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Our Antioxidant formula has been developed to fight premature aging and counter free radicals that lead to cell damage.

Each ingredient has been picked for the following qualities, slows down the aging process by increasing cellular protection.

Highly concentrated herbal content of each capsule is designed for increased effectiveness and absorption.

The formula helps to:
· Protect the body against damages caused by free radicals

· Prevent degradation of the nervous system
· Increase energy levels and cell vitality
· Improve immune digestive problem
· Improve the health of organ function

(Serving Size 4 Capsules)

Coenzyme Q10 - 10 mg
Green Tea Extract - 150 mg
Cat's Claw Bark - 400 mg
Grape Seed Extract - 90 mg
Resveratrol - 200 mg
Noni Fruit "Indian Mulberry" - 450 mg
Pomegranate Concentrate - 400 mg
Acai - 500 mg

Effects of Each Ingredient:
Coenzyme Q10 - Powerful antioxidant that makes your heart and other vital organs strong

Green Tea Extract - Powerful Antioxidant for the Cardiovascular System

Cat's Claw Bark - Supports health problems associated with immune and digestive problems; such as gastric ulcers, arthritis, intestinal disorders, certain skin disorders, chronic fatigue

Grape Seed Extract - Helps improve heart and blood vessels, atherosclerosis , high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and poor circulation.

Resveratrol - Great antioxidant, acts as anti-inflammatory for you heart, as well as lungs. Recently has been called an herb of youth.

Noni Fruit "Indian Mulberry" - Helps to rejuvenate the body, promote immune system activity and repair damaged cells.

Pomegranate Concentrate - Increases resistance to tuberculosis, relieves hypertension, and mental tension. It also tones the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Acai - Filled with powerful antioxidants, benefiting the entire body by protecting the cells from free radicals.
Brand: Healthy Life Plus (More Products)
Size: 120 Capsules
Dosage: Use as needed.
Retail: $25.99
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