f Natures Bounty Natural Melatonin 3 mg Reviews and Information

Natural Melatonin 3 mg

Melatonin nutritionally supports sound sleep. This product offers three milligram of Melatonin per tablet.
Product: Natural Melatonin 3 mg
Brand: Natures Bounty (More Products)
Size: 240 Tablets
Dosage: One tablet at bedtime
Retail: $14.19
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4 Customer Reviews

Waking Up Right On Time
by Survivor

After suffering from "early waking," a symptom from depression, for over a year with no luck from any prescription medicine, a holistic doctor suggested I try Melatonin.

At first, my sleeping was 10x worse. I had trouble staying asleep at night, I would wake up multiple times throughout the night, and I was still waking up earlier than my alarm clock. I'm sure it's just your body getting used to it, but I sincerely recommend starting this only if you have a while off of work or school.

After what I think was a little longer than a week (similar to what another reviewer said), I started noticing I was feeling sleepy around 9-10PM instead of 2 in the morning. Sometimes it's just like you hear people say--things get worse before they get better!

However, I think it's important for people to know that this medicine isn't a sleep-aid, per se, but a medicine to help your brain regulate your sleep. That is why it takes a little while before it goes into effect--because it is NOT a medicine you use for immediate sleep...it's a medicine you need to use over a period of time so that eventually, your brain will say, "Oh it's time to go to bed now!" instead of going on like a broken record.

The other thing that I should mention is that if you want this medicine to work, YOU have to work with it. It's not like Lunesta where you can be dependent on it to drive you to sleep; you have to continuously take the medicine until you begin to feel sleepy at a certain time every night. Try to take it at the SAME TIME every night. That's how the medicine works to regulate your sleep cycle!

I've successfully been able to cut down on this medicine without any side effects, and have been able to up the dosage whenever I've had periods where I got my sleep schedule off-track.

If you're skeptical, just know that melatonin (or a form of it) is a hormone found naturally in your body anyhow, and that sometimes it just takes a push to get your body back on track.

Melatonin 3mg by Natures Bounty
by VitaBen

My wife and I were looking for a sleep aid. We had tried several PM formulas from different companies, and didn't feel the quality of sleep was great. We switched to Nature's Bounty and were impressed. It took about a week before the effects became evident but we wouldn't change for the world.

I don't recommend taking Melatonin in any higher dosage than the 3 mg. It can cause stomach aches and it left us a little "hung over" in the morning. We also try and cycle off of it every couple of weeks to prevent any kind of psychological dependence.

Best Sleep
by Rebecca Haywood

I have used this product for many years,and always have been satisfied with the results.I recommend it to anyone who has problems sleeping.As with any product ,consult with your pharmacist or doctor first,before taking .

Melatonin 3mg
by Natures Bounty

This product is help to make you drowsy, and when it does do not delay and lay down in your preferred sleeping environment, ie; with TV or not, fan, etc. If I delay, the sleepy factor will diminish and renders the dosage useless. Also, I have found that it loses it's purpose if taken for longer periods of time. Works well to less the severity of anxiety also.