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A new product, Zrii is nevertheless one of the hottest supplements on the market. It is a great tasting fruit juice that contains a small Himalayan fruit called amalaki and several other fruits and herbs. Amalaki contains phytonutrients and other substances that promote cellular rejuvenation and ellagic and gallic acid that may help with detoxification of the body. Other nutrients found in amaleki include rutin (antioxidant properties) and ascorbagins (a highly bio-available form of Vitamin C). The other six primary ingredients in Zrii are schizandra, tumeric, tulsi, jujube, haritaki, and ginger.
Product: Zrii
Brand: Zrii LLC (More Products)
Size: 25 oz bottle
Dosage: 1 to 3 oz daily
Retail: $39.95
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5 Customer Reviews

by Greengirl

SCAM. Avoid giving this company your account information. Zrii got my credit card number and used it to ring up $300 worth of unauthorized transactions on my account. When I called the customer service line to contest it, they told me they would refund 30% of my money only. So I never received any product AND I only got 30% of my money refunded.

by Diddi

Zrii has been great for me. My digestive tract is regular again and just that alone is the BEST thing for me since its never been regular until i started Zrii.
I know wome people get an upset stomach with using Zrii, my suggestion is to take zrii right after meals and that should take care of it.

A co-worker of mine had her blood pressure and blood sugar levels go back to normal after taking zrii. Her doctor could not belive that both her BP and blood sugar went back to normal, so Zrii is obviously doing some good :)

by Bradly Johns

This juice has a pretty good flavor but after a few months, continues to make me sick to my stomach. And what is an ascorbagin? I can't find any reference to this mystery molecule except in articles about Zrii. Is this a made up term? Not even the National Library of Medicine has a reference. Not a good sign.

Great Product
by Alvaro Buitrago

Great Taste More energy.

SRII's Just Great!
by Mike Induna

I love it. It makes feel much more energetic and active.

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