract for a while now and I absolutely swear by how wonderful they make me feel. I always recommend them to everyone that I know!

Supposedly good.
by Shreyas Patel

I heard that green tea extract was good for your heart, but when I started drinking it I just got a stomach ache because of the terrible taste. I don't think it helped either, I used it for weeks yet and I had to close my nose when I did.

Really like these!
by herm

These are simplest the easiest way to get your Green Tea for the day. I love the convienence of this supplement. I'm not much of a tea drinker so to get the benefit of Green Tea, I needed another option. This is it. They are easy to swallow and much more convienent than drinking several cups of Green Tea each day.

Green Tea Extract
by Stephanie

My mother takes Green Tea Extract every morning, and she swears by its benefits. She started using Green Tea Extract at the beginning of last year as part of a new diet. She has lost 37 pounds so far, and she gives a lot of the credit to Green Tea extract. She says it helps her metabolism and has given her more energy. I personally have not used this product because I was pregnant when my mom started using it, and now while I am breastfeeding my son I just take my prenatal vitamins. However, seeing how my mother has benefited from Green Tea Extract I am planning on using it in the future.

My Friend Loves This
by Denise Grier

I have a close friend who won't go a day without taking her Green Tea Extract. She keeps trying to get me to buy some for the benefits it offers, but I have procrastinated. I'm adding it to my list right now!

Green Tea to Go
by Cynthia Martin

You can get the benefits of green tea even when you can't brew a cup. These easy to swallow capsules provide all you need for antioxidant effects and immune strengthening.

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