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Tibetan Goji

You might be wondering why someone would ever want to drink something with a name like Tibetan Goji Juice. If you are then your in good company. Most people have never even heard of the fruit, and even less have had the opportunity to drink juice. The goji berry contains powerful antioxidants that are believed to slow the aging process, strengthen the immune system and the heart. Goji has also been used by the Chinese for thousands of years and has demonstrated the following effects:

Antiarthritic Anti-aging Enhances immune system Gastrointenstinal problems Supports cardiovascular health Anti-inflammatory

Goji contains 18 amino acids including the 8 essential amino acids. Contain 21 trace minerals including zinc, iron, calcium, selenium and phosphorus. Rich in caretenoids. Contain 500 times the vitamin C ,by weight than oranges. Contain vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12. Contain polysaccharides which fortify the immune system.

The Goji fruit is then processed using the Cryoflux Technology which is an exclusive method developed by Dr. Tim in order to protect the natural bio-activity and nutrients in the juice. The process also helps in converting the Goji berries into a tasty, healthy drink. His Goji juice is not only the most potent around, it contains all the nutrients and retains the flavorful taste of the berries.
Product: Tibetan Goji
Brand: Brazil Botanicals (More Products)
Size: 32 oz.
Dosage: Use as needed
Retail: $12.95
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