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by Nicole

FINALLY!!!!!! Help at last! No more drug induced sleepy nights. This product is amazing. I highly recommend it. I started with the 5mg and have never slept better.

Thank you, NL

Doesn't work for me
by Loveit9050

In fact, it just keeps me up. It is supposed to help you sleep better. I tried it 4 times and it just made me look at the ceiling instead of sleeping. I was really disappointed with it.

Works great after a week
by Barb Fleming

I only extend this a 4 as I have only graduated to the 5 mg dosage from the 3 mg dosage for a week now, Puritan's Pride is a reliable and trusted company. Safe products that usually help if possible, it has decreased the "wind down" time to some degree with the higher dosage. So I am very much liking this dosage of Melatonin. After 5 yrs of Melatonin, would not be without it

by Anne

At last! Something natural that actually works to make me relax enough to doze off to sleep and sleep for about 6 hours before waking. I tried other products made to induce sleep and I didn't like the way they made me groggy the next day. I liked the way I felt alert and well rested when I got out of bed. The price is right too for a quality product. I make sure to never run out of these.

Did not have an effect on me
by Joyce

OK, I must confess that I have a very difficult time getting my brain to shut up and slow down at night. I consulted with my homeopath and she suggested melatonin. I tried it and saw no difference whatsoever. I love this brand in general, so this was really an isolated thing for me. Maybe if you are very highly strung, like me, then it isn't very effective. Maybe I just need someone to shoot me with a dart every on wild kingdom. Now, my husband took some Melatonin with me, and he was out like a light. He got very sleepy within the hour and HAD to go to bed. He has a calm personality.

by Todd Dordan

Actually I really had good results with my sleep with this product. My mind usually races though the night and I am in and out of sleep. Slept soundly through the night. The only thing I did not like was that there were not enough pill in the bottle.

Get some some natural sleep
by Melissa

This works pretty well at the 5mg dose for helping assist in falling asleep. It relaxed me enough to drift off to sleep but I still found myself waking with in a few hours. It seems not to have a long lasting effect.

Melatonin 5 mg
by carol1560

This is the greatest. I am a shift worker always rolling from days to nights and nights to days. Often I find my sleeping clock a little messed up. This will instantly put you to sleep and you get good quality sleep. I have not stopped taking these for at least three years. And there is no groggy hangover feeling like sleeping pills.

Sweet Dreams!
by Tammy Soulliere

My biological time clock was a mess I was having trouble getting a proper nights rest. Being a natural remedy freak I thought I would give it a go. I was amazed how it put me into a state of relaxation as I drifted into sleep! Great Stuff!

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