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The Truth About Juice Plus - It is A-One Quality
by Bonnie Underwood

This product needs to be taken as directed, and with plenty of quality water. All Juice Plus products are 5 star rated in my opinion - why? Because I stayed on Juice Plus and in my case it worked right away and kept showing even more benefits in my physical body as time went on. This is not junk and there is not enough of anything in our raw foods to really support our body's needs in this world today. Yes - eat our veggies and fruits raw, but it is not wasting anyone's money to do Juice Plus, but of course no has to do anything they don't want to do. But don't slam it. We need to be so grateful for the wonderful things available to us in this heavily polluted unclean world.

Amazing Quality of thie JUICE PLUS PRODUCT (s)
by Bonnie Underwood

Back in 1994 I got on Juice Plus and the people where I worked watched it change my physical life. Later Juice Plus came out with a fiber product the size about the size of a quarter or just a little bigger - loaded with benefits - believe me! Live enzymes in this product is wonderfully manufactured so it does work in our system - it took all the bloating out of my face, and made me feel like a million. I was swimming lap after lap, craving food veggies and fruits, energy was fantastic and never tired. My testimony is about 20 minutes long and never settle for a $5.00 bottle of so called veggies and fruits to imitate the real juice plus. The company is wonderful and the product outstanding withour exaggeration and only truth. Our body must have enzymes and antioxidants working in it in order to survive this world today. I rate this product number 1 without proudness and gratefulness. My nutritionist kept asking me every month, "Are you still on juice plus?" I would say, "Yes and I'm staying on it."


I have been taking Juice Plus products for 6+ months and I feel great. Before taking Juice Plus I often felt drained and tired. I have started making better nutritional choices since making my decision to add Juice Plus to my daily diet. I just feel better. I find it funny that people will get on website and "down" something that they #1 have never tried and #2 haven't studied or researched. But yet those people are so often the ones who will invest in things other than a healthy lifestyle. Even if Juice Plus never gave me any positive benefits other than knowing that I am providing myself with the nutrition that my body needs....well that is good enough for me.

vegies for those with issues
by tahoe dweller

We learned about Juice Plus through our autistic son's program director who discovered it at an Autism seminar. Knowing our son's aversion to textures and flavors, and his limited diet, she brought home the information to us. We began using JP under the care of a Naturopathic doctor who also highly recommended it.
Using JP has been instrumental to helping transform this frail young man with many health issues, into a thriving, healthy, and glowing person, now free of multiple medications, constipation problems, liver toxicity, ETC. It also immediately took the worry out of how to accurately prescribe single supplemental doses of antioxidants. Nature knows how to safely and effectively adminster the right amounts without the danger of overdosing!
We do supplement other things not naturally occurring in the fruits and vegetables used in JP, such as EFA's and minerals, which of course has been part of his overall healthful progress.
I myself load up with JP and have averted impending colds and bugs OVERNIGHT. The effects are amazing and immediate for the digestive system.
Anyone dealing with the intricacies of autism and all its aversions, will find JP a great relief!

Juice Plus Advocate
by Bryan

Looks to me that "Todd the Neurologist" assessment of JP just backs up the many positive reviews of the product, just opposite of his 1.5 star grade. It is great that you are a vegetarian and that you feel healthy and take no additional supplements. That right there is a testament to the benefits of eating whole foods/vegetables/fruits.
JP products are 100% whole foods. So for the rest of the world that are not vegetarians, this product is a tremendous step in the right direction.
I am a JP user and personally have so much more energy than before taking this product, had stomach issues that have now have greatly improved. Plus I know too many people that are reporting very positive results to a wide array of issues they have had. I am completely sold on the benefits of JP.

This stuff does what it says it does
by Ben

Todd, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. While I can't argue with your opinion, the notion that lots of good fruits and veggies being cheaper for what you get is absurd. For $10/week (and free for kids through the Children's Health Study), it can't be beat.

I used to get sick so frequently I was known for it. Twice a year I'd get strep throat and I'd get a lesser sore throat probably six times annually. I've been on Juice Plus for over three years and I haven't had strep throat once since. Sure, I still get sick on occasion, but it's not long-lasting, and it doesn't cripple me like it used to. I also eat more fruits & vegetables every day (which is a big accomplishment for someone like me). The clinical research is there. It does what it says it does. Thirty universities across the globe can't all be wrong.

by Todd

I love Juice Plus so much that I stopped eating fruits and vegetables. Now I have A Bacon Juice Plus and Tomato sandwhich or a burger with a little juice plus on top or a bowl of juice plus with some honey mustard dressing on top. JUST EAT VEGGIES AND STOP BUYING THIS JUNK. My house is nearly vegetarian and nearly sugar free and our food tastes awesome and we are all healthy with NO SUPPLEMENTS. Much cheaper and much more sensical. Stop looking for this modern day snake venom to solve all your problems.

Juice Plus
by D. Hooke

My family and I have been taking Juice Plus for one year, and we love it. The concept is so simple and obvious, and the company is so stable and has such integrity and commitment to excellence, that it always amazes me when I hear some people try to call the product or the company into question. I only wish that people were so skeptical of pharmaceuticals.

Worth every Penny!!
by Lynn

I LOVE Juice Plus! My son and I have been taking the product for 8 years now and we are never sick!!! Before taking this product we both had tonsilitis and sinus infections all the time.
Now, nothing and no insurance claims. This product is worth every penny!

Juice Plus Red, Green & Purple
by Elizabeth Vargas

I have been on JP for 1.5 yrs. My cholesterol has lowered significantly and I don't get bronchitis any longer. I have had bronchitis all my life. I am so happy.

by J

Response to Evan S. Sorry to hear your opinions on JP. My personal testimony: Age 40 on 3 asthma meds and 2 antidepressants. I started Juice plus in fall of 2001. I notice in summer of 2002 my hair was not drying as it had. Hmmm! I didn't even realize I had thicker hair. Also got rid of acrylic nails-didn't need them anymore. Best thing is being totally med free for 8 years and my family doesn't get sick like everyone else does when colds or flu is going around. Maybe you should rethink your research. I've seen the truth.

Juice Plus+ Vineyard
by Tom Corson-Knowles

I have been taking Juice Plus+ for 8 years. When I started, I had acne, chronic bronchitis, and osgood-schlater's disease. Today I am completely healthy and cannot remember the last time I got sick.

juice plus products
by Peter Donato

Hey, I've been taking the standard capsules for 16 years, and the Vineyard for 3, and Complete here and there for 7 years.

It's a pretty straight forward formula, you either get it or you don't, too many people have ulterior agendas, just attend a juice plus conference and see all the long-term users and how healthy they are. Too much short term thinking from most people -

Responce to Evan Schultes
by JP

I agree with what idiot shopper has stated. Also, in response to the statement that you made about outrageous claims of miracle cures. As per my research, which apparently is a lot more extensive then what you did, there are no miracle cures that have been stated. Also the word supplement is not the correct word to use. Once again, during my extensive research, I discovered that this is not a supplement nor a vitamin. Vitamin are included within the product because of the whole foods that are used. If you have any other unfounded statements that you want to make please feel free.

Juice Plus It does it for me!
by Anonymous

I love Juice Plus. My health for a 68 year old man is better than I was at 60. I have since then improved my eyesight which is quite poor. It was found that my lenses which where good for me 5 years ago were too strong or me now. The optomitrist stated that the anti oxidants in Juice Plus have benefited my eyes a lot. I had a hiatus hernia for a few yeas which I took meds for. Since I have been on Juice Plus, I have been able to drop the medication. I had siotica for many years and couldn't stand on cement in one place for more than 5 minutes. and I had to quit my job as a custodian. because mopping the floor was painful to my back. After about 9 months of being on juice Plus. I noticed that the pain in my back was gone. I now work as a custodian again and have so for aprox. for 4 years and have no more siotica. There are other products out there that use concentrated fruits and vegetables like juice plus and they are good but they are far more expensive. I have a lot more energy than I used to have. since I have been taking the product. I believe that the benefits to my health have been phenominal. because juice plus is a great way to keep my immune system strong. I have not had a bad cold or the flu for years now. I am a distributor but i do not sell much of it. because I am not into wanting to have a business but I want every body to know about it. It's a great product!

Response to Evan Schultes
by Idiot Stopper

Evan Schultes, In your last response to the product Juice plus+ how do you know for sure its a scam. Are you that weak minded and easily persuaded to believe what others written about juice plus+. Do you even have your own opinion from your own use of the product... I would say not being that you said you stopped taking it immediately after you research. You should do more research and maybe look for positive things people say about juice plus and not so much negative because there are negative things being said about everything on the internet. Juice plus has proven itself by the top researches you can possibly place on a product like this. What research have you done? You must be an expert internet researcher! Stop complaining and get back on the juice plus and do a real research!

by gloria

I began taking juice plus in October of last year. I used to be sick with sinus problems and colds almost every 2 or 3 months.. I have not been sick since. I have a ton of energy, and I feel like it has helped my immune system tremendously. I started my husband on it a few months ago. I also began to sell it, on a limited basis.
I will praise Juice Plus.. It is a good product, and you cannot place a monetary amount on your health. It is worth it.

To bridge the gap
by Fay L

This product, as well as the Orchard & Garden blends, are only supposed to help you bridge the gap between what you should eat (fruits & veggies wise) and what you actually do eat. It is not meant to replace your intake of berries/grapes (or fruits & veggies) nor is it a cure-all for what ails you. I've taken it for several months now and I'm happy that I am taking a positive step forward in my nutritional health. Any outrageous health claims are from obviously enthusiastic consumers who may have experienced what they claim, but that doesn't mean that all will have the same results or experiences. This is a fabulous product, but don't think that it's more than it really is. Cost is reasonable too, about 80 cents per day.

Two people I know were helped
by Lorelei Smith

Evan, my chiropractor's wife got cancer this year, and her taking the juice-plus made her feel somewhat better (of course not perfect, she still has cancer fgs)... so then my chiropractor started taking it and he noticed increased energy (even in spite of his high stress levels due to his wife's illness)... now my chiropractor is suggesting it to others. That's no sham; that's real people who have tried it and it helped. So, Evan, don't steer off other people who could benefit from it. Thank you.

Love it
by Dr. Smith

I love this product and my patients love it too. My belief in preventive medicine led me to extensively research this product as an option for myself and patients. After trying it myself for 6 weeks, I was so convinced that I started recommending it to my patients. I have not had one bad result or complaint yet! What is interesting is that I hate multi level marketing, but this product is so good and unique that I don't mind the mlm aspect.
Try it. If you like it, keep taking it. If you don't, stop.

Doctors all over the world recommend
by G.Williams

My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. Since taking Juice Plus she is no longer on a pharmaceutical-chemical Conserta. She is relieved and feeling great and it does work! My Brother in-law is a doctor in Germany and specializing in pharmaceutical medicine now. He swears by the properties of the Juice Plus products. He is also recovering from two brain tumors and feels GREAT!
I am now starting them and the Vineyard blend and look forward to a NO COLD this winter season. IT DOES WORK AND IS VERY HEALTHY!

by Evan Schultes

This product is a sham. I got roped into it by a neighbor last year but stopped taking it immediately after I did some research on the internet. Sellers of Juice Plus are way too fantical about the product and they make outrageous claims of miracle cures that no supplement product could possibly live up to. I am amazed that this is still on the market after all the bad publicity the Juice Plus people have received for false advertising, shoddy research, and paid testimonials from their second-rate spokespeople. Save your money and don't buy into multilevel marketing scams.

Juice Plus Vineyard
by Joan

I was really glad that Juice Plus came out with this vineyard blend. I know grapes and berries are very healthy for you but we don't get enough of them in our family. Our doctor recommended Juice Plus products and I use the powder and fruit and veggie caps as well. We've been taking this for about a year now. It's very easy and convenient.

It's good stuff but too expensive
by C Collins

I enjoyed this product and felt a slight difference in my health when using it. However, I'm not quite sure that it is worth the money to pay for it. I have used other products that have the good quality and work just as good if not better, but were less expensive.

Happy with Juice Plus
by A. Bowles

We recently purchased Juice Plus products and decided to include the Vineyard Blend as well. Berries and grapes have a lot of "health power" and we had been looking for a product that so completely included all the berries. Juice Plus is it! We have been very pleased with Juice Plus Vineyard Blend. Even though its a bit pricy, it comes in a 4 month supply, which we thought was wonderful. Knowing that it's going to help our immune systems and help us be healthier in the long run makes spendng the money worth it!

Great Product!
by Shannon

I love all of the Juice Plus products. I take these every day. The one pill is supposed to provide a daily dosage of all of the fruit you need for the day, while putting some antioxidants into your system. The pills are completely affordable, and seem to provide me with better overall health. Since taking the pills, I get fewer colds and sicknesses. It is so noticeable that since I began taking the pills my mother, brothers, and husband have all begun using the Juice Plus line. I highly recommend these to anyone interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Juice Plus
by nikki

I was looking for a product that I felt had a complete supply of all the fruits and especially grape that I was looking for. This one is it. My husband and I take it to boost our immune systems. We appreciate that it's a 4 month supply.

Juice Plus Vineyard Blend
by Joan Jones

Consuming berries and grapes is one of the very best ways to add antioxidents to your diet! The Juice Plus Vineyard blend is easy, convenient and an economical way to add berries and grapes to any diet. The Juice Plus products have given a great boost to our immunity, and we never get colds or other illnesses. I would highly recommend Juice Plus Vineyard blend so you can be sure you're getting the antioxidents you need.

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Excited about product & will keep a daily log on how we feel
by Linda

My son and I started to take this product today. I do a lot of research on the products I take and JP is no exception. I like what I read & hear from those who take it. My tax man's wife suffered from severe allergies/colds/bronchitis and after being on this product for a few months, she is free of those problems. I have COPD & my son suffers seizures & his CP causes muscles issues. I will make a post of how we are both doing in a few weeks.