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by A. Rush

I don't like to drink green tea all that much. So, I decided to try the tablets. I don't feel the tablets agreed with my body, however, for those that want to take green tea and do not have the time to brew bags or mix, the tablets are perfect.

by Paul

I enjoy drinking green tea not only for taste but the well known health benefits. I take this 2-3 times a week when I don't have time to drink tea. Also, green tea has caffeine (about half the amount in coffee) so this is good because it just has the active extract. It's reasonably priced and I'd get it again.

Green tea benefits
by freda witt

I try to take care of myself and when I read all the reviews about the benefits of green tea, I decided I would give it a try. I just could not get used to the taste! I love black tea but this just didn't taste like tea to me! I was browsing through the store when I spotted the green tea tables and thought "now, I can do this!". I bought a bottle and have been taking them since. I feel good about doing something healthy for my body, especially when it's so easy. And the price is right too.

standardized Green Tea Extract 315 mg
by carol1560

Talk about energy. This kicks in about two weeks and you clean your house in an hour instead of three. These are very convenient to use. No Teabags, woo hoo.
The price is good and very easy to find. Would definitely purchase again.

The Real Deal!
by Jeremy P

I absolutely LOVE Puritan's Pride supplements! Actually, my mother was the first person I saw buying Puritan's vitamins at a local drug store over 5 years ago and I soon followed. The first week I tried the green tea, I was hooked. I noticed increased regularity and more energy. The price is definitely right and the only thing to look out for is not having enough water on hand. I like green tea, but don't always have time to brew some and this is definitely a winner, as I've been taking them on and off for years!

Powerful anti-oxidant properties for those who don't care for tea
by Noah K.

Since I'm not a huge fan of the taste of brewed green tea or green tea sports or health drinks, this is a much better choice for me in order get the benefits of it's well-known anti-oxidant effects in a capsule form. Puritan's Pride is a most dependable quality brand and this product is easy on the stomach and wallet. It helps to boost your metabolism, as well as fighting disease and reducing the damage done by carcinogens, and if you are on a restricted diet this won't add unnecessary calories found in common sweetened green tea "coolers' or sugary tea sports drinks! A must have for seekers of the benefits of green tea but who don't want the taste.

No tea? Awesome!
by suzanne M

I have stated in my other reviews how awesome I think the Puritans Pride brand is, and I love the green tea too! How cool is it that you can opt to take it in a pill form over tea? I hope to get white tea ones also one day, but I love that the antioxidant effect can be swallowed without drinking tea...I mean, unless you are a tea lover, who wants to drink that much tea every day? GREAT product!

Gotta Have Your Green Tea
by Cindy B

After all the articles and news reports on the benefits of adding green tea to your diet, I had to start taking it. I decided to go with these capsuls because my father-in-law always takes Puritan's Pride. It's easy to take and digest and from what I hear, the long-term benefits from green tea are substantial. I figure that it cannot hurt and in the long run, I am doing my body some good. Puritan's Pride has a great reputation. I like to take my supplements from a company I trust.

Green Tea review
by Samantha Feuss

I often read about green tea's benefits to the body, and I tried drinking it- but it tasted awful to me. So we switched to the extract pills, and find that we can get all of green tea's benefits without the taste of having to drink it!
Also, Puritan Pride has great delivery service and competitive prices. We use them for most of our supplemental needs.

When I can't drink the real thing, I take these
by Victoria

I am an avid consumer of green tea, and Puritan's Pride is one of my favorite brands of supplements. What a great combination for a supplement! When I take these I know I am taking a product I trust from a brand I trust.

I normally drink anywhere from 3-5 (sometimes more) of cups of green tea per day. I know some people do not enjoy the taste, but I actually like it, and drink it plain. Knowing that the antioxidants are working overtime in my body gives me a good feeling, one that I want to keep even when I am unable to drink my tea.

When I travel or am in another circumstance where I cannot have my tea, I want that same security. That's where these supplements come in handy. I carry them in my bag and take them (2 capsules for me) with a large glass of water with a snack or a meal.

On a side note, I have almost completely given up coffee and switched to green tea. I actually have more energy and I even lost 7 lbs (I wasn't trying to lose weight).

If the taste of green tea does not appeal to you, give these supplements a try. They're not bad, and Puritan's Pride is a great company. I use a lot of their products.

If You Don't Like Tea, Try These
by Melissa Martinez

If you want the healthy, antioxidant effect of green tea, you really should drink an organic tea version of it. But if you don't like tea or don't have the time to boil a kettle and wait for it to steep, this is a great way to get the health benefits of green tea. I love Puritan's Pride merchandise becauase it is always high quality and standardized.

Better than drinking it
by S. Grevious

We all know about Green Tea and how nutritious it is to our body. I couldn't deal with drinking Green Tea, because of its horrible taste. Its awful. So, I am glad that they came out with the pills. The pills aren't so bad, but they still have a nasty taste too. But, I'd rather take the pill than suffer with drinking the tea. This is a very effective product to take for your health.

Many Benefits
by Tammy Soulliere

I love green tea for its health (anti oxidative) benefits. I don't like to "flood" my body with too much liquids though. With this I can get the benefits in an easy convenient way.

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