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if you time it right
by Kate

My doctor advised me to take .5mg of Melatonin- they don't make .5mg so I took half of the 1mg pill at 4pm every day. It got my sleeping back on track (I was going to sleep at 5am most 'nights'). I would lay down around midnight and fall right to sleep. It worked like a charm. Sometimes I forget to take it at 4pm and then I have to take 1mg about an hour before I need to be in bed. Don't expect it to keep you asleep though if you are prone to waking up in the middle of the night. It only helped me fall asleep, not stay asleep.

Definitely worth a try
by Drew M

For anyone experience mild trouble falling or staying asleep I would highly recommend trying the 1mg dosage of Melatonin. It interrupted a long streak of troubled sleep I was having, and it also works for my mom, brother and girlfriend. There are no negative side effects from what I've seen and I am now a loyal user of their 5mg version.

Wonder Drug!!!!
by Jennifer Tyler

I was introduced to this product by my mother. After having two children and the daily stresses of life, I am always tired. But when it came time for bed, I could never fall asleep. All I could do was think about what was on my agenda for the next day. Then when I would finally get to sleep, I never felt rested in the mornings. But after taking melotonin for approximately a week, I never felt better. It's like a wonder drug. My mother has a fit if she runs out. That's how good it is.

by andy

I purchase these for my mother who has been using it for the last year at night with great results. A very effective product at a nice price.

Didn't work for me
by trisha

I tried melatonin as I read it helps people fall asleep better and wake up rested. But, when I tried it I still had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I don't want to take prescription products or other sleeping aids. So, since your brain naturally produces melatonin I thought this would be perfect as a supplement. It just didn't make me fall asleep easily or to stay asleep once I finally did sleep.

Works like a 'dream.'
by Jessica

I have very irregular sleep patterns and if it was up to my body, it would go to sleep at 6 a.m. one morning and then 3 p.m. the next day. I tried this product and found that it regulated my sleeping hours into something more normal and balanced for my lifestyle. Unlike regular OTC sleeping pills, this doesn't leave me groggy and sleepy-eyed the next morning,. It doesn't take 4-6 hours to work like some other pills I've tried. It also lets me be more productive in the day, since I'm not fighting the pill's sleep effects after waking.

Good nights rest
by will

This melatonin is the best way to cure the occasional insomnia that might plague you. I take 1 about an hour and 1/2 before bedtime, and coupled with a light snack it does the trick. Very competitively priced with the right dosage per pill which isn't always the case.

by Traci Anderson

I suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for nearly five years. Ironically, despite the name of the condition, I always seemed to have a hard time getting a good night's sleep when I had the condition. I tried Melatonin after it was recommended by a friend. I slept well, and didn't feel the after affects in the morning. I typically have a strong reaction to OTC sleep aids, so I was very pleased with the results.

Can finally sleep
by Mindy

I had been having trouble winding down before going to sleep. I would lay down and thoughts would just go racing through my head. Melatonin 1 mg helped me to relax and enjoy a good night's sleep.

A Good Nights Rest
by Glenda

I'm not one to take prescription drugs. I had heard about Melatonin and purchased a bottle. Have been pleased with results allowing me to enjoy a restful sleep with no side effects. This product is safe to use and a more natural way of getting the rest you need.

Start to sleep better
by Rachel

When I was having problems slowing my brain down enough to sleep, my doctor recommended Melatonin. I bought the Natrol 1mg Melatonin from a local health food store, and used the 1 mg size to slowly build up to my doctor's recommended 3 mg. It was wonderful to start getting to sleep easier, AND to get better quality of sleep - I'm not waking up as often in the night.

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