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Weird Taste
by Joseph Thomas

I love this stuff. It is really healthy and I enjoy drinking it. The only downfall for me is that after a few minutes I get this weird aftertaste in my mouth. I've been using this for the past month. I really enjoy the taste, it's just the after taste is a little gross.

Its really GOOD for you!!
by Kyle

I was skeptical at first about trying Xango Juice. I saw a decrease in my blood pressure in the first month of use. I also noticed an increase in my energy. The only problem for me was to keep up with the cost. If you have the money to spend, it is well worth the health benefits that you receive in return.

by Michael Xiong

A few months ago, I started getting sick very often, and one of my close friends recommended Mango Xan. She said that it was a supplement to your diet, and claimed that it made her feel better. I gave it a try, and to my surprise, the product actually worked! A week after I started taking it, I noticed a signficant improvement in my health, and was able to once again resume my daily exercise routine. Perhaps it was just good timing and coincidental that Mango Xan seemed so effective, but I can't help believing that the juice gave my immune system the extra jolt that it needed to go into high gear, and ultimately defeat whatever virus of bacteria I had in my system.

Not Sold on this Product
by Ryan

I'm definitely not sold on this product, which I have been using for three months now. I stopped taking multi-vitamins, and started to drink Mango Xan everyday for the past three months. I have to say that I am not very impressed. I thought I would have more stamina for the gym, and just feel more healthy all around, but I haven't. I'm going to stick with the multi-vitamins instead of paying outrageous prices for this.

by CN

I was a little hesitant to try this, but I really liked the taste of it. Unlike some of the other juice products which are too sweet for my taste, this juice has a tangy spark to it. It is an enjoyable and healthy drink. This is my personal favorite of the Pure Fruit Technologies selections. It is much more expensive than a traditional juice, so I have to make sure the family doesn't drink more than they should each day.

Tastes good
by extrawork

I bought a bottle of this on a whim, more because I wanted to try something new and that would taste good, but also just to see what it was like. It did taste very good - I diluted it with apple juice and the flavor was still potent enough. I didn't notice any major difference in the way I felt, any more than typical day-to-day differences. I wouldn't buy it again for energy or nutrition, but would for the flavor to add to an otherwise mundane drink or smoothie.

by startNout

This product was a fantastic change of pace for me. I'm not much of a fruit person, but Mango-xan was interesting to say the least. It was neat to see small slivers of fruit (pulp) inside.

I received a free sample of this (and three other types) from Pure Fruit Technologies. I took it post-exercise and it was very refreshing and boosted my recovery time. I have not tried other brands or anything else of this type.

For free samples go to the offer is still active as of Feb. 10, 2007.

The Mango-xan was the best tasting of all of them.

Delicious Fruit
by Marlon

I have tried fresh Mangosteen on several occasions before, and can admit that no other fruit is quite like it. Quite aware of the fruit's health benefits, I eagerly ordered Mango Xan from an online health store. The juice itself captures the essence of the exotic fruit, and I feel that my energy level has slightly increased as I have taken the juice. One shot of Mango Xan a day is a small (and delicious) step to take towards better health.

Tastes Great, But...
by Erik

The taste really is good, but I guess I was expecting more, as far as results go. I guess not everything was meant to have significant benefit to it. I would consider, perhaps, purchasing this just for its good taste and trivial, traditional values, but the cost is a bit of a repellent.

Not too bad!
by JJ

This product taste really good. I bet if you bought a bottle and took a sip every day, you would feel better, because I did! I would drink about 2 oz. every day and I had more energy and I didn't feel as hungry as I usually do. I would buy it all the time if I had money. I do recommend this!

The best of the Berries!
by mar100

I've tried Noni, Gogi, Acai - all in juice form.
I've only tried this brand of Mangosteen. It's made in a pure way, which is important to me. Why buy a health-orientated juice that has additives. The taste is just a smidge tart, but so is lemonade. Health benefit-wise, it gives me energy and an overall feeling of well-being. I do recommend it. It's a little pricey, but a cup of coffee at Starbucks costs a lot more.

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