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Surprising Weight Loss
by Adam

I do not know if it was directly related to this product, but it seems like the Green Tea has increased my metabolism enough that with a balanced diet and exercise, I have trimmed some fat over the last month without even trying.

I didn't realize it until my pants started to become baggy and when I hit the scale I had dropped about 5 lbs. Again, the only change was the addition of Green Tea Extract into my supplement regime.

In regards to VS products, I've used Vitamin Shoppe brand supplements and supplements for several years and have always been pleased with their quality and prices.

I feel like I'm breathing in fresh air!
by Sean

This green tea extract is a great antioxidant. I feel much more refreshed these days. I haven't changed anything in my diet or my normal exercise routines since trying this, but I've lost several more pounds than I expected to lose lately. Maybe I shouldn't attribute this to Green Tea Extract, but I don't know what else to attribute it to. Great product.

this did the job
by Eileen saavedra

I use this product religiously. Being a high school educator I need all the energy i can get. I love feeling fully energized in the morning because I am not really a morning person. After feeling myself extremely drowsy at work I went online and looked for a quick "perk me up". I then ran into these pills. They took about a day or two to begin feeling the effects of it. After I found myself feeling entirely different and full of energy. Definitely recommended

by William

Green Tea is often known for its incredible anti-oxidation properties, but that is not all it can be used for. I have supplemented with this Green Tea extract from the Vitamin Shoppe and have actually lost several pounds of visceral fat. The Green Tea, in conjunction with diet and exercise, will help shed that spare tire. I did not like how it would sometimes raise my internal body temperature and make me sweat during work, but the physical transformation is nothing short of amazing.

by sindy

I have been taking this for a few days now, and I have only gotten sick when I took the pill with out food first. Other than that all is well. I hope the weight loss part of it pans out as well.

Green Tea the easy way!
by Christi

For the longest time I sat around at work and listened to my friends excitedly talk about the wonderful benefits of green tea. I saw my friends losing weight, feeling better, having energy and enjoying themselves in a more relaxed way. They all said it was the green tea so I thought I would give it a try--after all I like tea. Well I found out I like regular and I never could develop a taste for green tea but I wanted the benefits I saw my friends getting from drinking it. One day while I was shopping at the Vitamin Shoppe I saw the Green Tea Pills and decided to give them a try. They were wonderful. The price was great, there was no bad flavor, and I could take them with me everywhere I went. I know feel more energetic and have noticed a small weight loss. I don't know if I am getting any antioxidant benefits or not but when I have energy, look better and feel better I look younger. I highly recommend this product for anyone that doesn't like to drink green tea.

Love it!
by Janet

Everytime I visit my Japanese sister in law, she would made me a cup of hot green tea. I love it a lot. She would send me boxes of grean tea and also got me the green tea extract in a bottle. I take the green tea extract when I am at work. It definitely increases my energy level. I'd rather have tea than coffee to make me feel more refreshed.

Tea in pill form
by Jaime

I love green tea and usually drink at least three cups a day, but sometimes I'm just not able to get to a teapot. This product offers the same benefits, but is easily portable and very simple to take. If you're looking for a simple way to increase your energy, shed a few pounds and take in more antioxidants, look no further than this.

Just a pill a day
by Mike Huang

Just taking these Green Tea Extract pills makes me feel more energy throughout my busy life schedule. I used to go to Starbuck's coffee to buy a Green Tea Frap, but that just added on to my problems and weight control. With these pills, I was able to maintain and lose my weight. It also gave me the energy I need.

Quick results
by Cydney

I've been taking this Green Tea Extract for three months and have noticed a few changes. First is the three pounds I've managed to shed plus my blood pressure is better.

Great Product
by Valorie Joy

I have known the benefits of green tea for years and drink it as often as I can. But to take it on a daily basis, I looked into capsule form. I always end up at the Vitamin Shoppe as they have good prices and the quality that I can trust they have.

Green Tea
by carolyn

This item is a delicious source of energy. It's just like green tea in a cup, but is so much better than that. Whenever I am busy doing work or whatever, it's not like I have a tea pot on hand. This is much easier.

Very Nice!
by Ellisha

I had always heard how good green tea was for a person so I decided to try this product. It made me feel healthy and refreshed and even made me lose a few pounds!

Unexpected Surprise
by mar100

I started taking this Green Tea to help with my overall energy, and concern for fighting free radicals. To my surprise, I started to lose weight. I know many diet aids out there have Green Tea in it, but I thought it was a gimmick.

I guess the diet aids have other herbs and stuff in it, but in my opinion - it's all about the Green Tea. It really does increase your metabolism and burn fat.

Loved the Green tea extract
by Laura Jones

I take Vitamin Shoppe's Green Tea extract to help me keep my weight down, while using something that adds antioxidants to my diet. I don't care much for drinking green tea and I know it's very good for you. I also like Vitamin Shoppe's brands as they are quality and a reasonable price.

Give it a try
by startnout

Green Tea extract is one of the main ingredients in multiple brands of fatburners, normally due to the energizing effects without the jitters. That's why I picked it up individually. I felt different while on it in comparison to straight caffeine. It made me feel healthier. It was probably the anti-oxidant effects. I continue supplementing with this product and still feel great. Give it a try, you'll like it.

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green tea extract
by heather

I have been using this product since I started 2 internet based businesses, I have much more energy and have lost a few lbs as well, I dont seem to have a big appetite anymore neither-love em!