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Great while exercising
by Robert

My middle-aged uncle takes this stuff for a couple weeks at a time while he works out, and swears that it helps him shed weight and feel more energized. He looked noticeably thinner and healthy when I saw him.

love tea
by frank

I tried it. It was not very effective at the beginning, but I feel better and better fit, as far as weight, cholesterol, appetite are concerned. However, is it better than other green tea products? I am not sure.

Convenient way to take great antioxidant
by Barb Fleming

I do drink green tea as well. I love organic green tea the most, but wanting the antioxidants in my system, I do take these capsules every other day. I don't drink green tea daily, so this is such a convenient and easy way to maintain overall wellbeing and balance of one's system.

60 Capsules by Vitabase
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  • Powerful antioxidants
  • Aids the metabolism and energy levels
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Help with weight loss
by Jeff

While nothing can take the place of exercise and a proper low-fat diet, I've found that taking green tea supplements gives a noticable, added boost to my weight loss efforts. I take green tea supplements daily and it seems to give a slight edge to my exercise routine. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like it also gives me a slight energy boost which helps me work out longer.

excellent supplement
by Jennifer

I love taking this supplement. I started taking it about a year ago to help with weight loss. I've tried dieting efforts both with and without green tea, and I honestly think this helped me lose weight faster. Only after I started taking it did I realize that the antioxidants in green tea also helps protect you from cancer and can help lower your cholesterol. My mom is now taking this product as well for her cholesterol, because she doesn't like the taste of drinking green tea. There's no unpleasant taste with this pill, they're easy to swallow, and the price is nice. The only side effect I've found is the caffeine. If I take one of these pills on an empty stomach, it can make me a bit jittery and a little sick. Just make sure to take it with a snack or around mealtimes!

Green tea
by Brian

I don’t much care for actual green tea, but I still want its health benefits in my diet. While it’s a wonderful antioxidant, I’ve also found it good for digestion, depression, headaches, and detoxifying. Green Tea Extract is made via a natural process and packs the benefits of multiple cups into one capsule.

perfect pill
by Ricardo Gutierrez

I generally drink green tea because of its wonderful taste. There are also lots of benefits and scientific data that suggest it helps against cancer, infection, cardiovascular disease, etc. Carrying a pill, I am able to get the benefits and take it on my way to work or school. One negative thing though, is that since it has caffeine, I stay up late on some nights.

For good health.
by babu

Green tea is a good source to improve immune system and to keep up good health. I am a regular user of Green tea supplement, and I found this to be very useful. These capsules are very easy to swallow and digest. In addition to that, my doctor said that Green tea supplement will help in controlling cholesterol level.

green tea extract
by Barbara

My husband is diabetic and has high cholestorol. Its important for him to keep his weight down but tho he is careful with his diet that was very difficult. Since taking
green tea extract his weight is under contol and his cholestorol levels are in the normal range. We are really pleased .

Great for YOU
by ambreen

Recently Green Tea has been all over the news for being one of the best herbs on the market. Its benefits are widespread and definitely something for everyone to look into!
Now if you are like me and not really into drinking green tea, these capsules are perfect! Just take one capsule a day and you have just the right amount to really help yourself. My main reason for taking these are to raise my metabolism. And so far I believe it has worked. Of course, I wouldn't mind the other effects either, like lower cholesterol and better digestion!

Green Tea is awesome.
by Jessica

I love green tea, whether it be in a hot cup or in a capsule. But with green tea being in a capsule, it's quick, efficient and easy to get all the benefits in such a short about of time. When I'm on the go, I just take a glass of water with this and am on my way. Great value, great effects, great product.

green tea
by lala5

Scientist have long been talking about the benefits of green tea and I myself have been taking this for a long time. I feel like it really makes a difference for me. The price of a bottle is really reasonable as well.

Opportuni-'tea' of Benefits for Every Body!
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I think these are awesome.

I am 'addicted' to antioxidants for all their numerous benefits from health, even to antiaging and beauty!

When I first tried actual green tea years ago, I hated it, until I found Lipton Berry Green Tea, which I drink every day now and LOVE.

But there are only so many cups of green tea a person can drink in a day and only so many antioxidant foods and drinks they can consume, so I always try to be sure I have green tea in a supplement as well, for extra punch.

I was THRILLED when I read research studies that PROVED green tea supplements such as these DO have the benefits, just as the actual tea does! This is wonderful news for all of us and especially anyone who doesn't like green tea at all. They can still get it in supplements like these. The price of this product is very reasonable also, which is another thing I like about them.

Another PLUS to these, is that just recently, a news report came out with studies showing that people who add milk or cream to their teas (green tea, black tea etc.) greatly reduce or even eliminate the health benefits to their cardiovascular, heart and maybe even in preventing things like cancer, because the caseins in the milk decrease the teas catechins!

Fortunately, my green tea berry is yummy enough without milk, but NOW there are even more people who will have a great safety net to fall back on, thanks to supplements like these!

I urge everyone to take advantage of green tea supplements.

Green tea extract is great
by L. Jones

I've used this to help me lose weight and I've lost 5 lbs so far. I also like green tea for boosting my immune system with anti oxidents and improving my overall health. I don't care for the taste of green tea so this is a great alternative. I'd recommend it not only for weight loss but for overall health.

Detox Benefits Galore!
by Anthony

When my wife turned me on to the world of antioxidants, I read that green tea is one of the ultimates. I dropped my morning coffee routine and was able to transition easily to this much healthier energy booster. Plus, it's great to know that in one pill I am gaining energy as well as improving my metabolism and cleaning impurities. Coffee is so acidic that it just eats you apart.

I love my green tea
by Adam Paul

I drink green tea all the time because I love the way it makes me feel. Unfortunately, when I travel I can't always enjoy a cup. This is where this comes in, same good effects, one little pill.

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