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very good/ highly recomended
by kris

I am alot more alert and my appitite for food has increased dramatically, this product works best when taken with omega 3 fish oils. thats what i do and it puts me in a mental state where i can focuse for hours on serious subjects like homework or studying for a test with out stress or head aches. it is packed full of anti oxidants that protect your body from free radicals. it also helps out with bowel movements, definately should be considered for the elderly or people who dont eat right, or who are constipated.

Green Tea Gives Energy!
by amn

I am definitely feeling a lot more energetic since I started taking this supplement 3 months ago. It helped get me through those end of the winter doldrums and I plan to keep taking it!

by Julie

I have heard of this stuff for years and did not understand all the hoop-hooarh about it until I gave it a try. this does work like it says it will. I will use this again

Herbal perfection
by Daniel Rabinov

GREEN TEA, yea, it's that stuff your mother and her friends drink with a cookie or two. But what you might have not known is all the great benefits you can get from green tea. Ever heard of antioxidants? Same thing. Now what if you just don't have the time to down a cup of hot herbal water, well here is your solution! Now you can take this herbal heavens in a pill. Still have the same great effects, but whenever you want. I highly recommend green tea to anyone, and these pills to whoever does not have the time to sip on a cup of tea.

Green Tea is good for you
by Josh

Green tea has a lot of benefits. I like drinking green tea brewed at home (Tazo brand is good) but sometimes you don't have enough time to brew and enjoy a cup of hot tea. When you're rushing around, these green tea pills are a great supplement. It has a lot of health benefits (such as being an antioxidant and helping to prevent certain cancers) and Solaray's pills are potent and very convenient when you're on the go. I recommend this product!

Helpful product
by Natalia

Although people take it to loose weight, I started taking it as an overall health aid. Although I can't say I lost weight, within a few weeks of starting its intake, I certainly noticed that my skin was looking better and younger. A friend of mine asked me if I was using any special beauty cream. When I told her it was green tea, she started using it too, and she loves the results also.

Green Tea
by satyen

I take green tea 450mg one tablet daily for weight loss & it helps me with fatigue & helps me concentrate on my work. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to live healthy life style.

Great Alternative To The Actual Tea
by Louis

This product is a great alternative to drinking the tea. I used to drink the tea all the time. Lately, I have been too busy with work and all, so I decided to try a capsule form of the green tea product. It has given me the same effects as green tea, which include weight loss and energy boosts. I recommend this to anyone who wants to experience the great effects of green tea.

Stack it for maximum effect
by JH

During my cutting cycles, I use Solaray green tea capsules stacked with caffiene for maximum weight loss and appetite curbing. Getting ready for beach season now and I have to go pick some up very soon. Price is very good and capsule form is much, much easier to take than drinking tea.

Green Tea 450mg
by Sandra Blake

This product is helpful in the weight loss category. It helped decrease my appetite without having to drink any tea. The price is acceptable and lower than most Green Tea pill products which makes it an acceptable supplement to try.

Green Tea
by Rashmi R

To me Green tea has not been as helpful as expected. Compared to what I heard about it the results were not much satisfactory. I take it as dietary supplement at least 3 times a day but it hasn’t reduced or has had much effect on my eating habits nor did I lose any weight. I have been taking this for the past 7 weeks but will give it a try for few more weeks. One thing to note that that this product is definitely not for those under 18. Even though its available over the counter I will recommend consulting your doctor before use.

Green Tea 450 mg
by Khalilah Murarsheed

I take the green tea 450 mg on a daily basis. Green Tea 450 mg has helped me lose weight. Green Tea 450 mg
helps me to relax more often. Green Tea 450 mg cleanses out my body from bad toxins.

by Julia

I really like this product. Green tea helps you lose weight and cleans your body, and since I hate the taste of tea, I get all of these fabulous things by the capsule. And plus, it is a lot easier than drinking a cup of tea. I can bring them with me, and take them during the day whenever I feel like I need one. This is a very good, highly recommended product.

helped me loose weight
by Kelly Morris

People had told me that green tea helps you loose weight, but I don't really like the taste of it. Getting it in a capsule was good for me. I've heard it's supposed to speed up your metabolism, which I can't say for sure if it did, but it seemed to decrease my appetite. I still watched what I ate, but the green tea, I think, is what helped me be so successful on my diet.

Calm and Alert
by Danica

Green tea extract promotes relaxation. There is research that supports this idea; says that green tea extract will enhance alpha brain waves, which support a feeling of calm and alertness. I have felt good taking this product; calmer and energized at once. It does not cure all anxiety or fatigue, but a good start.

Green Tea for Energy and Weight Control
by Janet Higdon

This product is a great anti-oxidant and will give you an energy boost. It is also great for helping you with weight control by helping to control your cravings.

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