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by William

I was having trouble sleeping so I decided to buy something that would help put me into a slumber. The melatonin was my first choice because I did not want to become dependent on anything over the counter. The melatonin helps alter your sleep cycle by activating it in your brain after you take the capsules. The body eventually gets used to the time-change of your sleep cycle and you can slowly ween yourself off of it. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a great night's sleep with no addiction issues.

Great for changing lifestyle
by Cara

In the summer I work a 3rd shift and it takes forever for me to fall asleep after being up all night. This does the trick and I liked the fact that after my body got used to the change, I didn't need them anymore.

A More Natural way
by Candice

This product is super! I bought it for my teenage daughter, not wanting to give her anything too heavy or over-the-counter, but something to help her fall asleep when her mind is still buzzing from the school day and talking on the phone most of the evening! She has been taking it for a week now, she complains that it still takes an hour (instead of the two or three she had previously complained about) but I figure that's still pretty darn fast! I also have noticed she's not nearly as grumpy in the mornings so that's a big thumbs up from me!

Helpful product
by Natalia

Although I don't suffer from insomnia, I have trouble sleeping if I'm stressed out. I keep this product for those occasions, and it works great. One pill is enough to get me through a good night sleep. But don't take it regularly, or it will loose the effect quite soon, or at least that has been my experience with the product.

Melatonin helps with restful sleep
by Joan Jones

I keep this melatonin around for when I travel and I am in a different time zone and having trouble sleeping. I read about it in a book by Dr. Andrew Weil, who also uses it for travel.

I wanted to start with a low dosage and I like the Vitamin Shoppe brand. They have high quality vitamins at a very reasonable price.

Great Alternative to Prescriptions
by Kasandra

I work third shift and the first thing my Supervisor told me when I began working this shift is, "Buy something called Melatonin, it will be your lifesaver.". Like all good employees, I did and she was right! I have found that sometimes only taking one Melatonin does not keep me asleep for long but I can take another one and it's back off to dream land. This product is non-habit forming, inexpensive, and not too quick acting. A person can still function if awoken in the middle of the night for an emergency which is important to many people considering sleep aids. There is no drowsiness or feelings of being "hung over" the next morning which is wonderful. I would definitely recommend this product to someone looking for a safe sleep aid.

Need to Establish a Good Sleep Schedule? Take This.
by christa

I was having sleeping problems for months due to a generally messed up sleeping schedule - even if I was really tired, I would have trouble falling asleep, lying in bed at night feeling really tired but still somehow awake. I started a nightly routine of taking this pill 30 minutes before I wanted to fall asleep, and I saw results starting from the first night - I started to feel drowsy and fell naturally into a restful sleep from which I awoke really refreshed and ready to take on the day. I continued this for about a week and a half (Health Note: I've heard melatonin makes your b-vitamins, aka the vitamins that help you feel content and happy throughout the day, plummet - you should definitely take a b-vitamin complex while taking melatonin) and it has since been about 6 months that I have not been having serious trouble falling asleep. I DEFINITELY recommend this product to anyone needing to get a good night's sleep.

Works great
by Jill

I first tried Melatonin after using OTC sleep aids that left me drowsy the next day. I found it to be fairly effective at helping me go to sleep quicker and stay asleep.

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