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a question
by rivka

I have bought melatonine by your company and when I put it in my mouth it melts before I even have time to take the water with it. the expiring date is 2015, but is there a possibility that it has cought dumpness, or is that the way it should be?
please your answer, I want to be sure that I am takin it right.

Amount of dextrose in Melatonin
by Pamela

Does anyone know how much dextrose there is in Puritan's Pride Melatonin (3mg)? My adult disabled son is now a type 2 diabetic and I am having a difficult time getting his sugar level all the way down to below 140. It is running about 180 (average). I am wondering if it is the melatonin (dextrose in the melatonin) that could be the cause. I really don't want to take him off of it, but I will if it is causing him problems.

by James

The best melatonin I have tried. Really makes me drowsy and sleep very well.

a good night's sleep
by Rebecca

I have always had trouble falling asleep even when I'm super tired. This product works perfect for me. I take a pill 15 mins. before going to bed, start my bedtime ritual and by the time I lay down I am usually fast asleep within a couple of minutes. I choose Puritan Pride because I am never dissapointed by their products and Puritan Pride's Melatonin has worked for me since day 1.

works as expected
by tinkerboooo

Nice stuff, although I am kinda confused on what the recommended dosage is, since, it comes in many different dosage amounts. I stuck with the 3 mg. size and it calms me great, so must be my dosage.

Sleep easy
by Rachel

I have busy days with 3 active daughters. After their bedtime, my mind is still racing with thoughts of what to do next. Melatonin has helped me to get to sleep, and then get a better quality of sleep. The Melatonin from Puritan's Pride has worked very well - 3 mg is the perfect dose for me, and their prices are fabulous!

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