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works like magic!
by liza

Tried this product two years ago..and it was amazing...even to our dogs who had severe allergies.. just two days..allergies gone..totally!! right now am trying to find where to buy this product...pls..somebody help me.if you know somebody who sells this "poga moonga juice" dogs are suffering from severe allegies again, they need this product badly!

Does it work?
by Evelyn Burke

Some people will try Poga Moonga and say they "didn't feel anything". The truth is people with any kind of ailment will feel and see results. If your healthy and are not suffering from anything , you won't feel anything. . The important thing about taking anything is what it can do for your health. As we get older, just like an old car, our parts start wearing out and breaking, we need tune- ups because we don't feel like were running right. This comes from a lack of what our body realy needs to be healthy. Just like a new car, when your young you can get sick and work right through it. You can stay out all night partying and go to work the next day but the older you get the more everything you do affects your health. By taking care of your "car" by keeping parts working smooth, getting tune-ups regulalrly you can make that old car run like new. I have been taking Poga moonga for 6 months and have definatley noticed I feel all around healthier. I don't suffer as much from the asthma attacks. I don't get every little bug going around. I tried many of the other supplements that are for sale and they did not give me the results I get from poga moonga. It is easy and taste pretty good. Just take a 2 oz shot every morning. I make sure I always ahve a bottle in frig. It has helped some people I know with ailments that their doctors could not give them releif from. When you see this and feel it yourself , you'll know your future health will be in good shape.

Does nothing
by David Rheam

Way too expensive and not sure it is good for anything. I felt NOTHING and feel like a sucker.

You need to try this!
by Jon Krause

I felt like my body was falling apart and a friend of mine told me about this drink he was taking called poga moonga. I thought it was amazing. It wasn’t like the other drinks I have had where it just tastes like drinking a glass of regular juice, which does nothing for you anyways. I have been taking poga religiously for about 4 months and the results are unbelievable. My body feels like MY BODY again. My stomach doesn’t get upset after I eat. I can eat pizza again. It’s been years since my last piece of pizza. Poga moonga is probably the best thing I have ever had. My life is forever changes thanks to this drink.

Thank you poga!! I have been telling everyone that I know about this drink. They saw me before I starting drinking it and they see me now and it is a big difference!
If you read this just try it and you will believe. It really works

Who would have figured?
by Mark Madden

I have always had problems with my weight, my high blood pressure and high cholesterol and it seems over the last year or so, I have always been feeling run down and lacked energy. So one of my employees told me about a product he was taking and how it helped him. He told me it would help lower and maintain my high blood pressure and cholesterol and make me sleep better and feel more energetic. Of course, I just looked at him and said, Right, just taking this stuff every morning will help all the problems I have that the doctors have a hard time treating.

He said, well just try it for a month and you be the judge, so he gave me 2 bottles and told me to take 2 ounces every morning. I had been on medications for years with little or no improvements so I figured, what can it hurt I was amazed but my doctor was even more amazed that only after 1 month he lowered my high blood pressure medication, to the lowest dosage it has ever been. My cholesterol was much lower, was sleeping better, I lost 5 lbs. Without changing the way I was eating and I had more energy all day without taking my usual energy drinks and 4 cups of coffee was taking every morning. I just felt all around healthier than I did a month ago.

I never thought only taking 2 ounces, of a natural supplement, every morning could have such a positive affect on my overall health but I’m truly happy he introduced me to this product. Now my wife takes it and she also recommends it highly to all her friends. It’s hard at first to believe something like this could really change your health for the better but all I can say is put the skeptical feelings that it’s just another company trying to get your money and sell you something that doesn’t work and just try it for one month and you’ll be amazed too!

My dad made me take it!
by Alyssa Burke

About 3 months ago, I called my father to see how he was doing. During our conversation I told him about the stomach problems I had been having and that I was feeling run down and tired all the time. He told me he was sending me a case of something he had been taking for about 6 months and it helped his stomach problems and made him feel more energized. He told me to take 2 oz every morning and he’ll be calling me every week to see how I’m feeling. So I got the case 4 days late and figured why not try it, what could it hurt? To my amazement, the second week he called me and I couldn’t wait to tell him my stomach problems were gone, I was sleeping sounder and waking up refreshed and had a lot of energy all day and of course my husband now takes it too. Now my dad sends me a case every 3 weeks and we always make sure we take it every morning. At first, I thought it taste, like a strong vegetable juice but now the taste doesn’t bother me at all. We are both surprised at how much better we both feel. I was skeptical at first but once you take it for a couple weeks, you’ll be glad you did.

I was skeptical at first
by Jason Burke

After visiting my dad for a week’s vacation and we talked about my health problems, he talked me into trying this new natural stuff he was taking. I told him my cholesterol and blood pressure were pretty high and I was taking an expensive prescription for my stomach problems. My doctor prescribed pills that cost $6.00 each for my stomach, they helped but I still had problems. To my amazement, only 4 days later I stopped taking the prescription because the pain and nausea I had been living with was gone. Then 6 weeks later when I was at the doctor for my high blood pressure and cholesterol check up, he told me my cholesterol was much better and lowered my high blood pressure medication. He asked what I was doing different diet, exercise, that might be affecting my blood pressure and cholesterol, so I told him. He was very interested in checking this product out. Now, I was sleep better and seemed to have more energy. It taste pretty good for being a health drink but I never had results like this before when I tried other health drinks. I was surprised to find out some of the benefits I was experiencing were in the research I did about the product. I have been taking it for about 3 months and make sure i always have enough on hand.I recommend trying it; you’ll be amazed too!

by Doris Burke

I am a 70-year old woman with arthritis. About 6 months ago I was diagnosed with chicken pox. I was always healthy but the doctor told me my immune system was low and I had the chicken pox in my body already. They just never came out because my immune system was strong. Now along with the pain and lack of motion of arthritis I had more sharp pain in my arm and always felt tired. The doctor said it could take up to a year for the pain and tired feeling to go away. My son made me try Poga Moonga when I came to visit him. He told me the aloe would help build and keep my immune system strong and the Moringa would help the pain and tired feeling. Amazingly, only 3 weeks later I wasn’t tired all the time, the sharp pain in my arm is much less and I have more painless movement with my arthritis. I take my 2 oz. every morning. It taste like a vegetable juice, not bad. My son makes sure I always have an extra bottle on hand so I don’t run out. I tell all my friends about how it helped me and now they are using it too. Great Product.

Finally, a real health supplement!
by Edward Burke

I am a 52-year-old construction worker. Two years ago, I fell off a roof about 15 feet high. I pulled the ball out of my hip socket, cut the ball right in half and fractured 4 vertebras in my lower back. Needless to say I was laid up for 6 months waiting for the bone to heal. When I returned to work, I felt sluggish and run down. I couldn’t seem to handle the heat and humidity like I did before the accident. I felt like I would pass out so by 10:30 in the morning I was sitting in my truck with the AC blowing on me. I was overdosing on caffeine and energy drinks, which I was taking just to have energy. I wasn’t sleeping well; I was always tired and irritable. I starting trying some natural products to help me. None of them really helped because I was still taking energy drinks until I found poga moonga. It changed my health in 2 weeks. I was sleeping better, had natural sustained energy all day and felt better than I had in years. Now, after 7 months, I always make sure I have it on hand. It was the first natural supplement I tried that actually improved my health unlike all the other fruity exotic juices I tried. It taste like V8 juice and I only need to take 2 ounces every morning. I love everything about this product and recommend it to every one I know.

Helped My IBS
by Fran Burke

For 4 years I have been suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Nothing the doctors gave me really relieved the pain and nausea. Then I visited my nephew and he had me try Poga Moonga juice. Amazingly after only 3 days I could eat normal food and even drink coffee without discomfort. I now have been taking it for 3 months and am still benefiting from it. I just have a 1 ½ oz. shot every morning before I have breakfast. The aloe vear and moringa have given me relief, I thought I would never have. It is easy to take and doesn’t taste bad, sort of like vegetable juice. I buy 2 bottles every month from my nephew, which makes sure I don’t run out between orders. If you have any digestive problems I would recommend you try it. If it is so effective on a serious problem such as IBS I’m sure it will be great for other stomach problems.

greta product
by Evelyn Diaz

I have been tasking it for about 2 months after my botfreind told me I shopuld try it. I am amazed at just how much healthier I feel. It's helped my cholesterol, acid reflux (all gone) , it's even helped my asthma( I haven't used my allergy pills in about 3 weeks). Not to mention I sleep better and have energy like i did 10 years ago. I would highly recommend trying it and will be buying it regularly. Ittaste a little like prune juice and vegatable drink but you can mix it with any fruit juice if you don't like the tatse.

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